Is Trudeau Working On A Plan To Seize Western Canadian Farmland?

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“The Dutch government is planning to purchase and then close down up to 3,000 farms in an effort to comply with a European Union environmental mandate to slash emissions.”

“Curbing the environmental impact of agriculture will put farmers from the Netherlands to New Zealand out of business.”

Ditto for farmers in Canada– not that you would know it by way of Canadian media. For the benefit of the Trudeau government, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest are obfuscating the reality of the woke war on the farming industry in Western nations.

“There is something happening in the Netherlands that has been happening for weeks, which if anything even closely resembling it were happening in Canada, especially in Ottawa, it would surely be called an ‘insurrection.’”

“There has been some reportage outside of the Netherlands, of course. But it has been strikingly muted. And it isn’t hard to see why.”

Muted is the CBC’s middle name. PM Justin Trudeau doesn’t want to give Canadian farmers any bright ideas, so his media propaganda units refrain from delivering the full spectrum of farmer rebellions in the Netherlands.

Back in Canada, we witness the creeping up of an assault on farmers– particularly in Western provinces:

“A private member’s bill by the late [Liberal MP]Jim Carr, this bill will begin ‘the greening of the prairies’ and will require the economic development minister of each province to work with federal ministers of environment, transport, agriculture, finance and natural resources to develop a framework within 18 months whereby all permits and permit renewals in all areas of the province, will be obliged to satisfy an additional federal process of approval.”

“The plan is being mandated to eventually include every province and territory, and if they don’t agree to create the framework, the Feds will do it for them (same idea as the carbon tax.)”

This, fellow patriots, should be considered major news. In the style of socialism advanced in communist societies, the federal Liberals are working an agenda to gain jurisdiction over provincial farming.

The name of the game is control; the weapon of choice climate change. Within the dynamic, we recognize a familiar pattern. It goes like this:

Utilizing carbon emissions as the keys to the kingdom, Trudeau’s Liberals have begun an incremental assault on “grass roots” Canada. As we know, our country’s farming community are the “salt of the earth,” comprised of what ex-Prime Minister Stephen Harper branded “Old Stock” Canadians.

Upon which CAP point out the parallels with the Alberta oil and energy industries. Once again, the assault targets working class Canadians, citizens of Alberta, and western provinces in general.

What a coincidence it is. Farmers. Oil workers. Truckers. While the Feds import 1.2 million migrants from the 3rd World over three years, PM Trudeau attacks working class Canadians– Old Stock Anglophones in the main– based on his dedication to  ideology espoused by the World Economic Forum.

Fair to say that our PM maintains a serious animus toward these communities? So much so that Euthanasia legislation was introduced to deal with extraneous elderly peoples?

“The Netherlands is the world’s second-largest farm exporter according to Investopedia. Top Dutch farm-based exports include flowers, dairy produces, eggs, meat, and vegetables.”

June 18th, 2022: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte:

“They confirmed their intent to continue working closely together to expand trade and investment, create good middle-class jobs in Canada and the Netherlands.”

What kind of middle-class jobs would these be– Halal food importers and Bollywood film producers? Justin Trudeau has put the damper on energy worker, trucking industry and farming occupations. Who remains among our middle class– bake shops that refuse to make same-sex wedding cakes?

Is Justin Trudeau waging a war against Canadian-born, generational citizens? CAP say absolutely, he is. The common thread within the assault is Western Canada. In the name of climate change, Mr. Trudeau has taken his first step to federal control over provincial farming.

What’s next, government seizure of Canadian farms as best-boyfriend PM Mark Rutte is doing in the Netherlands?

Call CAP nihilistic, but we say this is exactly what will transpire. Why do we say such a thing? Because the dynamic is classic communism– that’s why.

Collectivization, noun: the organization of all of a country’s production and industry into government ownership.

