“Islamophobia” Say IMAM’s As Mosque In Canada ACCUSED OF RACISM

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“The allegations come after the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) stripped the charity status of the Ottawa Islamic Centre and Assalam Mosque  in 2018 following audits that raised concerns about past guest speakers and “activities that promote hate and intolerance.”

“The Council Of Canadian Imam’s  CCI said that the CRA published “defamatory” statements against two of its members, Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick and Imam Said Rageah, which “falsely” connected them to “hate, intolerance, and terrorism.”

Let CAP state the obvious here: we cannot effectively pass judgement on innocence versus guilt in this regard. What we can say, however, is this situation brings to the surface what has existed for far too long within our nation’s so-called multicultural society.

 Here CAP speak of the “one-way street” of accusations of racism in Canada. From the day Justin Trudeau was elevated to the office of prime minister, racism within our nation has been strictly a “white on non-white” social issue.

Our political party has opposed this piece of non-reality since the day our party became registered in 2016. Think about it–have you ever witnessed a Canadian forum on racism which included, for example, the topic of bigotry against Christians? Not happening, folks.

Racism and bigotry are in no manner “one way streets.” As it happens, Justin Trudeau is perhaps Canada’s number one advocate of the phenomenon. By way of a series of apologies to Canadian Sikhs, Chinese, Muslims, Jews and First Nations, Mr. Trudeau effectively placed English Canada in a proverbial “doghouse.”

“Canada failed the Jewish people” stated Justin when explaining the refusal of a WW2 refugee ship called the St. Louis. Please consider his choice of words.

Not “the government of the time” failed these people, or “history shows that at specific points in time, Canada did not stand up for human rights.”

No– the accusation–really more like a branding of cattle of an Alberta Beef farm–were saddled with a stain upon our entire nation-yesterday, today and forever.

For contrast, let us flip to the b-side: PM Trudeau’s condemnation of persecution of Urghar Muslims presently detained in prison camps in China. How many are there? Try over ONE MILLION of them.

Degree of accusations of racism against China’s government from Justin Trudeau? Nothing–not a single sentence. Add to this Mr. Justin’s total public output of condemnation of ISIS terrorists.

Again, a giant “goose egg.”  The Liberal government’s criticism of militant Islam? Nothing. How about a “shout-out” against Somalia, Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan for violent racist action against Christians in Africa and Middle Eastern nations?

Silence is golden–right, Mr. Trudeau? Total condemnation of communist and theocratic government oppression against Christians and non-Muslims around the world?

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Justin Trudeau’s commentary on white Canada:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged  that Canada’s historical actions resulted in a genocide of Indigenous women and girls.”

There you have it, fellow patriots– the true story of the 23rd national leader of Canada. Imagine if the people of Canada comprehended the profound truth that Mr. Trudeau has since the day he arrived on the PM podium run down Anglophone Canada, Canadians of European Origin and Christian-Canadians.

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While Trudeau has overlooked mass racist behaviours across the planet, this strange man has branded white Canada comprehensively racist. Why does he get away with it?

Media– that’s why. CBC, CTV, Global News, National Post, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail— that’s why. It seems they are on Trudeau’s side 100%, whileTrudeau is, of course, on the “side” of the United Nations, Africa, theocratic Islamic governments, and communist Chinese governments.

So will the accused Islamic Imam’s in Ottawa get away with their plea of so-called “islamophobia.” If they do not, it certainly will be a rarity. In the meantime, CAP will wait for the National Council of Canadian Muslims to go ripping into the whole affair.

Have not heard of this not-for-profit organization? Most Canadians have not–yet these people are the ones who wrote half-Pakistani citizen, Liberal GTA MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

You know the one? It’s a motion created to address “racism throughout Canadian society.” Within its pages, what major religions of Canada are explicitly contained within?

Why, the answer is just one of them–Liberal GTA MP Iqra Khalid’s religion. Whether or not these Imam’s successfully utilize M103 to win their case remains to be seen.

In the meantime, the out-of-control hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist government reveals the unprecedented hypocrisy regarding racism, bigotry and xenophobia within Mr. Trudeau’s “post-modern” society.

Oh, and by-the-way, the accused IMAM has received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his contribution to Canada.





2 thoughts on ““Islamophobia” Say IMAM’s As Mosque In Canada ACCUSED OF RACISM”

  1. Great article Brad. Trudeau and his Cabal of Liberals are the most racist group in this Country of OURS. Trudeau and the Liberals do NOT represent my values as a Canadian. We Canadians are fighting FOR DEMOCRACY while Trudeau and ALL his followers are trying to KILL our democracy. Start some non-partisan investigations into everything this liberal government has done and STOP funding mainstream media in Canada!!! Mainstream Media does not support freedom of the press as witnessed live on camera and the atrocious handling of The Rebel News Keean Bexte at Trudeaus press conference.

  2. Who do we vote for? Conservatives? If those who can remember Brian Mulroney and his immigration minister, Sergei ? Those two started the ball rolling as far as immigration then we had jean Cretian who was just as bad as the Trudeau’s. So who do we vote for to save our nation ?


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