Islamophobia Summit Calls For Transformation Of Canada’s Legal System

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The greatest threat to democratic tradition is found when the will of government and the will of the majority are diametrically opposed.

Such is the state of contemporary Canada. Take immigration policy as an example: a Nanos Research Group poll, reported by Bloomberg News, found that only 17% of respondents think the country should accept more immigrants in 2021 than it did in 2020.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ignored public will, and has instead increased immigration quotas to their highest level in history. Such is a set-up for resentment among Canadian-born citizens. An unfortunate by-product has resulted in a substantial rise in acts of racism.

The National Council of Canadian Muslims want something done about this. Based upon their newly released recommendations, what is being requested is tantamount to an comprehensive revision of Canada’s legal system. If adopted by government, the outcome could result in what some may consider a new society.

Let us review several of the 61 proposals that the NCCM are recommending to Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments:

“Commit to introducing a social media regulator with a special focus on ensuring that civil liberties are protected.”

—  A call for internet censorship as it relates to “Islamophobia” in Canada.

“The potential introduction of a public-interest based defamation fund for Canadians who are smeared on the basis of hate.'”

— This and other financial requirements in the proposal call for a major increase in funding for multicultural non-profits to battle “Islamophobia.”

“The Attorney General’s consent is currently required to begin any prosecution for the willful promotion of hatred and genocide. This is a uniquely high bar that should be abolished.”

—  The submission neglects to include which entity would thereafter hold jurisdiction over a breach of Section 318 of the criminal code. Presumably, this will shift to Canadian Human Rights Tribunals with deep-rooted connections to the Multicultural lobby.

“Pause the mandated “Countering Violent Extremism” programs at the federal level.”

— This program includes investigating organizations which Canada considers Islamic terrorist groups— so this has to go.

‘Suspend the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Review and Analysis Division (RAD).”

Canadian mosques have been investigated and charged with tax evasion by the CRA, so this has to go.

“We need to examine the degree to which CSIS, CSE, and the RCMP have been permeated by white supremacists.”

— Powerful “multicultural” non-profits and government lobbyists believe Canada’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies are filled with white supremacists. They must be rooted out and removed.

“The Minister of Public Safety should require the resignation of the Director of CSIS for any violations of the duty of candour.”

— The head of CSIS must be fired from their job if the multiculturalist lobbyists are not satisfied.

“Incentivize production of Muslim stories, told by Canadian Muslims, through designated funding in the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm, the National Film Board. Review and reform of curriculum that relates to Islam and Muslims. Development of curriculum, resources and programs that affirm Muslim identities.”

— The Islamic faith is to be advanced and promoted within all cultural institutions. Canadian schools, media, and entertainment industry must promote and advance Islam to the satisfaction of the lobbyists.

“Invest in celebrating the history of local Canadian Muslims and initiatives through a concrete program that brings these figures and names to the forefront of local-level recognition.”

The teaching of Canadian history must include the concept that the Islamic faith has played a fundamental role in the development of our nation.

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As Justin Trudeau once stated, “people tend to see things from different perspectives.”  It is indeed possible that Canada’s multicultural industry authentically view these proposals as a remedy to so-called “Islamophobia.”

After an analysis of the report, Cultural Action Party view the recommendations as a request to fundamentally transform Canadian society. In this dynamic is revealed the what is arguably the greatest injustice in modern history:

Government create social hostility which results from immigration policies counter to the will of the general population. In turn, the general population pay the price through a systemic program to elevate one identifiable community above all others.

Then again, who knows–perhaps this has been the goal of government  throughout the entire process.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “Islamophobia Summit Calls For Transformation Of Canada’s Legal System”

  1. I stifled my gag reflex while reading about how the moon god is trying to change Canadian law. That is; Until this prize winning bumpf appeared: “The teaching of Canadian history must include the concept that the Islamic faith has played a fundamental role in the development of our nation.”

    Did they include this rubbish with a straight face? I’ll give the proper reaction–HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah–A “fundamental role” in the current decimation of our [Not their] nation.

    • No group arriving in Canada ever as individuals has grouped and pushed the government of their new national identity around more than Muslims. This isn’t hate, it’s that hindus, buddhists, jews, Christians never grouped and tried to basically takeover the country in which they were newly arrived. This isn’t racist because it is just pointing out the degree of disproportionate behaviour is being exerted by Muslims over everything non Muslim.

  2. When the first settlers arrived, they were Christians of varying denominations. THEY were the ones who made the laws and built this country. This country was NOT BUILT by Muslims!

  3. Everyone has the right to free speech and religion. Don’t push your religion on me. Your faith is yours not mine. If you want Islamic religion in your house go ahead. How about I force you to worship my God. Government has to mind its own business. This is a FREE country you don’t own me and never will! You can take your demands and go pound sand!

  4. Muslims did not form this nation. They did not create nor participate in creating laws, policies and procedures in our Canaduan national content and consciousness. So throw that stretch of true out the window.

    I find their requests serve only them and their traditions, values, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs. I do not find that their requests would extend beyond themselves to benefit all Canadians. How, my friends, does this add value to all or show respect to diversity and differences?
    I do not support this firstly because Canada existed before their arrival here and, secondly, because their requests do not benefit or add value to all Canadians. Do not consider their requests. Do not give my land or nation away, especially not from free.
    I have lived in their countries. I have no rights, am always outcast and if I had a child there, it would never never ever be allowed to have citizenship. They created those restrictions, laws and rules. Now, they are here demanding that we recreate our society, nation and practices to celebrate and suit, their arrival.

    Humble yourself and work within a country and vast diversity of peoples that were here way before you were. If you want you own land and have run away from making your own nations better places to live, do what Dubai does, add land to the sea and then you can rule your own kingdom, because Canada is ours.
    My family came here and built Canada from barren land four generations ago. The first nations were here before that, living and taking care of this land.

    You need to learn how to fit in, humble yourselves to realize that your voices should be just as loud as the other groups and, that it could even be quieter than the true nation builders. I totally do not support your requests, I actually am insulted that you feel you are more special and should stand taller than anyone else in Canada.


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