“By 1934, when approximately 75 percent of the farms in the Soviet Union had been collectivized most kulaks—as well as millions of other peasants who had opposed collectivization—had been deported to remote regions of the Soviet Union or arrested and their land and property confiscated.”


The process by which farmland is aggregated is called collectivization. In some countries (including the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc countries, China and Vietnam), there have been both state-run and cooperative-run variants.

We begin to zero in on what is really going on here. A seizure of farmland in Canada–if it occurs– is a fundamental element of communist take-over of a society.

Media say squat. Never will Toronto Star, National Post or Global News whisper a peep about any of this.

Interesting to note a parallel with this political development. The very same structure applies to confiscation of public weapons by government. We speak of Soviet Union, China, as well as Uganda, Cambodia and other nations which underwent conversion to communism.

In each case, previous to communist revolutions, the ruling government implemented a program for the seizure of guns from the general public. Justin Trudeau is doing this as we speak.

Still not convinced that Canada is headed for communism under the iron-clad grip of Justin Trudeau’s minority government? Does it even matter? 98% of Canadian citizens won’t be hearing CAP’s opinion on this situation.

Are media isolating Canadians from proper understanding of the political and social destiny of Justin Trudeau’s dying Great White North?

15 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Working On A Plan To Seize Western Canadian Farmland?”

  1. Turdo imports millions of hungry Third World mouths every year. Destroy the farms? Nice play Shakespeare. What will we eat? Poutine from the Quebec “Bread Basket”? (Sarcasm. They only export trouble.) Food from the Mid-East? (Sand?) A couple of overpriced bags of rice from China? Oh–Wait. I forgot– Insects.

    • We will be asked to EAT the Not Zee bugs AND 3D gates from Hell food!
      Totalitarian Global Village NO farmlands NO rural areas LIVE in cities and BE controlled

  2. -self sufficiency.. is how humanity survived. We are descendants of the original
    self sufficient tribes. Carry on with that.

    -Communism? why work hard, no reward. Some other less motivated type, gets your efforts.
    Why take care of property/equipment? you’ll never have “ pride of ownership”
    -why innovate and invent and think?…. you’ll never benefit, the (theft by the left) communist machine does. Have a look at all..communist countries, historical/current. Enough said.
    -history.. communism , tyranny and control have always failed humanity. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, ….. the millions they killed of their own citizens. Any communist bragging about that at the UN general assembly meetings?

    -remember: the governments own.., nothing. The law abiding, working, taxpayers do.

    -remember: taxes were only for.. the first world war efforts, then to expire, post conflict. What happened..? Debts and taxes non stop through the roof. Generations now. Any roll backs?, chretien/martin style? no….forgotten.

    -Property rights… distinctly left out of the 1982 patriated charter of rights and freedoms.. by .. daddy trudeau..Who started the “ great leap forward” here.

  3. My pronouns; Prosecute/ Trudeau + Freeland

    NO Conservative opposition-PERIOD!
    NO Liberal opposition-PERIOD!
    NO Provincial opposition-PERIOD!
    I left out NDP for an obvious reason.

    Elected Leaders HAVE failed the Canadian Taxpayer AT alarming rates!
    THANK God the “innocent” “organic” FREEDOM Convoy Truckers AND Supporters BROKE the NOT ZEE Liberal Government Fever … too much FORCED communism for TOO long!
    When do WE vote for a NEW political party (PPC!)
    When do WE demand a NEW voice a NEW Leader (PPC!)

  4. Great article Brad, why else would the Tyrant disarm farmers, ranchers, truckers, of their legal guns if it wasn’t to expedite the government goons of stealing private real estate in WEF/China controlled Canada. ‘You will own nothing and be happy.’ The Tyrants actions are right out of the communist’s play book. Wake up Canada!!!

  5. Fuhrer Trudope and Reich Marshall Freeland need to be Put in a Mental Asylum or better yet, IN JAIL. Trudope does not care about Canadians. When will the Eastern Canadian Douche Bags in the GTA and Quebec realize this?


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