Is Justin Trudeau’s “Multiculturalism” Leading To The DEMISE Of English Canada?

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For CAP, this is the question of the century. For CBC, Globe & Mail, it is as meaningless  as rain on a winter day in North Vancouver.

How odd this is. Based upon decades of study, research and publishing articles on Canadian immigration, multiculturalism and diversity, CAP offer our expert opinion:

We do not know the answer to the article title question. However, we will state the following: Never before in Canadian history has a government and its leader advanced the idea that in time Anglophone Canada will be subsumed by Trudeau’s chosen Third World Canada.

Consider Comrade Trudeau’s recent federal election victory. While establishment continue to wax philosophically regarding the Liberal victory, they omit a critical fact– the Nation of Islam was incredibly successful in terms of the election results.

Literally every Trudeau- favoured Muslim-Canadian Liberal incumbent won their seats in Parliament. MP Ahmed Hussen. Iqra Khalid. Omar Alghabra. Ramoud Ali Esasshi, Majid Johowry, Maryam Monsef, Yasmin Ratansi–every last one of them.

Interesting, eh? As it happens, Statistics Canada informs Canadians that a mere 4% of the national demographic consists of Islamic-Canadians. So how did they “sweep the floor” in the election?

Quick answer: Immigration policy. Refugee policy. Ethnocentrism. Maintain MAJORITY Third World ridings in terms of population. Growing Anglophone MINORITIES within these ridings.

Community political organization. Justin Trudeau’s “Muslim Voter Guide.” Canadian media. Canadian academia. Urban “ghettoes.” These are just a few of the reasons why Trudeau’s chosen nation is “kicking Butts” within Canadian society.

As CAP has espoused ad nauseum, Multiculturalism in Canada was forced upon our society by Pierre Trudeau in a non-democratic(a family favourite) method of cultural imposition.

Over the decades, the agenda was hi-jacked by globalist forces. Media hide this as instructed. In 2019, what has trans-pired is an assault upon specific Canadian communities– Anglophones, Christians, Jews, Conservatives– as well as Old Stock Canada in general.

CAP Opinion: Within contemporary Canadian society, Multiculturalism is racism against white Canadians. Some key perpetrators: MP Ahmed Hussen. MP Iqra Khalid. MP Omar Alghabra–and of course, boss-man Justin Trudeau himself.

Truth is, however, it is not multicultural policy which will in time decimate English Canada. It is a combination of this policy in addition immigration policy.

How so? Take a gander at the location of the winners–most are located in the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). This means that immigration policy has flooded this area with enough Third World voters to elect the MP’s most despised by Old Stock Canada.

So King Justin packed Third World migrants into the GTA for the purpose of securing an absolute stronghold of Sikh and Muslim-Canadian political power. This is the reality of the situation. What media espouse is nothing more than a program to deceive 37.5 million Canadians into believing otherwise.

If not, CBC and the rest would report these facts to the people of Canada. They do not. Therefore, logically speaking, establishment media are promoting the advent of Third World Canada, and the demise of English Canada.

Now why would they go and do this when–at least ostensibly– the publishers, editors and journalists from our media are Old Stock Canadians themselves? Bizarre, isn’t it?

Of course it is– we have a Justin Trudeau-Globalist- Liberal- Gerald Butts government. Patriots should by now understand the dynamics at play. Of course, if a person is a Canadian who simply scans the Toronto Star and National Post, they may well be on-board with the demise of their own communities.

READ MORE– Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

Here is something that fascinates– the concept of “white supremacy” and “white privilege.”

CAP Salient Question Of The Moment: Does the demographic demise of Anglophone Canada sound to you like a “privilege?” Is the explosion of Third World Canada and their corresponding political empowerment sound like “white supremacy” to you?

How absurd. Here our people are headed toward “minority” community status–the very thing National Council of Canadian Muslims inform our nation is awful and terrible–and at the same time white Canadians are the privileged people of Canada?

How absurd. Yet, Old Stock Canada should not expect anything different from Justin Trudeau. Simply put, we are being railroaded right out of power within our nation.

Multiculturalism is 2019 Canada is punitive–it is out to damage, and specific forces are driving this on a daily basis. Steadily, incrementally, Anglophones and Christians are being systematically disempowered within society by the Trudeau government.

What appears to be coming along to supersede in this assault upon our people? Sikhism, and Islam. CAP do not see any other major contenders — both Sikhs and Muslims are entirely over-represented within the Trudeau government. We have an Islamic refugee for an immigration minister. Incumbent Muslim MP’s won every seat they held before the recent federal election. M103 is in place to protect their community from all condemnation.

AdvantageSikhism and Islam. Does this en-CAP-sulate the essence of multicultural spirit in Canada? Not at all. The original intent was for our Third World communities to be raised up to an equal playing field with all other identifiable communities.

Did it happen? Not in the least. Another critical issue cast aside by our “ene-media”– where does it stop? Where is a tangible “ceiling” whereby those in power say “Okay, we have our acheived our goal of community equalibrium, and we will now cease with the die-versity agenda?”

Answer: There is none. Conclusion: These forces are insatiable, and will never stop until English Canada exists no more.

What is end game result? Old Stock Canada trans-sitions to a second class community–save the rich people. CAP has coined a term for this: Second Nations Canada.

This is what Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, wants for our people. Likewise, Gerald Butts, MP Iqra Khalid, MP Omar Alghabra. And of course, it is the desired outcome of the prime minister of Canada– a self-confessed French Canadian “Catholic.”

Guess what, fellow patriots– you have been 100% hoodwinked. 

Multiculturalism is damaging our people in a profound–and perhaps irreversible manner. Keep in mind the methodology of the globalist– establish the desired goal covertly–and by the time Canadians wake up to the truth–it is too late.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.



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  1. Thank You CAP for pointing out this awful reality. It is disheartening , to say the least that our MSM , including the enabling CBC , in helping to move this terrible movement. along>


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