Is Trudeau’s Unspoken Plan To Absorb The NDP Into The Liberal Party?

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Those concerned with a maintenance of democracy in Canada have good reason to worry. A new Liberal-New Democratic partnership agreement represents another step in undermining our traditional governance. While establishment media obscure the fact, Canada continues to be transitioned away from its democratic foundation.

The signs are manifold. One of the most obvious being the invocation of the Emergencies Act in response to last month’s Trucker Convoy. Barely did Canadians have time to catch their breath before the next example of authoritarianism arrived.

PM Justin Trudeau announced this week that a confidence-and-supply agreement between the Liberals and NDP has been brokered, and will remain in effect until June 2025.

“We’re different political parties, we stand for different things. But where we have common goals, we cannot let our differences stand in the way of delivering what Canadians deserve. That’s why we’re taking this step,” said Trudeau.

This is, of course, a lie. The move is rooted in pure self-interest. Minority governments generally remain in power for half the regular term– approximately two years– before a federal election is called. Justin Trudeau has circumvented this standard. Now, he will likely remain prime minister of a minority government for a full four-year term.

This provides what Cultural Action Party predicted to be the minimum amount of time Trudeau would remain in office– a ten-year period. We view it on a contractual level. Justin Trudeau has been allotted ten years to transform Canada into a neo-communist nation. An ersatz Liberal-NDP coalition government brings the agenda one step closer to reality.

As some recognize, our society has a nasty habit of declaring unprecedented social developments as “conspiracy theories.” That is, until theory transitions to reality. The  reason for the dynamic is found in the Liberal’s relationship(aka ownership) with mainstream media.

In this spirit, let us offer a new “conspiracy theory.” At some point in the future, Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party is going to be officially absorbed into the Liberal Party. We recognize the incremental nature of its progression. The recent neo-communist pact is the second time a partnership has surfaced. This time out, it has become a reality. This is known as conditioning– step-by-step preparation in order to massage the public into acceptance of a political development.

First comes a failed attempt. Next, a successful attempt. The public absorb the reality. Only to learn in due time that an official merger is in the works. Despite media presentation, the NDP are in rough shape. Although the press refrain from all criticism– a condition suspect in itself– the NDP have gone nowhere but down under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh. Under ex-party leader Thomas Mulcair the NDP captured 46 seats. Today, the party hold 25 seats. The result has been major drop in financial donations, leaving the party in a state of desperation.

Rendered powerless, the neo-socialist vultures of the Liberal Party seize an opportunity. Mired down with a minority government for two successive terms, Team Trudeau could absorb the twenty-five NDP seats into their party. The result is a return to a majority government.

Think it an impossibility? Let us understand the priority for Trudeau and the Liberals. Their unspoken, media-protected goal is government for life. Otherwise known as a “pseudo-dictatorship.” To be followed by the real thing. The final outcome being an end to democracy, and the ushering in of a neo-communist Canada. By any means necessary is the modus operandi.

The recent Liberal-NDP merger is another incremental step down a pre-conceived path to the end democracy in Canada. It is, in fact, the unspoken meaning of Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern society” declaration.

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    • This is giant question. It comes down to the organized political vehicles which exist to fight back. Not a confidence builder. The PPC are likely the best of them.


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