Islamic Leaders Label White Australians Racist Bigots After Christchurch Murders

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Anti-Muslim racism and bigotry in Australia CAN’T BE SEPARATED from the wider global, historical and European history of racism upon which the non-European has been viewed politically as a threat.



3 thoughts on “Islamic Leaders Label White Australians Racist Bigots After Christchurch Murders”

  1. Have you ever seen Muslims parading down the streets in the western world for the murders of Muslims in the hands of Islamic radical Muslims? No.. So who are the bigots here?
    Yet one crazed eco fanatic murders 50 Muslims, and suddenly the Muslims feel their pain but not for Muslims murdered by other Muslims.

  2. The NZders came together in support by laying flowers, candles, words of love and sorrow for the deaths of those 50 Muslims, and this is how Muslims repay their kindness? In fact, the world mourned their deaths and none for the murderered Christians, jews

    Australia PM should stand for Australia laws against other detrimental laws.
    Giving in to Islamic laws is a sign of defeat.

    • Justin Trudeau has given in to Islamic laws every day he has been prime minister. Does not address or even mention FGM, Child marriage and other elements of Islamic law PROVEN to have taken place on Canadian soil. FGM is illegal in Canada.


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