Islamic Party Of Ontario: “Islam Is The Native Religion Of Canada”

It operates with a mandate to INTRODUCE ISLAMIC RULE in Ontario and Canada because, according to the fledgling party, “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

102 thoughts on “Islamic Party Of Ontario: “Islam Is The Native Religion Of Canada”

  1. I was born and raised in Canada. Our native religion is Christianity. We were founded under same and our laws, values and mores are based upon same. I am a Christian and proud of it! Jesus christ is my Saviour and died for me!

    1. To Amy I already commented as to what I think of this. Canada is a christain country so we have no ties with Islam. I don,t know what this weak prime minister is saying here. I think he is trying to gain future votes thats what i seem to think. I don,t like him at all and never voted for him. Good comment.

    2. lmfao wrong. white people invaded canada. youre immigrants. the NATIVE religion would be the religion of native americans

      1. Get off of your Liberal DIVISIVE “white people invaded…”bullshit!! Almost 90% of “Natives” in Canada are Christian, you nincompoop…… the rest are certainly not ISLAMIC!!!

        1. Liberal divisive white people bullshit… you are out of your damn mind. Christianity was not on turtle island prior to European colonization. The benevolent Christian churches determined that native aboriginals were savages and needed to whitewash them.

          Thus residential schools which would beat, rape, and all out abuse the children after the Christian churches ripped these children from their parents.

          You ignorance to the reality of First Nations is astounding. There is a special place for those who justify the brutality against children using christianity.

          1. What was done to the native peoples was beyond disturbing and horrible. Words cannot express how wrong it was. But it is a great mistake to blame it on Christians. It was done by government mandate and those who perpetrated it were about as Christian as I am a frog. Faith isn’t something you’re born into it’s something you choose and your actions will show you to be true or a liar. The Bible says Christians are known for their love. What part of what happened looks like love to you? Hell is all that awaits the perpetrators of the horrors the native peoples of Canada endured. And Justin trudeau fits well into the lineage of those politicians bent on any forms of destruction necessary to line their own pockets.

        2. Sorry, but most in this country are atheist or agnostic – not Christian – including me. But I’m happy to get along with, and co-exist, with all those who want to follow their own religion. And for you who say you are Christian, I’m sure you’re aware that Christ’s message was to love your fellow man.

          1. Christianity is the largest religion in Canada, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. Christians, representing 67.3% of the population in 2011, are followed by people having no religion with 23.9%[1] of the total population. Other faiths include Muslims (3.2%), Hindus (1.5%), Sikhs (1.4%), Buddhists (1.1%), and Jews (1.0%).[4] Rates of religious adherence are steadily decreasing.[5][6] The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms refers to God. The monarch carries the title of “Defender of the Faith”. However, Canada has no official religion, and support for religious pluralism and freedom of religion is an important part of Canada’s political culture.

            No, actually according to Wikipedia Christianity is the largest religion in Canada, Agnostic/ Atheist is second.

        3. Seems like we have a similar problem in the USA. Stand up for Christianity and any other peaceful religion that shares your social, cultural, and moral values.

      2. When you invade a country you are called a conqueror, not an immigrant hunny. Canada wasn’t formed by natives. It was formed by Christian settlers. They had the land, we took it and turned it into Canada. Check yourself

      3. You have a point, and just like the Christians took over, now is Islam is taking over. Sad very sad

        1. islam is not taking over the problem is we’ve let too many muslims in canada so of course they’ve increased in numbers, but Christianity still prevails in canada

      4. Dude, Canada is the nation white people built. That’s why it is set up according to English common law and the court systems mirror Europe. Also why public holidays never an European holidays such as Easter and Christmas making it a Christian holiday. You probably noticed but nothing is open on Easter and Christmas…First Nations are separate nations from Canada. They have their own names.
        Canada is the nation of the Europeans who settled it. They are the true Canadians. You can be Ojibway or Cree or Mohawk… Those are all examples of First Nations. Canada is a different Nation those First Nations were given amnesty into the new Canadian Nation built by the Canadians to be Nations within a nation. The Canadians did not have to do that

      5. Lmafao your wrong cause Native Americans were tribes people with no concept of countrys so they weren’t a country to begin with lol. The country of canada was founded when Europeans came and settled.

