Is Trudeau’s Immigration Policy Payback For Canada’s Colonial Founding?

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“International migration is said to be the primary driver of the most recent increase in Canada’s population, accounting for 94.5% of the overall growth.” 

When speaking of Canada’s demographic transformation– the most extreme on the planet– concerned Canadians would be wise to consider what remains unspoken.

What has been positioned by government and media is crystal clear: due to an aging population and workforce, Canada must maintain the highest per-capita migration quotas in the world.

Patriotic citizens would do well to recognize the true motive at hand. For one thing, decades existed for our federal government to rectify our shrinking population problem.

Successive governments could have implemented incentives for Canadian parents to have more children. Governments of the world have done so. How perplexing it is that our nation remained devoid of the practice throughout the post-baby boomer years of the 1960’s-1990’s.

Obviously, other plans were in the works. Namely, to import millions of migrants from 3rd World countries. The ramifications are today encapsulated in the fact that a mere 5 percent of our population growth comes from Old Stock, Canadian-born communities.

Could it be intentional on the part of government? As far as Cultural Action Party is concerned, the dynamics involved are directly sourced from the federal Liberal Party.

The goal is national transformation. It began in 1968 when Liberal party leader Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. His unmitigated gall resulted in a unilateral implementation of Multiculturalism. What followed has been a steady erosion of Anglophone demography.

Not for a nanosecond has this been recognized by mainstream media. As decades passed, Anglophones fell into a position carved out by Liberal Party strategists intent upon revolutionizing our country.

In 2015, Justin Trudeau drove the agenda into high gear. Through a process of demonization, our PM branded Anglophones and European-Canadians racists, xenophobes and homophobes. Not French-Canadians, mind you. Justin is Quebecois, so his community remains exempt.

If one cares to notice, one will pick-up on an important by-product of the Liberal’s attack on Anglophone Canada. At its core, the movement bases itself on Canada’s colonial founding.

Could it be that Trudeau and his international backers have cooked up a scheme presently alluding the people of Canada? Can it be that Justin Trudeau is working an agenda of political payback in the form of “stealing back” our country from its colonial founding?

The concept is not as implausible at it may appear. Anglophone populations are dropping like a bomb. In response, Trudeau established the highest immigration quotas since our original settler communities first arrived on our shores.

If media have obscured the scenario, they have also omitted a fundamental of the Woke Liberal assault upon our society. It is entirely possible that immigration policy will eventually result in Canada’s transition away from its democratic foundation.

Simply put, new arrivals to Canada vote Liberal. Not all of them, of course. Still, Liberal strategists understand a fundamental of migration policy: immigrants tend to vote for the party in power at the time of arrival.

Thus it is that 10 million immigrants to Canada over the next 20 years could lock-in the Liberal Party as government-for-life. Media say nothing. Not a word springs forth from the CBC on a salient point:

If the Liberals control 318 out of 338 seats in Parliament, what’s the point of holding federal elections? What will be the condition of our political arena when if and when the Liberals control 95% of seats in the House of Commons.

Stone-cold silence from media. Think about it– not once in the half-century since Pierre Trudeau set our country on a pseudo-communist path has our press written of the long-term ramifications of immigration policy.

Do they work for the Liberals, or what? CAP believe it emphatically. What is being spoken of is pre-meditated. In 2015, Justin Trudeau was placed in charge of the project, and has worked to fulfill the outcome everyday he remains prime minister.

It was at the point when Trudeau began to lash out at Old Stock Canada that these thoughts began to percolate. Why is this being done? Is an attack on our colonial founding part of a program of political transformation?

What’s with all the self-hatred? Other nations don’t indulge in self-flagellation. What’s the purpose in all of this?

For CAP, the key word here is “vengeance.” Does this Trudeau character carry with him a burning vendetta toward our society? Is his behaviour punitive? Is it a coincidence that New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh— an Anglophone-basher like Trudeau– is today playing back-up to the PM’s assault on our communities?

So many questions– not a peep from establishment media. Have the Feds formed a partnership with the press as a result of billions in hand-outs to legacy media organizations?

Call us paranoid, but we believe it to be true. A covert battle has been waged not only upon citizens of European origin, but also upon Canadian democracy itself.

CAP call this Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.” With communist-derived coordination among government and media, the wool cap continues to be pulled over the eyes of 38 million Canadian citizens.

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  1. (1) Is that a photo of Trudeau weeping for our fallen nation? Or; (2) is he thinking of his late father Fidel? Or; (3) Xi just telephoned, and said “Good job son.” (干得好儿子.)


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