Islamic-Canadian Community Leader Plays White Supremacist, Race-Victim Card

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Oh, those awful white Canadians. Racist to the core, aren’t they? According to ex- Canadian Council of Muslim Women leader, Amira Elghawaby, Old Stock Canadians are  a bigoted, meat-headed collection of xenophobes.

“I don’t know who is going to win in this federal election but I already know who has a lot to lose.”

“It’s those of us who make up Canada’s diverse minority communities. We are the ones who have to endure anti-immigrant, Islamophobic, homophobic, anti-Sikh, anti-Semitic, white supremacist narratives, candidates and comments.”

CAP feel differently. We believe Canada’s Anglophone, Francophone and Christian communities have suffered greatly under the iron-glad globalist grip of Justin Trudeau.

Also, we believe the responsibility for an increase in ethnic consternation and related racism is due to the manner in which PM Trudeau has handled himself as prime minister.

It is commonly known(assumed) that multiculturalism is an attempt to establish an “equal playing field” for all identifiable communities in Canada. Justin Trudeau has never worked toward this goal.

How so? Because he has for four years consistently run-down Anglophone Canada by branding our communities racists, bigots, xenophobes and genocidal maniacs. This was manifested in a series of vote-pandering apologies to Canada’s so-called “minority”(term must be retired–it is a weapon used to gain political power) communities.

Trudeau-speak: “We let the Jews down during World War 2.”  Of course, Justin refrains from telling us who “we” are. Does this refer to present-day Canadians who were not even born at the time the St. Louis was refused entry to Canada?  Is “we” the government of Canada? All Canadians in history?

See how this charlatan operates? By leaving “we” ambiguous in this manner, the sting is maximized. Our entire nation failed a boatload of refugees. Why didn’t Justin use the term “the government of the day?”

Simple–because these gestures are meant to punish. The target  communities are Anglophone Canada, and/or Christian-Canada.  “We” hate the Chinese(1905 Head Tax). “We” despise Sikhs(Komagata Maru, 1910).  Additionally we attempted to wipe out Aboriginal society, says King Justin.

What was the population of aboriginals at the time of confederation in 1867? 160,000.How many in 2019? 1.6 million. Looks like we were pretty darn ineffective at this endevour, now doesn’t it?

No matter to Justin Trudeau–he is a man on a mission: support, advance, defend, fund and indemnify one specific religious community in Canada–his chosen Islamic people.

Conversely, say not a word regarding the murder(genocide) of Christians within Middle Eastern nations. Punish Christian bible camps for not supporting the “no-term-limit” abortion policy as established by father Pierre Trudeau. Push transgenderism upon society. All are non-Christian behaviours, and all are fully endorsed by self-professed “Catholic,” Justin Trudeau.

While victim-card players like Amira Elghawaby continue to whine their way to success, it is fair to say that damage to our various communities is fairly universal.

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Consider the following–something mainstream media never dwell on. According to Elghawaby, National Council of Canadian Muslims and those like them, being a minority in Canada is a major drag. This is  an irrefutable fact. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says so.

Senator Ratna Omidvar built an entire career out of this. Previous to her being appointed to the Senate ,her finest skill was running around the country telling anyone who would listen how awful and racist white Canadians are. Then, Justin Trudeau appoints her to the Canadian senate.

Fact: Statistics Canada tells us that white Canadians will within 30 years trans-sition to a minority community. Should whitey be pleased? Why would we be, when the diversity-mongers inform us that being a minority sucks.

Conclusion?  Anglophone Canada is in the process of being damaged in a profound, irreversible manner. Yet, according to the religiously myopic, it is Islam which suffers most. Who suffers most from Bill C-21 in Quebec? The Muslim community– even thought the religious garb laws apply to all religions — Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Buddhists.

CAP Recommendation For Amira Elghawaby: read Aesop’s fable, ”The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  Keep repeating the same cry for help over and over, and witness the impact subside as no one believes what you are saying anymore.

Try this on for size: instead of blaming big, bad whitey, hold Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen the rest of the Liberal-Globalists accountable for an increase in racism in Canada.

Next, consider altering some behaviours–even if they are somewhat token in intent. This perpetual cast-in-stone, immutable religious practices business is damaging Islam’s reputation in Canada.

Think about it– the Nation of Islam perpetually calls for Canadians to change and adapt to Islam. At the same time, their is not a hint of adaptability on the part of fundamentalist Islam.

And here these people wonder why there is such a lack of acceptance within Canadian society. Stop wondering–and begin changing. Buy some social good-will. Is refraining from wearing a head-covering at work really a challenge to teacher’s religious and spiritual belief system? Does one die if they remove the head covering while at work.?

Did that trouble-making lady with the face covering really have to have it on for a one hour citizenship ceremony? Not at all. What trans-pired in the end? 152 years of Canadian tradition was cast-aside to accommodate a single Muslim migrant’s desire to cover her face while she formally dedicates herself to the nation which opened their doors for her to enter the country.

What an excellent microcosm for the situation at hand. Be accountable, and take reasponsibility. How many Canadians believe Justin Trudeau’s “blackface” saga has helped our communities achieve a greater degree social harmony. How about M103– does it help, or cause further animosity within our pluralist society?

Is the damage specific to Islam? Is it worse for Amira Elghawaby than everyone else? Not a chance–the damage is manifold— all communities are being negatively affected by Trudeau’s clown-like leadership.

Step one: rid our nation of Justin Trudeau. Then, begin to include those you accuse of being racist in your meetings and round-table discussions about bigotry in Canada. Without this, nothing will change– all of us will stick-to-our guns as the social cohesion of Canada is destroyed.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.




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  1. Canada is becoming more balkenized and fractured into ethnic tribes and importing conflict between people from countries at odds with each other. It is a dangerous experiment started by Pierre Trudeau’s multiculturalism policy and amplified by his ‘black-faced’ hypocrite son Justin.


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