Islamic Non-Profit Organization Formed To “Spread Iranian Revolutionary Ideology”: Canadian Revenue Agency

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The Islamic Shia Assembly of Canada has operated in the Toronto area for more than two decades, attracting members of parliament to its events and once raising the flag at City Hall.

Documents obtained by Global News show that federal charity regulators have long had concerns about the group and what they claimed were its numerous links to Iran.

After auditing the charity, the Canada Revenue Agency alleged it was “acting as a facilitator organization to support the operational goals” of Iran’s Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (ABWA).”

Based in Tehran, ABWA is close to the Iranian regime, and its secretary-general is known as the “operational father” of Hezbollah, the CRA wrote. The auditors also made the remarkable allegation that the Canadian charity may have been established to facilitate the spread of the Iranian revolutionary ideology in Canada.”

The CRA has revoked the group’s charity status. But the charity denies the allegations and the dispute is now before the Federal Court.

Another “multicultural” organization funded by Canadian tax-payers. Another accusation of terrorist association and fraud. These folks are not alone.

Mississauga-Erindale MP Iqra Khalid, mouthpiece for the divisive Motion M103 on ‘Islamophobia’ stood in her constituency office to announce  the Trudeau government was investing an additional $23 Million into its multiculturalism program.

With no mainstream media in attendance to ask any questions, Khalid boasted that her “hard work has resulted into tangible action.” She listed the following two groups as being among the recipients of the new funding:

The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), a former branch of the U.S. based Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) that was named in 2008 as an unindicted co-conspirator connected to the “largest terror-funding trial in U.S. history. 

Islamic Relief, a worldwide charity accused of links to Islamist extremism by Middle East Forum and the United Arab Emirates among others.

Khalid shrugged off allegations that Islamic Relief has long been accused of funding terror. Yet, the United Arab Emirates has designated Islamic Relief as a terror-financing organization.

Let’s get this straight. It is a Muslim nation which accuse Islamic Relief of ties to terrorist organizations. Not the Trudeau Government. Rather, Justin Trudeau puts $23 Million into the palms of militant-related Islamic non-profit organizations in Canada. Incidentally, non-profit status means funded by Canadian tax-payers.

Anyone else this curious development? Since Justin crowned himself “King Of Canada,” Islamic-Canada has become both a major political player, and the most controversial identifiable community within our nation.

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This began as former PM Stephen Harper was experiencing his swan-song as national leader. As it happened, a Muslim lady decided she had to cover her face during her citizenship ceremony. Mr. Harper was unimpressed, as he should have been. Not a single person in the history of Canada had ever done such a thing. In all seriousness, the Muslima could have given Canada a break, and removed it for one hour of her life, out of respect for the nation which permitted her to enter the country.

No way, Jose. The lady just had to force our country to break 152 years of tradition. Of course, her tradition must remain cast-in-stone, never to adapt or change. From here, the Liberal and media partners demonized Harper as a racist. Subsequently, Trudeau won the election.

Did the Nation of Islam not impact society in a profound manner in this instance? From here, Islamic power, privilege(M103), and political involvement surged. All of a sudden, Islam and their social problems in Canada moved front and centre within society.  By way of Justin Trudeau, our country became saddled with an ethnocentric Somalian immigration minister. Like Trudeau, this man does not like English Canada, and its peoples.

Hundreds of Islamic not-for-profit organizations seems to suddenly spring up like roses before valentine’s day. National Council Of Canadian Muslims rocketed into a power position within society– so much so they maintain a direct line to the highest levels of the Trudeau government.

Coincidence? If you believe this, CAP have a bridge to sell you in Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate. No–the entire agenda was pre-meditated, and pre- planned. Like some form of globalist Faustian pact, Mr. Trudeau went to work entrenching Islam within Canadian society. No mandate. No pre-election announcement. Justin simply went ahead and did it--in the very same manner father Pierre Trudeau pushed multiculturalism upon our society.

Welcome to “new’ Canada– a nation which kow-tows to militant and fundamentalist Middle Eastern religions. A “liberal democracy” which imports, and therefore values, ISIS terrorists and murderers. What a state of affairs sensible Canadians find themselves in.

Looking on in horror, millions of Old Stock Canadians are blown away at these developments, as well as the fact that media accept, spin and smooth over the entire sordid affair.

Canada was not founded to serve the interests of an archaic, 7th century ideology from the Middle East. This Canada is Trudeau’s Canada. It is MP Ahmed Hussen and MP Iqra Khalid’s nation. This is a dream come true for good Trudeau buddy, Saudi Arabian national, MP Omar Alghabra.

These folks are pleased-as-punch. For others, the experience is more akin to a living nightmare. In truth, the people of Canada do not want what Trudeau and Hussen have delivered.

Cultural Action Party of Canada, a registered political party in British Columbia, advocate for a repeal of the Multicultural Act of 1988. Why? Because if this occurred, the billions of dollars handed to these sketchy, myopic non-profits would come to an end.

Canadian tax-payers do not exist for the purpose of funding these organizations. If King Justin wishes to do so, let the funds come from his giant snake-skin wallet. Otherwise, buzz off right quick.

The Canadian-born have had enough of these organizations, and their branding of Old Stock Canadians as racists, bigots and xenophobes. De-fund them, and perhaps the decimation of English Canada will be prevented from occurring.







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  1. We all know Trudeau kisses the ass of terrorist,Canada will stand on October 21 we will kick the liberals out of office and in a jail cell where they belong we will deport all isis members


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