It’s All Gonna Go– Canada Day, National Anthem, Canadian Flag

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Citizens of our country should be forgiven for not recognizing that the erosion of traditional Canada is proceeding at break-neck speed. One in a myriad number of media obfuscations, our national demise cannot come quick enough for society’s woke revolutionists.

Canada would have to be a reincarnation of Michelangelo’s “David” to withstand the chipping away of the fundamentals of Canadiana. Our history, at one time a source of pride, has been transitioned to century and a half of crimes against humanity.

And concerned citizens are not to believe there is a purpose to all of this? Perhaps some will after comprehending what  the ideological trio of Government-Media-Academia are doing to the Canadian flag.

The process is similar to the larger attack upon society– to chip away at the bedrock piece-by piece. Enter National Observer, leading Canada-bashing media publication:

“Has the flag outlived its specific use and intended specific political representation? Or will it be now seen as a symbol which has outlived its usefulness?”

Witness the portentous vibe from these Anglophone-bashers:

“Listen, comrades, our role to to plant doubt in the mind’s of Canadians as to the meaning of our flag. If we can successfully associate it with racism and  white supremacy we may be able to get the thing thrown in a permanent trash-bin.”

After which Linda Solomon-Wood’s National Observer lays it on thick:

“Will more and more Canadians become increasingly uncomfortable with its symbolic content after such public demonstrations and its association with such a toxic brand of nationalism?”

It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to read between the lines. The Liberal-Communists want the Canadian flag to die. Cultural Action Party want no such thing, but wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Since the day Justin Trudeau showed up for his prime ministerial inauguration Canadian identity has been walking a steady path of decimation. Covid has played a key role in areas few may recognize.

To wage a successful war from within[woke revolution], an attack upon national symbols is critical. Last week, Minister of Multiculturalism MP Ahmed Hussen was successful in branding the Red Ensign flag(1867-1965) a symbol of hate. Why a half-citizen of Somalia would push for this is an investigation unto itself.

To be followed by our current flag? It’s certainly possible. In fact, CAP go all-in on the concept. Upon which we reflect on Covid’s impact. We wonder if others have noticed how seldom we have heard our national anthem over the past two years. One of the main sources for many is during NHL Hockey games. Has frequency of air-time not eroded in tandem with the pandemic?

Next, consider the fate of the recently passed Canada Day celebration. If any primary symbol has been dragged through the mud, this is the one. First Nations are unhappy with it. In turn, the white woke leverage the unhappiness to run down the so-called festivities.

Justin Trudeau runs us down as racists 364 days a year, then pops up on Canada Day to tell inform us that despite our general awfulness, ours is still a pretty good country.

According to a poll from Angus Reid, “Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies.”

We spot a set-up. Whoever are controlling the destiny of Canada , they are nothing if not staunch long-term strategists.  So, the Queen dies, after which comes the push to sever Canada from Britain. Another symbol, perhaps the most significant of all, falls by the wayside. Our nation’s connection to the British Crown has always existed as a fundamental symbol of our country.

CAP opinion is that Justin Trudeau– in addition to NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh, want this very, very badly. Their vision is the creation of the Republic of Canada— fully independent of association with Britain, and its Anglophone heritage. For these two, all Britain ever did for Canada was to bring about colonialism–the bane of Trudeau’s communist-inspired revolution.

What an impact it would have on our country. Justin, Jagmeet, MP Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal government are free from grovelling to the Crown. All forms of British hegemony are reduced to ashes. Canada woud be free to take any political direction it so chooses.

The sign-posts are already in place on a pending road. The denigration of the Anglosphere. The rise of racism as a core identity of our country. Marginalization of Old Stock citizens– conservatives, caucasians, Christians.

As with any post-revolutionary society, there will be winners and losers. Who fits where is also playing out as we speak. The woke are out for vengeance. Give a newly-established republic a bit of time, and Anglo-Europeans accused of oppression will transition to an oppressed community.

The destruction of national symbols. The flag as a symbol of right-wing racism. Erasing and/or historical revisionism within education. Establishment of vilified “Old Stock” community. Government control of media.

Our flag, our national anthem, our holidays– our entire country?

Don’t count it out, say CAP. Can readers not see the ball rolling? Steadily, piece-by-piece, we are being drawn down an authoritarian river like Captain Willard heading upstream to encounter Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now.