        1. The Iroquois, Huron, Neutrals, and other native groups were actually VERY territorial , and had their OWN lands. And there were hostilities, slaves and war among them. It wasn’t necessarily a “peaceful” nation way back when. This was long before any white settlers came to what we now know as Canada.

          1. And on the west coast the Haida were the biggest slavers going as far south as Oregon and Northern California for slaves. Many Indigenous groups in BC and Washington state still hold animosity toward them. Not as harmonious a group as the press and make them out to be.

      6. Do you know that Indians came here from Syberia about 9-10 century? They are also immigrants. Regarding religion. First Europeans came to Newfoundland over 900 years ago. First European settled on this land more than 300 years ago and they brought Christianity. Local tribes had different gods and they used different rituals. 300 years – it is at least 7-8 generations from now. This land was half empty. Those Europeans built the country, created state of Canada. And they, Christians of different descent (British, Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, Greek, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch), have full rights on this land.

      7. Wrong……through the recent history of this country, Christianity was and is the dominant foundational faith. Indigenous belief systems became less and less influential over time. Many indigenous people abandoned their indigenous faith in their preference for Christianity.

      8. We are Spiritual…not religious 😉 But yeah you are right I agree. My ancestors were French colonials and mixed with the natives.

      9. But whem the white Europeans invaded it was not a single country but a bunch of warring tribal nations . Therefore Europeans founded Canada .

      10. Most Canadian natives are Christian,you silly,silly woman.white people settled in Canada and made a country of the land and before you start yelling racist I am part Mohawk

      11. Wrong. Canada has always been a Christian country. The immigrants are the ones trying to take over and change things.

    3. No, Christianity is not…
      What of those who were here before the Europeans.
      Well, guess I should just take it, since one infestation’s followed by another.

        1. We pray to our Creator (in your words “God”) to keep us safe from all this pain and suffering the Canadian Government is now bestowing on our people. Why change us? We don’t want to be changed and the government is supposed to be for it’s people…. WHO ARE YOUR PEOPLE TRUDEAU? Sure doesn’t feel like it’s us fellow Canadians….. If you don’t like us or our way of life, then go to where you want to be, which is India, I gather…. We will not be voting Liberal for a very long time……. I knew there was a catch to making Cannabis legal, just wasn’t sure how shady the flip side was going to be… But it’s loud and clear now…. You’re trying to create the One World Government here in Canada, but you never asked us people how we would feel about it…….. And another thing Metropolitan Toronto is not the only city in Ontario.. Here in the Northern bushes of Ontario will stay the way it always has and will not conform to your racist and crazy pedophilia demands…….. We are not letting our children out there when there are old men that clearly preys on the young adolescents and children……….. Let us stay moral and leave us be……… When you have something actually positive to say, like that you are going to help our veteran’s and homeless have a place to sleep before you help an immigrant, give free college to all people, a job to a Canadian that’s been struggling on the system for years and have him/her trained for the said job. give grants to company’s and houses so that they are more disability accessible, give company’s better educated people skills for dealing when disabled patrons, clean our water, etc… then I will listen, other than that, You need to FUCK OFF SIR!!!!!

    4. way to go amy i’m with you a proud christian & will never deny jesus especially after what he did for me

    5. I slightly agree but we actually don’t have a state religion. We are a completely free society in that regard. But yes, predominantly Christian based.



    Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, Bless our nation with Your Devine Love and Peace and May those blinded with Hate see Your Blessed Light and Inner Peace. Amen.

    1. Hello jen I do agree with you I am scarred that if this trudeau continues as prime minister we will loose our country. Thats why i hate him and will not vote for him at all. I never voted for him in the first place.
      No more of these PC liberals or anyone like him.
      Canada must not change over to islam or there will be a cival war. I can only imagine what Quebec would do if that would happen.

    2. Incorrect Christianity was brought over from Europe around 300 years ago, but the 100,000 years before where various different religions that were mostly religions of the belief of life, or nature. spiritual in nature.

