Islamic Party Of Ontario Releases Political Platform

The party’s stated goal is to “establish Islam as the natural religion of Ontario.”

43 thoughts on “Islamic Party Of Ontario Releases Political Platform

  1. How can any entity be allowed to exist that so blatantly ignores our constitution and human rights. They must be shut down!!

    1. CAP wish this party was not allowed to exist, however we must remain realistic and understand that challenging this will result in a Charter of Rights lawsuit from Islam and their liberal Canadian lawyers.

      1. Realistic is this, throw these assholes out of our Country, enough is enough of their bullying. Canadians will not stand for this. Never.

        1. No. There is nothing illegal about setting up an Islamic Party. At present there are some very whacked out parties officially registered in Canada. There is a federal Christian party as well. Furthermore, there is a very good chance an Islamic federal party will emerge. Pierre Trudeau set the ball rolling with his Charter(1982), which basically empowered minorities and lawyers and disempowered majority rule and Parliament as well.

          1. The federal Christian party (I have heard of the Christian Reform party), unlike this Islamic party, does not teach that their destiny or reason for being is to make Ontario an Islamic,province if the truth be told, in necessary by force or might, in agreement with their strong belief in world domination by Islam under global Caliphate and Sharia law. If Ontario ever did become an Islamic province, I guarantee you he would not live in Ontario, much less visit their Islamic mosques , which are symbols of Islamic power .

        2. It is based on false historical facts so how can they base a political party on false historical facts???

          1. Marxism and globalism destroy a nation’s history in order to take over the nation.

      2. Let the challenges begin then. It must be realized that without defeating the Muslim intention of marginalizing out culture and replacing it with theirs, they will be successful in making us their slaves. This goal is stated in the Koran – convert, pay us Jizia or die. – the only choices Islam allows an invaded people.

    1. Yes, happening…and it will happen federally at some point and Pierre Trudeau’s Charter will ensure they succeed.

      1. Brad sadly your absolutely bang on ! The doors are open !! A new Canada is about to appear – and it does not look good in 20-30 years – let alone another 4 years of a Drama teacher running and ruining our country !!

      2. has any one stoped to take alook at reproduction rates of cultures in the world you think this is your country arabs are over breeding and yall are under breeding the damage is already done its past the point of being reverseable the world will be muslim by the year 2150

  2. Canada is a Christian country and Jesus Christ is my God and no other. Manny innocent people fled to Canada to follow and be under the law of Canada not Islam.
    May The Almighty God Jesus Christ Bless and Protect our country.

    1. Canada is a secular country housing many religions. However, yeah, nah, I’ll never live under Sharia. I’ll die with a gun in my hands first.

  3. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology which masquerades as religion. It is NOT compatible with any other ideology on the planet. Imam Trudeau brought in hundreds of thousands for the purpose of destroying Canada while his puppet masters control his march to one world government via the United Nations. There was never any intent or belief that they would assimilate….it is an invasion and takeover sanctioned by radical left “liberals”. Enlightenment crossed over into absurdity and many Canadians do not even realize it yet.

    1. Time to arm up?! Religion or personal beliefs should not be pushed on any other human being! I am a good person, but my family and I don’t follow a particular religion or philosophical belief. There SHOULD AND MUST BE FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND BELIEF in CANADA and EVERY OTHER COUNTRY!! Anyone pushing me or my family and friends to adopt a certain religious belief will be met with force, I can promise that!

    2. Your absolutely bang on. Unfortunately a lot of Canadians are living in la la land and believe it will never happen to us. It’s happening right now in real time and those idiot liberal supporters still follow. What more evidence do they need.

      1. Justin Trudeau placing Somalian Islamic Refugee Ahmed Hussen as Immigration Minister is an act of war against the Canadian people.

    1. Canadians are getting there. Would be light years faster if media didn’t protect and obscure the Trudeau Globalist Agenda.

  4. Cant, Religion and State have been separated by law. If that happens, then you’ll witness The Catholic Party of Canada!

    1. There can be Muslim, Christian, Jewish parties in Canada. Not against the law to register as a party. They just can’t breach hate laws, etc.

  5. Do you mind helping out? Join the revolution #makecanadagreatagain #yellowvestcanada #unitecanada #union #labour #soldier #canada #makechangehappen #alberta #bc #saskatchewan #firstnations #newbrunswick #qubec #novascotia #nfld #pei #northwestterritories #manitoba #ontario #yukon #nunavut

  6. How the phuq would that even be possible? They don’t understand what we will happen to them, do they?

  7. This will be the final turning point for the masses to turn against the Trudeau liberals. Time for a million Canadian march on Ottawa to forcefully remove the liberals out of office. Shut the gouvernment and the bank accounts down till a compitant replacement can be elected.

    1. There is an 700-plus truck convoy of patriots heading to Ottawa in Feb to protest the dangerous idiocy of Justin Trudeau.

  8. I will not bow down to no religious belief but my own. There is no person that will get me to follow Islam religious beliefs. I will not, I am Catholic and proud if any of these people think they can push us we will push back and with force. I’m a proud Canadian not a pussy like Trudeau. Trudeau step down now and get the hell out of Canada move somewhere like India and never come back. Trudeau and his Liberals are a disease and it’s not curable.

  9. That’s convenient since Quran verse 8:39 says “fight til all religion is for allah”

    IE proof that Muslims follow the Quran to the letter….even when they claim otherwise (taqiyya)

  10. Just don’t vote for them! Even Muslims won’t vote for them, except the kooks and extremist! This is Canada and we have separation of church & state, so we are not going backwards. Let them have their ridiculous no nothing party, it will fall by the wayside! This continues to be a Judeo Christian country, and no matter what Turdo and his minions try, or think, they cannot change the majority. They will be gone in October, so this is really a non issue. Let them rave on that men shall know them mad! LOL

  11. And this is what the liberals get for supporting Trudeau and his Muslim cabinet! So remember that time you voted liberal 3.5 yrs ago, this is what you voted for! I can’t wait to see the excitement when ISIS is running Ontario! It’ll be like a little bit of Saudi Arabia in Canada! Beheadings and flying queers will be a daily occurrence!😂😂😂

  12. I would rather die fighting a Christianophobic ideology like Islam than bow down to it.I would rather Canada become part of the US because Canada is too much of a pushover for the Muslims.

    1. Little difference between the Islamic party and the Christian heritage party? Both would violates the concept of a secular government. All and I mean all partys based on religion should be declared illegal! All religious symbols should be banned from ALL government or government funded organizations and educational institutions!

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