It’s Official– Justin Trudeau Is Hated In Canada From Coast To Coast

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“Everywhere I go, I get slandered, libeled, I hear words I never heard in the Bible…”

“Keep the Customer Satisfied,” a song by American music duo Simon & Garfunkel, sets the tone for our analysis of  PM Justin Trudeau’s current degree of popularity in Canada.

What is keeping him in office should be understood from coast-to-coast. Despite media’s cover-up of reasons why, informed segments of society can see through the political mask protecting Trudeau from his downfall.

Not that the CBC will be forthright about it, nor any other mainstream media outlet. That reasons why are atypical is no surprise. Everything that has gone down politically since Justin Trudeau gained his prime ministerial throne falls into the category of atypical.

Can readers imagine the Globe & Mail asking a question like this:

Why is NDP leader Jagmeet Singh working for Justin Trudeau, when his role is to function as his competitor?

In a sense, Mr. Singh is even more privileged than Mr. Trudeau. Six years as party leader comes with a decline of twenty previously-held seats at the table of Parliamentary representation. That these years are devoid of criticism from media speaks to the special status that Singh maintains.

Perhaps only his hairdresser knows why he remains. Political correctness renders this fellow an untouchable. His religion serving as a protective wall, Singh is free to indulge in an inversion of the traditional role of a party leader.

As such, Canadians remain struck with a PM who is in all respects the most disliked political figure in the history of our nation. 

After RCMP warn protest could escalate, Trudeau cancels appearance on Vancouver Island. One hundred Vancouver police sent to protect Trudeau after protest surrounds restaurant. Protesters gather outside Calgary hotel where Trudeau is staying. Trudeau faces protest during long-term care announcement in Saskatoon. The PM is heckled by protesters in Manitoba.

Prime Minister Trudeau confronted by an angry mob as he left a building in Quebec. Trudeau cuts appearance in Belleville, Ontario as protesters swarm motorcade. The PM is heckled as he leaves New Brunswick event.  Trudeau told to ‘get out of our province’ by protesters in Nova Scotia.

As we said, hated from coast-to-coast. Getting ever more macabre, we move toward the militant:

February 7th, 2024: “The RCMP have charged a 30-year-old Montreal man after he allegedly threatened to kill Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a social media post.”

May 8th, 2023: “An Ontario man has barred from being within 100 metres of Trudeau or from communicating with him after being charged with throwing gravel at the prime minister.”

“The Crown pushed that Marshall’s action were not just an assault on a political candidate, but an assault on democracy.”

That’s not an assault on democracy– this is an assault on democracy:

Jagmeet Singh, whose NDP party control a mere seven percent of seats in Parliament, is holding 40 million Canadian voters hostage by way of a “supply and confidence” agreement with the Liberals.

Naturally, if media eschew this concept, they have been freed from delving into reasons why Jagmeet Singh now works for Justin Trudeau. Lacking insider information, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] briefly speculate on reasons why.

The two parties leaders may not work for the same party, but on an ideological basis, they are functioning as “siamese twins” of democratic degeneration. With personal visions for Canadian society aligned, the party leaders are gunning to re-configure Canada into a condition first alluded to by Trudeau’s “post-modern state” declaration.

No surprise, our PM refrained from articulating the meaning of his words. After eight years of observation, CAP conclude that what these two are promoting amounts to a neo-socialist revolutionary agenda.

Strong-arming society through climate change mandates, trashing traditional populations with accusations of racism, elevating Sikh, Muslim and LGBT communities to the forefront of society.

Hidden among the woke hoopla is a direct attack on specific communities: white, Anglophone, Christian in the main. An inversion of Canada’s social order. A parasitic assault on democratic principles, rendering a state of paralysis among general society.

Jagmeet Singh has locked-in Justin Trudeau for the purpose of maximizing the time period in which a systemic degeneration of individual freedoms and democratic governance can take place.

Understanding that their pseudo-socialist revolution may come to a end with a potential Conservative Party victory in late 2025, Canada’s neo-communist landlords dig their heels in as long as legally possible.

Can these be the reasons why a loathed leader of a minority federal government continues to remain on his political perch?

26 thoughts on “It’s Official– Justin Trudeau Is Hated In Canada From Coast To Coast”

  1. This hits the nail on the head. How 40 million Canadians can be held hostage by an agreement to keep a minority government -not only in power but functioning as a majority is completely deplorable.

    This is not ending well.

  2. Thereby keeping the WEF agenda alive in Canada. As Klaus Schwab said, they have infiltrated the Canadian House of Commons as well as many others. Time to check memberships!

  3. Well, October 2025 is a long way away. We’re fed up, disgusted, become more financially challenged with every passing minute.

