Islam “Incompatible With British Values” Say U.K. Polls

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The survey said it questioned 2,077 UK adults of various ages and genders living in different regions of the country between July 12 and 14 to gather the results, which suggest

  • Most of the adults questioned, 58%, believe Islamophobia is widespread in the UK.
  • Nearly half, 48%, believe Islam is incompatible with British values.
  • Almost a third, 29%, think Islam encourages Muslims to carry out acts of violence against non-Muslims.
  • Two thirds, 67%, of the public agree most people in the UK have a negative view of Islam.

Community response? Rafiq Hayat,National president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK said:  “The findings of this survey show just how MISUNDERSTOOD Islam is in the UK.”

CAP find this response fascinating. Why? Because no matter in which western nation these polls are conducted, Islamic community leaders provide an identical response:

It is not OUR behaviour, customs, archaic religious laws, female genital mutilation, or Sharia law which must be ADAPTED to the values of a western democracy. Rather, it is that Islam is “misunderstood.”

Let’s take this one step further. What, in the mind of this Islamic leader, would it take for Islam to NOT to be misunderstood. CAP will take a crack at this one– for this to occur, the non-Muslim world will have to accept without question EVERY ASPECT of the Islamic faith. Then, like magic, the Nation Of Islam will no longer be “misunderstood.”

CAP call bollocks on this one. Western Nations do not exist for the purpose of adapting to Islam. Unfortunately for some, they simply do not get it. Speaking of Canada, for 90% of our history Islam played no role within society. Our nation was built upon European governance and values. Islam played no part in this whatsoever.  Nor has the Islamic faith been central to our demographic, religious identity, justice system, or any other fundamental of Canadian society

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Then Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister. Suddenly, Islam is the belle of the ball. Muslim non-profit organizations such as Nation Council of Canadian Muslims are empowered BEYOND their numbers. Islamic MP’s such as Iqra Khalid, Ahmed Hussen and Maryam Monsef are empowered beyond their qualifications. Citizenship for ISIS terrorists is reinstated.

Within four short years, the Nation of Islam goes from non-entity to the most powerful religious community in Canada. How do community leaders respond? If they are anything like Nadia Hasan, NCCM Acting Executive Director, they play the victim “Islamophobia” card, run down Anglophone Canada by branding us racist, sue the government of Quebec for their secular-religious legislation, and demand Conservative MP’s resign because they don’t like what they have to say.

“The results come as the country’s largest Muslim convention, the Jalsa Salana, will take place on Friday in Hampshire with more than 30,000 expected to attend.”

30,000 in attendance. Sounds like a giant crowd. Is this indicative of a suffering, oppressed community being driven into the dirt by those awful, nasty white bigots?

This October in Canada, the largest Halal festival in North America comes to Toronto, Canada:

The event will reflect the focus on the fast-growing halal industry in North America and raise the standards of the Halal products and services.”

“It is the first time ever that such Halal Conference will be held in North America that is widely multicultural and has an evident increase of the Muslims population. With the fast-growing halal market, the event is, expected to draw more than 3,500 representatives of the Halal lifestyle industry, policymakers, buyers, NGOs, media, members of the financial community, and others will be in attendance.”

Sound like “Islamophobia” is destroying the Muslim community in Canada to you? Hardly. What this informs Canadians is that Islam is growing, thriving and successfully entrenching itself within Canadian society. In other words, community and religious goals are wildly successful.

Oppression? Bigotry? Not quite–for if this were really the case, these events and overall community success would not EVEN OCCUR. Further to this, if Christian organizations attempted to emulate these events in Pakistan, what would occur? More than likely, it would be jail-time, and possibly death-time.

Still, for National Council of Canadian Muslims, whitey is the bad, awful bigot. This is the state-of-affairs within western nations struggling to maintain their cultural identity while the Third World moves into their nations.

Degree of understanding from special interest non-profit groups? ZERO. Amount of adaptation to the host society? Again, zero. Degree of empathy for Old Stock Canada? Nothing. Extent of modernization for the purpose of accommodation to western values? Once again, nothing at all.

Amount of energy put into blaming, accusing, branding racist and running down the host nation: 100%. Then community leaders expect Old Stock Canada to LIKE THEM.

Here, we come to understand how the fine art of ethno- centricism damages a national community, fragmenting social cohesion based upon anger and resentment. CAP Salient Question Time:

Who, more than any other person within present-day society, is most responsible for this social dynamic?

Answer: Justin Trudeau. NOT our Anglophone communities. Not Old Stock Canada, Christians, Sikhs or Hindus. Not nationalists, patriots or social conservatives.

No!  It is King Justin who placed the Nation of Islam on a pedestal in Canada, and now ALL Canadians are paying the price. Someone once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Well,Nadia Hasan and National Council Of Canadian Muslims, this is YOU.  For how long do you believe this plan of attack will be successful? Do you believe the blame game is truly sustainable? CAP certainly doesn’t.

Of course, finding new ways to deal with old problems is not exactly the style of the Koran. The immutable nature of religious faith, archaic customs and antiquated beliefs have created a lack of harmony within Canadian society.

What do you then do? CHANGE. But it will never happen. Therefore, logically speaking, neither will social harmony. People have a choice. A woman has a choice whether not not to wear a hijab in the work environment. If a resident of Quebec chooses to wear the item, they are choosing to be unqualified for particular job.

Naturally, Trudeau socialist Canadian media puppets will never position these issues in this manner. No, all must be rooted in prejudice, Islamophobia, racism and xenophobia.

For the religious fundamentalists, there is NOTHING ELSE. Therefore, one should expect nothing less than a continuation of  social consternation first introduced to Canada in 2015 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.






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