“Islamophobia” Study BLAMES White Men For Muslim Community Oppression

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Yes, they are really rolling now. Not satisfied with Justin Trudeau’s branding of Anglophones and Christians as bigoted, racist and xenophobic, a study on “Gender-based” Violence Against Muslim Women informs Canadians that entire problem can be attributed to one identifiable community– White Men.

While generalizing and stereotyping in a major way, the study appears to neglect violence perpetrated by Muslim men against their own women. As informed Canadians understand, the Koran tells us violence against women by husbands is permissible in certain situations.

How convenient. Eschew all violence perpetrated in the name of Islam–  terrorist acts, jihad, misogyny, honour killings,  female genital mutilation, and wife battery. Then, blame all the problems Muslim women face on white men.

Let CAP invert this situation for a moment. A European-Canadian non-profit organizations makes a public statement that “XYZ” Men are a motley group of wife-beating women-haters. How would this go over within Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Canada. Not well, of course.

Yet, reverse the situation, and it is open season on TRASHING the white man, blaming him for all problems, while absolving the archaic desert religion from all violence toward women.

“This paper represents the first empirical qualitative research study on Islamophobic violence against Muslim women in the Canadian context, and presents a novel characterisation of Islamophobic violence against Muslim women as a form of gender-based violence.”

“The spectrum of Islamophobic violence disclosed by participants includes attempted femicide, physical assault, sexual assault and verbal assault.”

“All incidents of physical and sexual violence disclosed by participants were said to have been perpetrated by WHITE MEN. 

So the problem is not a clash between archaic 7th century religious ideology and 21st century western values.  Sharia Law? Nope. FGM? Child Marriage? Niqabs, Hijabs, IMAM’s preaching hate, or any other aspect of the Islamic belief system.

No–the problem is WHITE MEN. Then, these people expect Canadians to roll over while immutable, inflexible and antiquated religious practices become entrenched in society.

Talk about playing the blame game. For community leaders, it appears the Nation of Islam can do no wrong. No, this is reserved for those who reject ANY element of Islamic doctrine.

How easy. How PRIVILEGED. Does whitey maintain an ability to TRASH the Muslim Community in one-fell-swoop? When it occurs, National Council Of Canadian Muslims a quick to jump down the “bigot’s” throat.

Yet, when tables are turned, the ethno-centrics SLAM white Canada, and walk away scot-free. In this regard, which group is actually the privileged community? Whitey–or Islam

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Interesting to note the affinity between Islamic not-for-profit organizations, and the Trudeau government. Fact is, Justin Trudeau and butcher-boy Somalian MP Ahmed Hussen SHARE the exact same attitude toward Anglophone and Christian-Canadians.

These groups are racial supremacists, they claim. White people  are responsible for all the problems Muslims face in Canada. If only whitey would just DO EXACTLY AS WE SAY--accept every archaic religious practice, never speak against their people, or their religion. Permit Sharia Law. Shut up about FGM. Do not complain about Islamic terrorism.

Who is controlling whom? Furthermore, how does this exemplify the spirit of multicultural egalitarianism within society. Answer: It doesn’t. Then again, folks like study author Sidrah Maysoon have no interest in ethnic equality. Social domination is the game at hand.

What has Justin Trudeau’s “no-core-identity-post-nation-state” wrought? Community blame, accusations of racism, resentment of the part of Old Stock Canada, social consternation, community division, anger and hatred of the other.

Hardly a model of “diversity is our strength” now is it? Perhaps one day these forces will awaken from their ethnocentric slumber to realize that victimhood and race-baiting will never resolve Islam’s social problems within western nations.

Yet, these types stick to their guns. It is whitey’s fault. They need to be EDUCATED in the unenlightened, backward world of desert religion philosophy. If Anglophones would only educate themselves, they would roll over and do all that we demand.

Someone once said “The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.”

This folks, is the story of ethnocentric Third Word communities in Canada. It is not the white man–but rather cast-in-stone archaic religious ideology clashing with western values which lies at the heart of Islam’s difficulties in Canada.

Recognise this, and make the necessary CHANGES to successfully adapt to Canadian society.  Too bad it will never happen. Such is the methodology for infiltration of western nations. Keep on complaining until the host society bows to your every whim.

Repeat ad nauseum until mission accomplished.



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  1. This one of the better articles which I have of yours, Mr. Salzberg. The content is good , and there obviously has been an effort to proof-read. I myself would appreciate it if you did not feel the need to bold so much. Your readers aren’t stupid — we know that what you are saying is important. It is generally recognized that “bolding” like that is perceived by the reader as a form of “screaming. You don’t need to “scream” at us. We will take your information seriously, even it is presented in a clear, non-emotional way. At any rate, this article is making the rounds on Twitter, and I will begin posting it to FB. I did not FB post other articles because they were not properly written. “Thank You” for your all of your hard work.


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