Trudeau Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder dozens of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate, Amara will be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

He came to Canada as a teenager, became a Canadian citizen as a young man, and, by the time he turned 20, he was behind bars and charged with terrorism. An IDEAL Canadian citizen, no?

Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.

Amara wanted to detonate bombs in downtown Toronto, and coordinate shooting sprees at the CBC and the Toronto Stock Exchange. He planned a siege on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and carry out executions and beheadings of politicians, including the Prime Minister. How sweet he is.

Under the previous Harper government, Amara had his Canadian citizenship revoked and was set to be deported the moment he was released from prison. Then under Justin Trudeau, the deportation was cancelled.

Trudeau said during the 2015 election campaign that he believes “terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship.” He has kept to his word regarding the pledge.

Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the Senate that the Liberal government had initiated the process to restore citizenship for the convicted terrorist.

What Somalian import Hussen neglected to include is the reason why he and boss-man Trudeau made this decision. Trudeau’s agenda prioritized helping a man who hates Canada so much he wanted to wage war against it. Amara was so ungrateful to his host country that he plotted to mass murder civilians in a senseless and unprovoked attack.

And yet, Trudeau rewards him with the privilege of Canadian citizenship. What a sad state of affairs. In 2010, a white South African family – Charl and Naira Nel as well as their daughter – left South Africa and applied for refugee status in Canada.

They told the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) that they feared being victims of crime and violence — the women feared rape, which is prevalent in South Africa, and all feared violence targeting whites.

The Trudeau government defended the rejection of the South Africans, stating the fear of white children being raped by blacks was highly offensive as the information the family relied on was “white-supremacist hate literature” that should be ignored. The family’s appeal was rejected.

Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen slams the door shut on  white folks from South Africa  claiming refugee status, while approving citizenship for a convicted Islamic terrorist who plotted to blow up innocent Canadians in a plot to execute mass murder

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This is the individual  Justin Trudeau empowered as the person responsible for immigration and refugee status in Canada. In other words, our nation’s demographic destiny is in the hands of an Anglo-hating refugee from Somalia.

What is described in this article should be CRIMINAL. Instead, the criminals are the Anglophone Canadians Trudeau has spent the past four years branding racist, bigoted and genocidal.

Then, come October 21st, 2019, MILLIONS of these Anglophones will vote for Justin Trudeau, as media propagandize voters into believing Mr. Trudeau is a righteous, benevolent advocate for equality amongst ALL CANADIANS.

He isn’t–and neither is his myopic, ethno-centric migration minister, Ahmed Hussen. Prioritizing dangerous criminal terrorists for citizenship in Canada is a slap-in-the-face to ALL Canadians–including peaceful migrants looking to lead a safe, quiet life within our borders.

Just say NO to the back-stabbing social agenda of the Trudeau government. Our children will thank you for it— if government doesn’t pass legislation prohibiting them to be born.

With additional text from Candice Malcolm of the Toronto Sun.



42 thoughts on “Trudeau Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

  1. Surely we are able to stop this insane group of the most horrible civil servants ever elected!

  2. Trudeau puts Canadians at danger. The more Islamic terrorists and Islamic radical militants stay in Canada more likely we will have attacks against Canadians. This truth lies on the surface.


  4. How amazing that Justin Trudeau wrangles that poitively-negative outcome for Canada. Recall the Gunpowder plot against British Parliament and King James? Guy Fawkes, and his co-conspirators were hung for their failed efforts, even as no one was actually murdered or killed. Justin Trudeau should have taken the same “leaf” from the British. Perhaps, for Justin Trudeau, it would have been a “fitting ending” …had the wanna-be Islamic martyr/terrorist upstaged the Canadian Parliament and “beheaded” Trudeau …in accord to their plot?

  5. Trudeau is a useless piece of shit who doesn’t give a rats ass about Canada or Canadians!!! He’s nothing but a traitor to Canada .. He’s ass is so far up the Muslims it’s unreal !!!! I hope Canada votes this piece of garbage out when election time comes !!

  6. yes this is to demonize all the muslins in purpose, so the western world will be convinced by this ‘menace’ and solely the far-right politicians/extremists will offer a ‘solution’, just like hitler did with the jews, gypsies,armenians and blacks, the far-right needs that as the perfect excuse for their plans

    1. This guy was head of a terrorist group. He was not an ordinary Muslim. I know cause I have lots of them as friends. They don’t want people like this guy here either… But it sounds like you do. My muslim buddies want nothing to do with guys like this, who will kill anybody and ruin lives. Trudeau cares so little for the safety of you and your family, he will keep people like this around cause he doesn’t understand the danger and hate of someone who has turned against society. Doesn’t sound like you do either. But I’ll tell you something, when you call everyone racist, eventually no one is racist. That is trudeau my friend.

    2. We are talking about one Muslim terrorist. If you support him staying then you need re-evaluate how one Muslim terrorist being deported signifies hatred towards all Muslims.

    3. Well, hey. I think civilized folks just dont agree with allowing other people into their country to kill innocent people just to honor a violent religious agenda.

