Islamic Organizations Launch “Muslim Vote Weekend” with SERMONS in Mosques Across Canada

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Political organization. This is how elections are won and lost. As it happens, Muslim organizations from Whitehorse to Halifax, N.S.  are pushing their people to get out and vote.

Illegal? Immoral? Not at all. However, as CAP have opined in the past, these developments are highly significant within contemporary Canadian society. The fundamental issue is simple to understand–one reason why Canadian establishment media have never mentioned or alluded to this basic truism:

Within Islamic society, politics and religion are indelibly linked–where as the same does not hold true for the Christian faith. This, in CAP’s opinion, spells giant trouble for Anglophone and Christian communities of Canada.

In fact, it is fair to conclude that Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have been instrumental in advancing political Islam within Canada.

Fact: In 2014, Justin Trudeau went on a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques. He participated in Islamic prayer sessions, including wearing white cotton Islamic garb, and reciting the “Shahada” prayer–well known within Islamic world as prayer a non-Muslim recites when converting to the Islamic faith. Justin recited this prayer.

As for his church tour, it was also a giant success–not! Pourquoi? Because King Justin never did a tour of churches. Nor has this curious PM stepped into a Church chapel to balance out his dedication to Canada’s various religious communities.

Remember when CBC pointed this out this fact  to the people of Canada. Why would they, when it would make Trudeau look like the political hypocrite he truly is.

“Over 130 “Campaign-in-a-Box” all-in-one, do-it-yourself kits have been sent to volunteers at mosques from Whitehorse to Halifax to educate Muslim voters and bring them to the polls.”

“TCMV Executive Director Ali Manek said, “The Muslim Vote Weekend is one of the ways The Canadian-Muslim Vote is breaking down barriers to voting by getting our community to the polls early and making sure they are registered and educated on how and where to vote.”

“Our campaign volunteers have had a million touch-points with community members this election with the message that we speak the loudest when we vote. Our community survey shows we can expect a higher Muslim turnout this election than the general average.”

There it is, fellow patriots and nationalists–Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts plan to win the upcoming election. Schemer sidekick Butts always has some globalist card up his sleeve he has worked up to steal the election for boss-man Trudeau.

If anyone thinks the higher percentage of Muslims voting plan is a coincidence, CAP has a bridge in Vancouver to sell you called the “Lion’s Gate.”

Does the same dynamic apply within the Sikh-Canadian community? Bet on it–yes, it does. Now, looking at Anglophone and Christian Canada, what is the objective of the Trudeau-Butts-Liberal-Globalist agenda?

CAP will inform: Voter apathy. That’s the ticket, folks. Work toward the goal of minimizing white Canada’s vote, while encouraging political organization and higher voter-turnout among Canada’s Third World communities.

This dynamic is a significant element of the reason for the Liberal-Globalist seduction of Canada. It is the very reason Justin is constantly kneeling in front of Third World community leaders, IMAM’s and Sikh Nationalists.

Justin Trudeau is, in fact, a beggar-man. There is no limit to how low he will bow to the Third World to win an election. Fancy silk outfits and Muslim-garb all being part of the plan.

“The Canadian-Muslim Vote was founded in 2015(the year Justin became PM) with the mandate to educate and mobilize the estimated 767,000+ Muslim voters across Canada at all levels of government.”

Is there an equivalent movement within a community of approximately 20 Million Canadians of a secular or religious Christian heritage? Of course not. This is the reason why, in time, Islam will trans-sition to the most powerful religious institution in Canada. Conversely, Christian Canada will diminish to a dinosaur religion which by the year 2099 will become non-existent.

Trudeau knows this. So does the back-room schemer Butts. Immigration Minister from Somalia,MP Ahmed Hussen, is fully in-the-know and on-board. After all, PM Trudeau hired him to push the agenda along as fast as humanely possible.

CAP Conclusion: Bye, bye English Canada. It was fun while it lasted, but Trudeau, Butts, and Hussen want you gone. In your place, millions upon millions of Hussen’s Middle Eastern brethren will populate our land.

Whitey, you may not know it, but you have become expendible. We will replace tired Old Stock Canadians with the Liberal-Globalists “chosen” people:

Third World Migrants, Sikhs, Muslims, migrants from communist China and militant Pakistan. For every Old Canadian who passes, a 6-person Third World family will take their place.

READ MORE– Justin Trudeau: From “Sunny Ways” To Wearing BULLET-PROOF Vests

This is the future of Canada. The process began in 1968 with the election of Justin’s father, Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. In 1971, eight months after meeting with Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China, Trudeau Sr. cancelled our previous bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity.

Who approved this? Why, this would be Pierre Trudeau and his Liberal government. Not a single citizen approved the demise of a century of Canadian national identity. Then, some forty odd years later, spawn Justin Trudeau cancelled our identity in its entirety–by unilaterally declaring Canada a  nation with “no core identity.”

The unspoken element of this(media never breathe a word of this) is that, in reality, this frees up Canada to adopt a new “core identity.”

So, fellow patriots, how does the Nation of Islam strike you as a contender to fill up this “missing core.” Certainly, as this article attests, they are off to a slamming start.

CAP say all of this is calculated and pre-meditated. Canada is being prepared to have its identity stolen from its founding peoples. In its place will be those who are best politically organized by ethnicity and religion.

Who could argue that it is not Islam and Sikhism which are best positioned to form the core of King Justin’s “post-modern” Canada? See how neatly all this fits together? Good thing– because you will never read this information within the Trudeau-controlled Canadian media.

The Muslim Vote Project was very active in both the 2018 Quebec provincial elections, as well as the Ontario municipal elections in October 2018. In the recently concluded Alberta provincial election mosques used Friday sermons to encourage Muslims to vote.

For more information on the Canadian-Muslim Vote, please visit





4 thoughts on “Islamic Organizations Launch “Muslim Vote Weekend” with SERMONS in Mosques Across Canada”

  1. Trudeau and his weasel stick have been slyly undermining the entire Canadian mosaic for 4 years and their is NOTHING Canadians can do about it except ‘out vote them. I can assure you, they will be out 100%.
    So, are you still going to sit on your hands?

  2. Oct. 14 2019
    I personally do not have an opinion on the content of this post but I do urge all Canadian Muslims to vote in the Canadian Elections as I have become one among the two million Canadians who have voted in advance polling.

    Knowing what opponents say against you, it s very important to understand. If you retrospect upon improvement then it is your choice. If not found anything wrong and you think what is written in this post is wrong then you should also express your views to improve us better.

  3. I clicked “like” for this succinct & sadly revealing Salzberg article but I sure don’t “like” the disturbing information it contains. Junior’s dessimation of Canadian culture, democracy, fiscal/ financial stability & religious values is so deeply troubling I can’t find the words to adequately express my anger — therefore so appreciate Brad’s summations of our political truths. GET OUT & VOTE, PEOPLE!!!!!

  4. I can’t understand Justin’s hatred of English/old stock/white Canadians. His mother was a Sinclair – and his grandmother on the Trudeau side was an Elliott. They were both old stock/white Canadians. Margaret’s father was either a member of Parliament or a member of the B.C. Provincial legislature. He was a patriotic Canadian.


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