      1. Actually Michael, if you were in touch with present reality, you would know that most Native people here in Canada NOW…not 300 years ago….are actually Christian. And the ones who are not, are DEFINITELY not in accord with Islamic ideology…for the reverence of “Nature” is nada in their concept. Sorry, try again. Your Liberal-logic is way off base. Cheers!

      2. So if Christianity is not Canadian is what they are saying true?? did the Natives who lived here before us live in an Islamic state with sharia laws??? This is what the post is all abt folks–we need to stop arguing abt whether what religion was in place back then and concentrate on what they are doing to us in the here and now—we all need to Unite and fight this insanity–I for one do not want to live with their ideologies of sharia law–do you??? United we stand — divided we fall!! think abt that!!

    3. There were people living here before the European settlers came over, who had their own Spiritual beliefs. So saying Christianity is the Native Religion is just wrong. Having said that, I am not a fan of Islam coming to these shores.

  3. Islam has not now, nor has it ever been the native religion or religion of majority of Canada… Grow a fucking brain and take your out dated religion that does nothing to forward human civilization and shove it up you Muslim asses….said in the most loving way..Not! Either get used to being a Muslim under Canadian rule or get the fuck out of Canada…pretty simple.

    1. WELL SAID !! thank you for speaking on behalf of most of us “true” canadians ! you are expressing out loud what most of us think in silence….kudos !

      1. This is why I prefer free speech over our hate speech laws. I’ much rather know what is really in someone’s heart, offensive or not. If I don’t like what I hear, I don’t have to listen…..I’d rather hear the truth

  4. Not to gainsay the enthusiasm of these comments so far… but really the native religion of Canada would be the beliefs of the First Nations/Indigenous people. Every other religion has been brought here. So I find it funny that Christians are yelling about Christianity being Canada’s native religion and how dare these people say that so is theirs…. just food for thought. =)

    1. There was no country before 1867. It was a nation of native tribes all with differing beliefs. No one tribe owned the land. The nations in harmony banded together to protect themselves against more aggressive tribes. When Europeans began arriving they made settlements . English settlers and French settlers. Next you will be saying the British stole England from the Romans and the French.

    2. And that’s why the country went to sheet. Everybody arguing about mindless crap. Bet Iran in 1979 was arguing about mindless crap before Islam took over.

    3. Again…most Native people in Canada NOW are Christian, even if they hold some of their Natural World Beliefs sacred, which is a good thing too. They are DEFINITELY NOT Islamic…..

  5. Down with Islam and those who follow it! It will be the dimise of Western civilization and revert the world to a place of hate, violence, intolerance. Mark my words!!!

  6. I was born in this country and I never evver heard this one from the worst prime minister i have known. His dad was as bad but nothing like his son is now.I only hope that comes October this year that justin Trudeau doesn,t get elected again.
    I don,t want him as prime minister for another 5 years. I am sure that Alberta also doesn,t want him in again.
    Canada has no ties with islam at all we are a Christian Judeo type of country and over the years we have let in many immigrants from all walks of life. They all have tried to assimulate into Canadian society.
    Justin Trudeau is a weak type of prime minister and I will email him as I can and tell him what i think.

  7. You know what–people. It will be muslim one day. We produce .75 children, they produce 5 kids. If Christians do not go back to their roots, (faith), there will be no Christianity. To be born a Christian and not practice your faith, does not mean that you are one. Trudeau is an example!

  8. Everybody voted for Trudeau over the pot issue. Seems like people already knew this was coming. Women in 10 cent full length tablecloths would be funny to see. Forty years ago in 1979, Islam conquered Iran. This year unfortunately in 2019, Islam WILL conquer Canada. You have no one to blame but yourselves. Just look at the youth, most are lethargic pot smoking citizens, that don’t fight for their future. This will be interesting.

    1. Here’s one Stephanie .. I don’t believe anything has changed much since introducing pot .. or maybe I haven’t been listening !

  9. Christianity came to Canada with Colonization, it also is not the native religion of Canada. Canada was here and had residents long before the Europeans showed up.