  7. This asshole of a PM just turned away real refugees from South Africa. While he has been apologizing for Canada turning away others he does it himself, what a hypocrite.

  8. Every Canadian who is disgusted with the CRIME MINISTER TRUDOPE AND THE LYING LIBERALS OF CANADA (new moniker!) Should bombard Trudopes Twitter account and the Lying liberals accounts. THE BLUE WAVE IS COMING!!!

  9. This is absolute insanity. Surely even the most dumb and sluggish among us know it is time to say enough is enough and vote this twit and the gutless Liberal MPs who support him out of power. l hope this self absorbed moron single handedly puts the Liberal Party into the backwatesr of Canadian politics for decades. They deserve it. And this is from a lifelong Liberal supporter.

  10. Anyone who worships and utilizes the Quran in the name of a political agenda is the enemy of western morales ethics and values. Our country has been free and prosperous whether we like it or not was founded on Christian morales ethics and values. Anything that opposes this is anti bible, therefore anti Christian. Enough of political correctness as will only serve to take away our freedom of speech…he cornerstone of our free, peaceful, and prosperous society.

  11. It almost seems that the person elected to be the Chief Steward of Canada is actively undermining the countries very foundation. When you apply the standard of common sense to this decision, its completely dumbfounding that anyone, let alone the Prime Minister, can be this ridiculous. Perhaps this really is the son of Castro.

  12. Everyone seems lile they’re under the impression that A) Trudeau’s gov’t passed this bill specifically ro keep this asshole as a citizen, and B) he’s been set free now?
    The Bill that was passed is Bill C-6, and Amara is still in Jail with a life sentence.
    Don’t take things at face value do your own research.

  13. Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder dozens of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate, Amara will be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship. what is this?

  14. This just shows the level of stupidity that Leftists will go to ! I wonder how many months will elapse before this felon reconstructs his life of violence and crime.

  15. This is the man that former President Obama of the United States admires???? He grants citizenship to a terrorist but not to a family that was seeking a safe haven in Canada??? This is not who the USA would want in America. A terrorist with citizenship?????

  16. Fact check: Trudeau repealed a bill that would allow the government to strip Canadian dual citizens of their citizenship despite them already having it if they violate the national interest of the nation.

    This means that someone who is Canadian cannot just have that stripped away from them even being a treasonous criminal, just as a 100% Canadian citizen would not have it stripped away from them.

    He didn’t “give” this man citizenship when he didn’t have it already. He only restored what he already had as a Canadian citizen.

    And he CERTAINLY didn’t pardon the man for his actions, he is still in prison for a LONG time.

    So please fact check before posting such posts.

    1. A fair rebuttal, but the fact is the terrorist was scheduled to be deported under the Harper govt, then Trudeau and his Somalian pitbull cancelled the deportation–irrefutable fact.

      1. Please can some one explain who is terrorist and what action is and who can be called terrorist. I dont want to ask book I want see what people think who is terrorist….thanks.

  17. It saddens me to see that the political shit show reaches beyond American borders. I thought right wing, left wing, liberal, and conservative were only our issues. Fuck every last one of those political groups. United we stand or united we fall..

  18. In a islamic religion you are not allowed to hurt people or yourself so it’s not fair that people call them ISLAMIC terrorist when they clearly are not real muslim. All they do it create their own idea of a religion.
    Real true muslim that follow islam dont hurt people

      1. Prove it! As a Muslim, I’m peacefully and legally living in this country. My religion does not tell me to hurt or kill anyone. If it was a Christian or any other guy, the wouldn’t even think to put that. So prove it to me that Islam tells people to kill. And if you don’t know, then you have absolutely no right to say that. If you’re not willing to research a topic, don’t bother talking about it.

      2. What bullshit…in Canada when you buy a dog or a pets they have to show with document the father n mother of that dog or puppy .99.9 kids dont know their real father or mother when you are less than a pet or animal .sooo you mark eat that bullshit go study about something…

  19. Now how fucked up is it that I am in the states and I am unable to just visit Canada because I owe child support arrears here so I have to watch my 2 kids there grow up in pictures…and this Islamic felon can just walk right in…what the fuck Canada

    1. The terrorist is in jail. He is not walking free around Canada.

      Changing this law about revoking citizenship was never about Zakaria Amara. It was about the democratic right to be a citizen. Now that he has had his citizenship reinstated, the Canadian justice system can do with him what they want.

      This guy was already in a federal prison when he got his citizenship back.

      Read this:

      It is from a REAL news agency.

      1. Did Trudeau and Hussen give this puke citizenship, or did they not? The premise of the article is not about whether or not this guy is in jail.

  20. So what needs to be done to get justin and his mob out of here ! Enough is enough someone needs to put a stop to all this… How can we just sit here and let him continue to ruin our beautiful country not to mention keep putting all of us in harm’s way. I really am thinking I got to get out of this place now for the safety of my children’s life’s. It’s only going to get worse now that he got voted back in some messed up way… It just don’t make sense !

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