A post-modern Canadian apocalypse, is it?  Maybe and maybe not. Better to conclude that some will thrive, and others will not. The first rule of order is a citizen must adhere to Liberal government ideology. Fail in this, and punitive measures will roll your way.

As it is today in China. As it has been in all societies that adopted communism as a foundation for governance. It is where Justin Trudeau is taking us as we speak.

10 thoughts on “It’s All Gonna Go– Canada Day, National Anthem, Canadian Flag”

  1. well cap, lets put it this way. once trudeau has his wet dream about being a complete dictator-traitor.the name of canada will be no more, the capital city will become montreal, or maybe even quebec, afterall they are running things now. however, the french citizens doesn,t have a clue to what is going on in canada, they see trudeau as a saviour for their province.i still say, we need a revolution, big time in this country, we either put up, or shut up. it will be the people of this once great nation, who will decide our fate.god bless our forefathers, god bless our veterans, and finally, god bless the real and true canadians.

  2. ”According to a poll from Angus Reid, “Canadians support growing monarchy abolition movement, would pursue after Elizabeth II dies.”

    Quebec been recognized as a Nation in the Canadian constitution. That means ”independent” without being separated from Canada. Maybe this is what some provinces should do as independent nations. In U.S.A California and Texas are different. They don’t have the same laws. One state cannot interfere into the other.

    Concerning this:

    ”Their vision is the creation of the Republic of Canada— fully independent of association with Britain, and its Anglophone heritage.”

    Never with Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh! If the do provinces will have to do partition and stay with Britain, and its Anglophone heritage.

  3. Don’t count it out, say CAP. Can readers not see the ball rolling?

    CAP talked about the Liberals and NPD alliance.

    Most Liberal voters was in Ontario.

    – In U.S.A Democratic Party’s name are Liberal Communists.

    – New Democratic Party (NDP) means ”Democrats” that means Communism
    an extension of the Liberal Party of Canada. So who voted for NDP and why?

    Can readers not see the ball rolling?

  4. “Justin, Jagmeet, MP Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal government are free from grovelling to the Crown,”

    This already happens. The Monarchy is represented by the Governor-general. The last two were picked by Trudeau, and they did whatever he wanted them to do. He wanted an election to attain a majority, and the GG approved. She should have simply said no, there is no non-confidence vote in Parliament, and it is not a normal election cycle. Get back to work.

  5. Bald headed Somalian declares the Red Ensign a “hate symbol.” Done! Oh-My-Heavens. When will this perverted nightmare end? Bizarro World needs to be renamed. It’s more rational than Bananada.

  6. Trudeau-pere started the ball rolling and Trudeau-fils will complete the work. Personally I see no problem disconnecting from the monarchy, which is already crumbling in Britain. After the Queen dies there is discontentment in Britain about Charles ascending to the throne.

    The problems will rise here in Canada with the legal system, which is dependent on the Crown. That entity may not be what it seems but I believe that at least it appears to have a connection to the monarchy. How the law of the land will be affected remains to be seen.

  7. Canada is already a socialist country, as are all the countries of the world, including the United States and Britain. They are all State centric and controlled welfare States. The monarchy has nothing to do with it. Why anyone would believe otherwise is a mystery. Perhaps the technique of boiling the frog slowly has succeeded in hiding this fact from most of the people.

    • “Trudeau-pere started the ball rolling”

      No, it was the communist spy Lester Pearson and his push for a new flag. Elizabeth Bentley, a former GRU spymaster, outed Lester “Mike” Pearson as a primary source, feeding confidential information to Hazen Sise, a Soviet agent under her control, who worked for the National Film Board of Canada. Trudeau executed a coup d’etat with his “repatriation” of the Constitution, which took away the power of Parliament and subverted it to the Supreme Court, which now decides if laws are laws, and to international treaties. That is the problem with our legal system. The same has happened in the UK, with the neutering of the House of Lords and the Monarchy itself during that same time period.

      What is apparent, is that this site cannot differentiate between socialism and communism. The purest form of socialism is anarchy. Co-ops and credit unions are socialism, not state control over everything. Marx was not only related to the Rothschilds, but was sent, with his handler Engels to disrupt the growing popularity of the socialist movement. Socialism is not opposed to commerce and private property.

      Communism and capitalism are both methods of concentrating capital in the hands of a few. They are the two sides of the same shekel.

      • A fair statement. Arguably, the end occurred as Pearson transitioned the Liberals to then Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau.


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