    1. No….”Canada” was not here….the “land mass” was/is. There was NO Canada until Europeans showed up. BtW….there was no Canada when the present Natives came and took it away from those here BEFORE them. Get a grip…..LIVE in the NOW.
      And BtW….most Native NOW ARE Christian…..they also drive better vehicles than I do…live in better homes….make more $$ and USE all those thing “white folks” developed… all this techie stuff. Just some food for your thought….I live in an area where we have 7 bands. I know the straight goods. Also have plenty of Native relations.

  10. Christianity is as much of a cancer as Islam or any religion.
    Canada is a nation of religious freedom, like it or not, no matter who your stupid “god” is.


  11. Canada was Christian country when it was created. Native spirituality was in upper North America prior to that. Every tribe believes in different things. I don’t know what Islam has to do with Canada. It is modern religion I guess. Same as atheism

    1. If Atheism is a religion then baldness us a hair color and off us a television channel .Get it. Atheism means no beliefs it is not a religion.

  12. Native beliefs were in the land and each other, not Christianity. That belief system was taken from them in the Christian schools they were forced to attend under threat of rape, assault and murder. But it surely wasn’t Islam!! The bottom line is this, we are all human and welcome here in Canada. You don’t change the country you migrate to, you assimilate to the country that opened its doors to you. Believe what you want but don’t try to force us to believe it too.

  13. OK. Every human being on this planet has a common “Alien” ancestor! It doesn’t matter which fairy tail you were brought up to believe! Now having said that I think that everyone that’s been commenting on this weather you are from “European decent or Native Canadian decent” YOU ARE ALL FORGETTING WHO THE ENEMY IS HERE! STOP ARGUING ABOUT WHO IS WHAT RELIGION!!! WE’VE ALL LEARNED TO SOMEWHAT GET ALONG AND LIVE AMONGST EACH OTHER SO HOW ABOUT BACK TO STOPPING THE ENEMY AT OUR FRONT DOOR CAUSE NONE OF US WILL LEARN TO LIVE AMONGST THEM AND THERE LAWS AND BELIFES!

      1. The true enemy are the ones that completely destroy and out populate there own lands and they refuse to fight to fix the problems they created with there misinterpreted far left extremist religion so instead of thinking logically or “Pulling their heads out of their asses!” and coming up with a way to change things for the better they keep believing in the nonsense that put them in that position in the first place.and look for the path with least resistance and and some simpleton government “liberal party of Canada” to welcome them in with open arms so they can continue on with their destructive nonsense beliefs in a newer bigger country. “THEY MUST BE STOPPED!”

  14. wow this so wrong… they got their own land … n yet they are brought to canada n saying they are the true Native people… y are we Native being looked over since the beginning of time … i guess it is true we are SAVAGES as how white people label us … n the people who cut of white peoples heads n blow them selves up … are labelled as good people … n yes it is true he is doing this for future VOTES…

  15. do some of you people actually believe that ‘first nations” were actually originally here ffs? It seems we are all of African descent and everyone was conquered and/or did the conquering at some point in humanity’s past. This tribal view of human history some of you angry folk are spouting is just pure stupidity. Look at the big picture. We all took a different road from the same starting point, and over the vast majority Darwinism ruled the day. The strong survived and dominated, the weaker groups did not. Fair or “right” or equitable had nothing to do with it.

  16. Jesus loves everyone AND is the only true respecter of persons…….ALL ARE EQUAL AND LOVED EQUALLY BY CHRIST. HIS LOVE FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL NEVER CHANGES WHETHER THEY ACCEPT HIM AS THEIR PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOUR OR NOT. God the Father sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, ONCE for the forgiveness of all mankind’s sins, past, present and future.

  17. All religion is a plague on humanity. You all discriminate against everyone else to feed your self-serving self-righteous bias’. It’s sad to see so many people unable to be strong enough to live in reality. They have to live in a made up fantasy of paradise after death. It’s all you death cults that are destroying this earth because you don’t give a crap about it or anyone else because you think you have “salvation”. Totally sick and disgusting behavior by all of you theists. Grow up!

    1. Well said👍 I totally agree! People have to pull their heads out of their asses and have a look around to see what’s really going on.

  18. Personally they can all get fucked and take their veiws and religion and go back home, they left the islamic nations to escape the the problems that their religious and politics created, but insist that all of canada should bow down and conform to their beliefs and principles. I bow to no god, nor any oppression.

