Islamic-Canadian Community Leaders Blame Racists, White Supremacists For Their Troubles

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Islamic convert Stephanie Roy maintains prejudice against Muslims stems from “ignorance” or “small-mindedness,” she joins more than 500,000 Muslim women in Canada—adherents of the second-largest faith group in the country after Christianity—living in a climate of increased right-wing extremism that deliberately targets Muslims.

From global atrocities like the Christchurch and Quebec mosque shootings, to proposed legislation like Quebec’s Bill 21, calling for public servants to be banned from wearing religious symbols, Muslim women across Canada are feeling the brunt of white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and xenophobic sentiments.

What she does not say is that the rise in these sentiments aligns directly with the rise of Islamic ideology, culture and religion within Canada. The young lady also omits the fact that immigration policy, enforced diversity and multiculturalism are angering Canadians like never before in history.  Who is responsible for this social development?

This would be Justin Trudeau and his pit bull refugee side-kick, MP Ahmed Hussen. It is their policies–which fly in the face of the desires of the Canadian majority–that advance racism and bigotry within society.

Yet, our multicultural brigade stick to their usual narrative: it is all the fault of white Canada. What liberals, social justice warriors and various snowflake types omit from the narrative is that the tenants of Islam– Sharia Law, ethno-centricism, misogyny, denigration of non-Muslims–are every bit as supremacist as anything non-Muslims are delivering to society.

Within post-modern Canada, none of this matters. What does matter is perpetuating a stereotype that Anglo-Canadians are racists. Fortunately for organizations such as National Council of Canadian Muslims, Justin Trudeau AGREES. So does Somalian refugee Ahmed Hussen

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Blame. Victimhood. Playing the race-card. Some people do not learn. In fact, the tenets of Islam lend themselves well to not learning. The fundamentals are cast-in-stone and immutable. New ways of looking at the world appear to be out of the question. Adaptation to the host culture? Not in the cards.

Most sensible people will agree with the old adage “You can’t stuff a round peg into a square hole.” So if Islam remains exactly as it is, they remain the round peg. Of course, what the multicult-pushers want is for US TO ADAPT to them. A veritable one-way street.

Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and M103 founder MP Iqra Khalid will vouch for this.  But the chances of 37 million Canadians doing the same is minimal at best. Solution? Import enough Third World people to dilute the population who oppose the trans-formation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Those who enter Canada from non-democratic nations(the bulk by far) will remain UNAWARE of the transformation. These are the kind of people King Justin wants as future voters.

This is post-modern Canada. This is Justin Trudeau. Want another four years of social consternation as it relates to racism within general Canadian society? Vote for Justin, and it shall be yours.

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