Is Trudeau’s Housing Minister Ruining Home Affordability For Old Stock Canadians?

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Under a proper Canadian economic model, a government would align the quantity of new arrivals to our country with demand for new and affordable housing.

But what happens when a poorly-understood agenda undermines the concept, resulting in inaction on the part of our federal government? Under PM Justin Trudeau’s post-modern social model, there may well be a purpose for Canada’s current lack of housing availability.

Let us say that rather than “managing” a nation, a ruling government’s true agenda is one of national transformation. In colloquial terms, one might refer to this as an “out with the old, in with the new” economic model.

Call Cultural Action Party paranoid, but we say this is the exact agenda now occurring within Canadian society. The “new” being PM Trudeau’s preferred citizens– Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese— presently dominating Canada’s immigration intake quotas.

Sticking with the theme of mistrust, CAP believe there are few politicians who advocate for a “New Canadian Order” more than federal Minister of Housing, MP Ahmed Hussen.

For Mr. Hussen, the very meaning of Canada is infused with what is best for new arrivals to our country. A condition of ethnocentrism underlines all political actions, particularly when it comes to his co-religionist communities. Muslim rights, “Islamophobia” and accusations of racism being front-and-centre in the Liberal MP’s rise to the top of the Canadian political food-chain.

“Last week, hundreds of B.C. Mayors and municipal councillors heard why Ottawa’s failure to do so is causing them grief when it comes to providing adequate infrastructure, particularly affordable housing.”

“The flood of foreign nationals is creating unprecedented demand for homes, which is pushing up rents and housing prices, which are among the highest in the world in cities like Vancouver and Toronto.”

A calculated agenda? Can it be that a covert goal exists within the housing-immigration dynamic? In CAP’s opinion, Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and the Liberal Cabinet are presently engaged in a cleaning-of-the-house agenda. The tacit goal being the flushing out of “Old Stock” Canada, to be superseded with a woke globalist vision of a socialist society dominated by “3rd World” Canadians.

In other words, the poorer we become, the faster we disappear. A heavy accusation it is– but one which astute political observers may want to take to heart.

For our money, no political power-player would advocate for such a thing more than Somalian refugee immigrant to Canada, Ahmed Hussen. Other Anglo-bashers like New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh would likely be thrilled by the idea.

All of it flowing into a political whirlpool which CAP has branded Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

Chris Friesen, a national leader in providing settlement services for immigrants and refugees,  says that “service providers are increasingly talking about how the country’s absorptive capacity for newcomers is stretched. It’s not only affecting newcomers, he said, but Canadian-born residents, too.”

Let us pose a binary question: between Old Stock Canadians and new arrivals from the 3rd World, which community does PM Trudeau place on a pedestal high above the other?

The answer, of course, is our 3rd World-New Canadian communities. The result being that these people will be looked after first. This is, after all, the post-modern social model of the Trudeau government. Why would it be any different in terms of housing availability and affordability?

Quick Answer: It won’t be– especially with myopic Minister of Multiculturalism Ahmed Hussen in charge of housing. Simply put, he will want the new arrivals to get the best of everything. He always does.

“A Statistics Canada report showed immigrants bought 78 per cent of the homes purchased in Richmond in 2018, and more than 65 per cent of the dwellings bought in Surrey and Burnaby.”

Perhaps readers can help CAP understand. If 3rd World migrants are the perennial sufferers of society as mainstream media proclaim, why are they ahead of the Canadian-born in terms of building up home equity as the years pass?

It is, of course, far too logical a question for CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail or Toronto Star to respond to. “Government says immigrants are the sufferers, and who are the Liberal-funded media to argue with that?”

April 4th, 2023: “Canada’s government is making it easier for newcomers to purchase a home. Last week, the government announced it was reducing some of restrictions of an Act that made it difficult for non-Canadians to purchase residential property.”

Budget 2023 announced the official launch of the new Tax-Free First Home Savings Account (FHSA). To qualify, an individual must be:

  • A Canadian resident
  • 18 years or older
  • A first-time home buyer

Stop the press. A Canadian resident is not necessarily a Canadian citizen. Bingo–priority, non-Canadians.  Drilling down on the situation, we discover tangible evidence of  MP Ahmed Hussen’s preference for non-Canadians and new arrivals over Anglophones, Francophones and generational Canadian communities.

“Housing and Diversity and Inclusion Ahmed Hussen says the latest exemptions to the [home purchase] ban are to provide greater flexibility to newcomers and businesses seeking to contribute to Canada.”

“These amendments will allow newcomers to put down roots in Canada through home ownership to create jobs and build homes by adding to the housing supply in Canadian cities,” said Hussen.

For our Liberal government, it’s all about the newcomers. Such is the status of a society in which government has created an inversion of Canada’s historical social structure.

Simply put, it’s “whitey to the back of the bus time” in Justin Trudeau’s no-core-identity Canada.

6 thoughts on “Is Trudeau’s Housing Minister Ruining Home Affordability For Old Stock Canadians?”

    • Exactly Ron. Fitting justice would have him suffer through his remaining years in a rat infested Chinese prison. It’s not fair to past prime ministers to say he’s the “worst” to hold the office–He’s not worthy of the comparison–Trudeau is in a malevolent league of his own. The title “PM” is meaningless. (In his case.) This sleaze will have the title “right honorable” before his name–For as long as Canada remains a country. The name Trudeau should only be an extended case study in psychopathology. He’s totally unworthy/unfit/unqualified/unpatriotic/untrustworthy/and hateful toward our founders to hold high office, and has brought disgrace and contempt wherever he goes. This “man” is unbearable; along with his court jesters.

  1. “All of it flowing into a political [hellhole] which CAP has branded Justin Trudeau’s “Woke [toke] Revolution.” Trudeau’s “out with the old/in with the new” scheme will eventually backfire. It appears that most of the Third World arrivals aren’t predisposed to the woke agenda. A free lunch only takes them so far….And then the shock, and dismay; set in: Trudopia is not the Promised Land. Many; if not most of them–Begin to realize the golden carrot Trudeau’s overseas Immigration Departments dangled in front of them–Was only cheap; gold colored tin foil; hiding the dung beneath it. Reality eventually sets in….For everyone.

  2. When do you think young Canadians might figure out that justin Trudeau and his lieberal team DON’T want to be able to afford to purchase their own houses???
    Carbon tax, ridiculous unrealistic environmental policies and runaway government employment expansion police’s are DRIVING UP inflation and costs of EVERYTHING!!
    Building materials, site preparation and transportation costs DRIVE UP costs of food and construction!!
    Trudeau doesn’t give two shits about anyone else ….. he Never misses a meal or DELUX accommodations!!
    Look where he stayed in London for the queens funeral …. And didn’t even have the guts or dignity to admit it!!!


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