“It’s Backdoor Socialism” Says Conservative Leader On Liberal, NDP Partnership Deal

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“Canadians learned this morning that NDP and Liberals were meeting secretly to cook up a backroom deal to see Justin Trudeau have the majority power that he failed to get. This means Canadians have woken up to an NDP/Liberal majority government.” 

“Canadians have been hoodwinked. This is nothing more than a Justin Trudeau power-grab. Jagmeet Singh is going to be Deputy Prime Minister. This is little more than backdoor socialism, said Conservative Party Leader Candice Bergen. 

“I believe it goes to the heart of our democracy.”

Now we are getting somewhere. MP Candice Bergen is reflecting what Cultural Action Party stated from the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Canada is being incrementally transitioned to a socialist nation.

This Liberal-NDP merger stands as one of our greatest indicators. As Ms. Bergen said, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh transitions to an ersatz Deputy Prime Minister. The partnership brings the two parties one step closer to another CAP prediction– an official blending of the two into a single federal party.

So many implications– so many opportunities for media to obfuscate the circumstances. In 2022, it is what they are paid to do. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star— all are aligned in support of a neo-socialist agenda.

“What this means is that during this uncertain time, the government can function with predictability and stability, present and implement budgets and get things done for Canadians.”

— Justin Trudeau

Translation: Justin Trudeau is leveraging the social chaos of the Covid pandemic to bring our country one step closer to a permanent erasure of democracy.

“These are things that fit within our universe of priorities, but are easy to move forward in a constructive way that assures that, on a broad range of issues, parliament gets to focus on delivering for Canadians.”

— Justin Trudeau

Translation: PM Trudeau’s “universe of priorities” is found in a microscopic concern for what benefits him most. While feigning altruism toward Canadians, Trudeau creates a method preventing the Conservative opposition from impeding bills tabled by the Liberals. Unwanted legislation such as internet censorship will pass through Parliament with the greatest of ease. The same will apply to every bill tabled by the Liberals or the New Democratic Party.

We witness an unfolding of the destiny of our country. With legacy media in their back-pockets, what amounts to a Liberal/NDP Dictatorship will bring Canada to a state of “backdoor socialism.”

Next up, authentic socialism. To be followed by backdoor communism, followed by authentic communism. Within such nations, media work for government. Without a formal announcement, Justin Trudeau has over a six-year period transitioned Canadian media to a vehicle for government propaganda. As it is within communist societies he so admires.

Meanwhile, Canadians sit helpless to oppose the will of government– as it is in the communist societies father Pierre Trudeau so admired. Is the non-democratic fate of our our nation set-in-stone based on a merger between the Liberals and New Democratic Party?“

6 thoughts on ““It’s Backdoor Socialism” Says Conservative Leader On Liberal, NDP Partnership Deal”

  1. The west needs to get out of Canada. Either the east helps us
    get rid of Trudeau or we are gone . What would Quebec do without our money.

  2. The west needs to get out of Canada. Either the east helps us
    get rid of Trudeau or we are gone . What would Quebec do without our money.
    We make equalization payments But we do not get equalization in seats for elections.???

  3. So….The one body; two snake heads have become one. What happened to C. Freeloader? How is it possible–The “leader” of the “NDP” becomes….Abracadabra!….Deputy Prime Minister of the Liberal Party??? If Turdo dies–Or steps down–This worthless; anti-White racist becomes PM?? We really are living a wide-awake nightmare. It just gets worse….and worse. This outrage would not be possible in a real country.

  4. Now that is honesty for a change – let it all hang out in the wide open for the voters. The ‘new’ merged party needs a ‘new’ handle – perhaps NewLiberalDictatorParty, NLDP for short? And what other party will there be to vote for in the next election, the NLDCP, or NewLiberalDictatorConservativeParty? So far as I can determine over many years, Canada has been one one party election after the other historically. What’s new?

    • “NLDP” Lol. Right on. It’s true–Canada has had a “Uniparty” for decades. As one person said; Canada has been going in the wrong direction for decades. Harper gave us a respite; but didn’t do much to change the stifling status quo. We’ve just about reached the end point. Pretty Boy warned “those [intolerable] people” that there would be “consequences.” Yes–For everyone living in this upside down country. Not just for the “resistant” class. The REAL consequences will be shocking. “Sow to the wind, and reap the whirlwind.” Trudeau is morally/spiritually blind, and is leading this country directly into the coming whirlwind.

  5. as Canadians do we not think these two parties should have merger before the election as Trudeau won a minority , so that is what we should have a liberal party not liberal, ndp party. so then how can this be legal . they should have to wait till next election to merge


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