    How do we get rid of this bunch of cretins? Seriously. What can we do to overturn the government in as peaceable a manner as possible?

  4. This article was great until the comments about elevating Sikh and Muslims while noting that he is only attacking while Anglophone Christians…..Muslims and Sikh do not feel elevated at all… alot cases they share the same resentment…..many examples of this.

    Please do not subjugate to the same standards and excuses the PM uses…..

    P.S. the point of this article was not lost on me…however we can be better than the PM and NDP is all…

    • NM,

      As individuals; I too observe that most every-day Muslims and Sikhs do not feel elevated. They just want to get on with their lives, and not be used as Trudeau’s pawns. However; in Trudeau’s world; they are an aggregate; not people per se. Today; they are the pinnacle of Canadian society; a special group; protected by the bogus; risible “Islamophobia” law. They receive favorable; preferred coverage in the press. Everyone knows when Ramadan rolls around. Trudeau makes darn sure of that fact. Muslims are the salt of Canada, and their heritage is lauded. In fact; did you know–they contributed to the building of our nation! Trudeau’s government says so; so it must be true. Finally, and this should be evident to anyone paying attention: Islam: Very good. Christianity: Very bad. As CAP has said; that’s how Trudeau rolls.

      Concluding with your opening sentence: “This article was great until the comments about elevating Sikh and Muslims while noting that he is only attacking while (sic) Anglophone Christians….” While we can discuss the first part; the latter half is quite evident. He doesn’t have “666” tattooed on his forehead; but his actions speak for themselves. His hostility toward Christians/Christianity is thinly concealed. Denying funding to Christian summer programs is just one “mild” example of many. They get progressively worse.

      • Hi Brian

        I guess you argument is similar to him calling him self or promoting him self as feminist while having evidence and complaints of the opposite?

        I do find it funny or ironic that alot of his social policies are at odds and against core Sikh and Muslim traditions/beliefs…and Christian beliefs for that matter….regardless of thier race.

        I respect your argument or reply Brian.

  5. Excellent, and to the point!

    Canadians are being strangled by these two dictators, and there is no way out, until 2025 when Pierre becomes PM, and starts the longest uphill battle in Canadian history to rebuild our great country to where it was and should be!

    For those who disagree with this article, simply look at every international event that Trudeau attends – see how he is consistently ignored, and often left standing by himself. It is not just Canadians who dislike him – it is respectable international leaders who want nothing to do with him either, including the UN, where Trudeau continues to ply for a seat.

    Such is why he keeps giving away billions of hard earned Canadian tax dollars to third world nations – to appear like a saviour, when in reality, he could care less about anyone other than himself!

  6. Brad … excellent article , but you didn’t mention that both Trudeau (1992)and Singh (2018) are both WEF Young Global Leaders graduates and are more than likely following orders from the WEF.

    ” …This institution has given the world some of the most renowned political figures in recent times. Members of the school’s very first class in 1992 already included the likes of Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy, Justin Trudeau and Tony Blair. …”

  7. This is a biased article. Political parties should hold the government responsible but need to work with the government to improve the policies. We have the Conservatives in opposition to everything and never suggesting anything positive as an alternative. The NDPknows what should be happening for its citizens. While eight countries have Medicare we are the only one country without pharmacare so the NDP are pushing the Liberals to have it happen.They are also pushing for denticare.

    • Agree that it’s biased, as 99.9 % of media articles are. If there is “pro-right” bias here, it pales in comparison to pro-left bias within Canadian media in general.

    • [The Conservatives] “never suggesting anything positive as an alternative.” Eunice: How can you say that? Have you not watched Question Period; tens of dozens of videos; or listened to anything Pierre Poilievre says regarding his “Common Sense” platform? It’s diametrically opposed to Trudeau’s destructive “policies.” BTW–I agree; political parties are there to hold the government accountable, and improve policies. The reality speaks differently. Singh is working WITH Trudeau, and keeping him in power–Denying us a chance to vote Trudeau out of office. Reliable; multiple polls show that the vast majority of Canadians want him gone. Yesterday. Singh has another agenda, and it’s not for the benefit of Canadians. He works for the WEF, and by extension–For the “Liberals.”

      Finally; you wrote that “We have the Conservatives in opposition to everything….” Eunice; what do you expect? Trudeau has been–And continues to be–a lethal poison to this dying country. Singh publicly denounces Trudeau, and then votes in favor of the very policies he (Singh) decries. God help rational minded people if Pierre Poilievre agreed with Trudeau’s asinine “policies.”

    • We try to keep the door open as wide as possible in terms of posted comments.

      Only when people advance violence, hatred against an entire identifiable community(eg. “all XXX should be thrown out of the country”), or a personal, unrelated to the issue attack on myself, are the comments blocked.


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