  19. How does islam become a native of Canadian Culture and History, this country was settled and developed by White Christians from Europe. The record show on the date of Confederation there where only 13 Muslim registered in Canada, How doe the Justin Trudeau as P.M. suddenly pass radical law changes like bill M-103 and mass illegal Aliens to freely enter our country and the Christian population of Taxpayers is footing the bill for this prime Ministers love affair with the Muslim religion. he has been filmed saying he has a great dislike for the Old Stock White European class of our country. He truly is following the path of George Soros and a One World Order that the United Nations is pushing called Agenda 2030, where the population will be reduced to 500 million citizens from 7.5 Billion World Citizens. This has been a plan that was written up by a German phispher in the 1860 and the Elite of the world the Rothschilds and Rockefeller have been cultivating it in quiet plotting and implementation for the last 70 years and are close to implementing it.. We as Canadians have to reject the signing over of our sovereignty By Justin Trudeau, to the United nations as a organization that has no legal recognition, and has no control over our country, The looking to Canada to take in over 240 Million immigrants from many Aficia by 2050. This is their program of Agenda 2030 and we as Canadians should be outraged that our P.M. signed this document, President Trump addressed the United nations and told them in no uncertain terms that they had no say or control of the American citizen and Good for president Trump. This is were Justin Trudeau is moving Canada to a Muslim controlled country in Government , the removal of free speech, and implementation of Sharia law, Yes Canada it is here now and slowly our freedoms are being quietly removed. We canadian in less than a decade will wake up one day and find we have lost control of our once proud nation. This quiet Revolution with the Justin Trudeau P.M,will have white Canadians as a minority group and we are giving it up without a fight, not a shot fired , or a protest hopefully we do wake up before it is to late. These are my opinions, there is no racist words to the Muslim community it is the stark Truth and will i receive a visit by the Canadian M-103 and CSIS for seaking of this development only time will tell. Good Night i am a proud Canadian and always will be. Bob Fry kamloops

    1. Islam has ZERO to do with the founding and development of Canada. Those who say otherwise a lying globalists who want English Canada DEAD.

  20. Welcome to the world of politics. This is what has been done to indigenous people for ages. Americas, Australia, Palistina/Israel, all the colonies…

  21. There is no our “official religion”. Stop that crap, nothing kills or harms more then the religions of Jehovah, all of them. It’s a personal choice. This country is a First Nations country, built and ruined by the enslaved poor for a greedy few. Church, Crown and Corporation robbing us all since forever.

  22. Anyways!!! Is it possible for all pplz of Canada to agree together against this invading religion and against this boneheaded prime minister!!!
    We as a nation need to be in agreement to fight this impending terrorist action.!!!!

  23. Christianity is the largest religion in Canada, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. Christians, representing 67.3% of the population in 2011, are followed by people having no religion with 23.9%[1] of the total population. Other faiths include Muslims (3.2%), Hindus (1.5%), Sikhs (1.4%), Buddhists (1.1%), and Jews (1.0%).[4] Rates of religious adherence are steadily decreasing.[5][6] The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms refers to God. The monarch carries the title of “Defender of the Faith”. However, Canada has no official religion, and support for religious pluralism and freedom of religion is an important part of Canada’s political culture.[

    This taken from Wikipedia, just goes to show out of touch with reality liberals are.

  24. This is not even an issue as of yet. They have only reserved the name and do not fulfill the financial requirements to be on the ballot. As a Christian and Canadian, I welcome all nationalities and cultures, however respect is always required. As a openly gay political figure/Advocate, I must say that the idea of Sharia Law in Canada concerns me and like any other social issue I will do what legally I can do to stop it from occuring.

  25. Canada is having same bullshit happening as us americans are having just let all immigrants overun your country and eventually sharia law will be the law and all canadians will regret it all in the end .and yeah say it wont ever happen well it is and liberal and also socialists want globalisation which will never work look at Venezuela worthless money food shortages yeah thats what a nation will end up after they give it all away!

  26. Islam is not the native language of Canada. How dare these new residents of Canada just horn their way in and make this assessment, It is the height of disillusionment.

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