Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada

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In Canada, “Islamophobia” comes in only fourth behind crimes against Blacks, Gays and Jews. According to the last Statistics Canada, crimes against Muslims have dropped, even as the overall number of hate crimes increased.

Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau, is being asked by the National Council of Canadian Muslims to designate January 29 as a “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” If he does, it will validate the success political Islam is having in terms of the ability to manipulate the Prime Minister’s Office. An ominous sign indeed.

CAIR Canada/NCCM was founded with the mission of supporting its American parent organization, CAIR USA, which in turn was formed to support Hamas. According to the Hamas Covenant, the group is the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is listed as terrorist group by the United States and Canada

A most pertinent question: Is it supposed to be some kind of coincidence that it was not until Justin Trudeau became prime minister that the Nation of Islam and its geo-political aims began to infiltrate Canadian society? The previous Harper government didn’t bring this on. Nor did a succession  of former Liberal or Conservative governments. No, this is an exclusive of the government of Justin Trudeau.

Why? No one will answer. Not government, not media. Not the corporate business world. Certainly not Canada’s Marxist-infused Academic communities. This fact informs us there is something vital missing from the entrenchment of Islam into our society.

Justin Trudeau is importing, funding and advancing Islam within Canadian society. He placed an Islamic Refugee into the position of immigration minister, one of the most powerful positions in government. He supported M103, Pakistani national(dual citizen) MP Iqra Khalid’s motion to indemnify Islam from public criticism. Worse, yet, he reinstated citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists.

Yet media NEVER put two and two together. They refuse to expose the BIG PICTURE of what has trans-pired in this regard. Now, why would a gang of Canadian-born journalists and editors refrain from exposing the Liberal Government-Islamic political agenda to its readers? These people are not migrants from Somalia. In the main, they are Canadian-born of Anglophone-Christian heritage. It’s all so damn sketchy.

Clearly, the leaders of Canada’s Islamic community want the rest of us to feel very, very sorry for them. So sorry we must ENTRENCH their sorrow into society. In terms of oppression and incidents of hate,  Muslims are the fourth most impacted community. Yet, in terms of community oppression, there is obviously something special about them. Their leaders believe so, and so does the prime minister of Canada. So special he is considering creating a statutory holiday to commemorate their suffering. For Cultural Action Party of Canada, those who are suffering most are non-Muslims affected by the decision-making of our odd-ball PM, Justin Trudeau.

Will he buy into “Islamophobia” Day? Based upon a record of supporting every darn thing Islamic non-profit groups ask for(we pay for them through our tax dollars), the chances are likely he will.



11 thoughts on “Islamic Group With Terror Ties Push For “Islamophobia Day” In Canada”

  1. I’ll support “Islamaphobia Day” when they renounce burning down churches, taking slaves, and killing Christians and those of other faiths as well. Until then, they can go jump in a lake from a great height, preferably a dry lake.

  2. Right on Carter. They deserve nothing until they start respecting life and our Canada our laws and our ways of life. If they do not want to accept this country the way we have made it then they can go back to where they came from and enjoy their country once again. They have been so disrespectful to us. It is time for us to stand up for our rights.

  3. Christianphobia is real, isamfobia is a media term to imply sympathy for hardcore radicals who behead north Americans while yelling death to America , truedough is a traitor , behead him.

  4. Absolute fucking Bullshit! – Andrew Cummins said it best with ‘Islamophobia is a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.’

  5. Oh you poor poor dear, Justine Trudeau. Come over to my house… where EVERY day is ISLAMOPHOBIA day! Why? Because Islam, as a political movement, is terrifying and people SHOULD be afraid of it! DUH! Too bad it’s a hate crime to be afraid of something in Canada now. Hey, I’m afraid you’re going to continue to destroy this country, Justine! Is that Liberalphobia? Is that a hate crime too?

  6. There is just no end to this Justin Trudeau’s doings
    That are just absolutely no good” he’s just a trader should be hung” I’ve always wondered how he can get away with this without being charged of treason he’s in betting the enemy. He’s even fighting with the enemy to get what ever they want
    He’s with Isis All the way ‘ he showing how much he loves these disgusting people. And most Canadians think that he hats them and that he hats Canada. And I’m pretty sure he dues


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