Is Trudeau’s Agenda Communism Dressed In Post-Modern Clothes?

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In the political and economic philosophies of Karl Marx, “class struggle” is a central tenet and practical means for effecting radical socio-political change. 

In political science, the term class conflict, or class struggle, refers to the political tension that exists among the social classes of society.

As decades passed, the Marxist imperative was transitioned to an updated format. Rather than a focus on the “rich versus poor” dichotomy, academic theory shifted the emphasis to race, gender, ethnicity and religion.

Thus, the birth of what can be referenced as “neo-communism,” also known as “wokism.” Rather than the “proletariat versus bourgeois” dynamic espoused by Marx, orientation shifted to “white versus black.” Or more succinctly stated, white versus “everybody else.”

If one carefully considers the Liberal government road-map of the past eight years, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to recognize neo-Marxist affectations infused within Trudeau government policy.

Simply put, they’re obsessed with it. Race, ethnicity, gender— these are the dice government continuously roll. Yes, racism exists in Canada. It’s a social condition which should be minimized. The problem with government’s approach is that the condition has transitioned to political weaponry.

Not only within government. Media and academia are playing a critical role in  perpetuation of Canada as a systemically racist society. We can’t alter the past, or Canada’s colonial founding. But does that mean that a select group of people should have a right to tear society apart in pursuit of so-called social equity?

And what would transpire if academic pursuit of equality was a misnomer? What if the goal isn’t racial equality, but rather a usurping of the position historical Canadian communities held for the first 150-years of national existence?

George Orwell outlined this condition in his mini-treatise on communism, Animal Farm. At first, the farmer is in full control. All animals are equal. Then the farmer is chased off the land. Committed to an egalitarian “society,” it doesn’t take long before a new ruling class is formed, embodied by the farm’s Pig community.

The original power is usurped, then replaced with a new ruling class. From CAP’s perspective, this is the “Woke” agenda. Canadians should be highly suspect of the potential for a similar outcome. They aren’t, because media are playing along with government’s neo-communist game.

An element of media positioning relates to a basic condition: never speak of the future of Canadian society. Do not speculate, project or predict what the state of the nation will be, let’s say, fifty years down the road.

By this time, Anglo-European citizens will constitute a minority community, or at the very least, simply one out of a plethora of communities within our pluralist society.

Cultural Action Party lay it on the line, and in reality, it’s a simplistic concept:

Equality, Or Domination?

This is the big one, the very essence of what should be front-and-centre within the social equality ethos advanced within the spectrum of Multicultural ideology.

Are Canada’s woke warriors being authentic in a desire for social equality? Or, will a new class of “master” come to control society, as the Pig community does in Orwell’s paean to communist takeover?

Not a peep from the press. No one in government will touch it. Academia are far too vindictive to bother with what could constitute an impediment to their agenda.

Thus, the silence that is political correctness in Canada.

Enter Justin Trudeau and his agenda of national transformation. Let us consider his words carefully. First, his “post-modern” society edict. With the statement, Trudeau instills a “hollowing-out” of national identity, inherent in another claim that Canada has “no core identity.”

We think back to the days of Pierre Trudeau. Is this not the fellow who single handedly cancelled English & French Canadian identity in the early 1970’s?

How did he manage this task? By introducing Multiculturalism to Canadian society. See the connection? First, Trudeau the former cancels Canadian identity. Fifty years later, Trudeau the younger says Canada has no identity period.

Their behaviour is communist and Marxist-oriented. A race for a post-modern identity is unleashed. Identifiable communities begin to  battle it out in a power-struggle that has yet to forge a winner. Here we have one reason why media never speculate on the future of our nationhood.

We come to recognize a neo-communist seduction of Canadian society. Why do you think Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh just spent eight-years branding our nation racist, bigoted, “Islamophobic” and homophobic?

A systemic lowering of national self-esteem contributes to the “no core identity” hollow-shell dynamic perpetrated by government and media– that’s why.

Meanwhile, the power game plays out. We stand witness as the Liberals and NDP stall the system in pursuit of truth regarding Chinese election interference. Currently, the Liberals and NDP are working on an impediment of an investigation into the Winnipeg-China scientist scandal.

Someone is hiding something big. In fact, CAP  claim that everything related to the forging of a post-modern identity is being hidden from 40 million Canadians.

Behind the curtain of “Wokism” lies a version of communism specifically tailored for the country of Canada.

1 thought on “Is Trudeau’s Agenda Communism Dressed In Post-Modern Clothes?”

  1. Yup. We no longer have the Dominion of Canada; but Trudeau’s Domination of Canada. What a difference two letters make. Clearly; it’s the Domination of [White] Canada. Pretty hard to argue otherwise. Reasoned (dispassionate; factual) argument; data that paints a pretty clear picture of where the two Trudeau’s have brought us, and where we’re headed. Canada; in the “current year.”–Not just an immiscible; unaffordable Hodge Podge of Third world immigrants; but execrable politicians taking a political jackhammer to our very foundation, and badmouthing our history.

    “Currently, the [communist twins] are working on an impediment of an investigation into the Winnipeg-China scientist scandal.” And so it goes; day after day. Our health; the integrity of the election system; the harm(s) to our country; our rapidly declining standard of living; increasingly uncompetitive nature; the strangulation of our productiveness/their boot on the neck of our energy sector….All grist for their mill of destruction.


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