Is Trudeau Setting Up A Communist-Style Theft of Canadian Farmland?

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“The Dutch government is offering to buy-out up to 3,000 peak polluter farms in an attempt to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions that are illegal under EU law.”

“Curbing the environmental impact of agriculture will put farmers from the Netherlands to New Zealand out of business.”

Including Canada, of course. Upon which concerned citizens might consider an idea cast aside by Canadian media. Under the guise of “environmental concern,” the Dutch government maintains an excuse to seize national farmland.

“There is something happening in the Netherlands that if anything closely resembling it were happening in Canada, it would surely be called an insurrection.”

It will be called nothing of the sort. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail et al will call it exactly what PM Justin Trudeau wants it be called: “Net Zero” being the chosen nomenclature.

As such, historical references to similar processes of the past are off-limits. Pourquoi?  Because the dynamic is classic communism– that’s why.


The process by which farmland is aggregated is called collectivization. In some countries including the Soviet Union, Eastern Bloc countries, China and Vietnam, there have been both state-run and cooperative-run variants.

Collectivization, noun: the organization of all of a country’s production and industry into government ownership.

“By 1934, when approximately 75 percent of the farms in the Soviet Union had been collectivized,  millions of peasants who opposed collectivization had been deported to remote regions of the Soviet Union and their land and property confiscated.”

In other words, government seizure of farmlands was integral to the communist revolution in former Soviet Union. Next to the Russia, Canada has the largest land mass in the world. Our media won’t say it, but the future of global power lies in control of the world’s resources.

Could it that Trudeau and the Liberals are using subterfuge to mask their ultimate goal? Position the power-grab as environmentally necessary. Outwitting Canadian farmers, those who don’t comply to nitrate fertilizer emission reduction end up losing their land.

Transitioning farmland to the Feds in piece-meal fashion, the end game is incrementally achieved with a passing of time. Who knows, perhaps the long-term plan is– gasp– to sell this farmland to China.

The idea is not as crazy as one might believe. Currently, the communist nation is on a world-wide tear to buy up the planet’s natural resources. By way of something called “The Belt and Road Initiative”— of which Canadian media never speak– the world’s mineral resources are currently being stockpiled by the government of China.

One of the most overlooked areas within our media monolith relates to Canada’s mining industry. If it wasn’t this way, perhaps million of Canadians would have heard of the following:

November 7th, 2022: “Cameco (TSX: CCO), based out of Saskatoon, has announced that it signed a uranium apply agreement with China Nuclear International Corporation.”

“The contract volumes comprise part of the 50 million pounds that Cameco has added to its long-term uranium contract portfolio so far this year.”

Unbeknownst to Canadians, the Liberal government has authorized a massive sell-off of Canadian uranium — pure nuclear power– to big brother China.

“Home to 20% of the global population, but only 7- 9% of the world’s arable land, China is an extreme food shortage. To combat the crisis, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) devised a decades-long strategy of purchasing millions of acres of American farmland, livestock, seeds and food supply lines from the United States.”

Back in Canada, CAP report the following news:

“A private member’s bill by the late [Liberal MP]Jim Carr, this bill will begin ‘the greening of the prairies’ and will require the economic development minister of each province to work with federal ministers to develop a framework within 18 months whereby all permits in all areas of the province, will be obliged to satisfy an additional federal process of approval.”

“The plan is being mandated to eventually include every province and territory, and if they don’t agree to create the framework, the Feds will do it for them.  

Aka seizure of Canadian farmland? Witness as power over farmland transitions to the Liberal government. Fail to comply, and watch the punitive measures roll.

Justin Trudeau understands what Canadian media are not telling our citizenship: “there’s gold in them their farmlands.”  Those who control the world’s natural resources control the world. Is  Trudeau preparing to siphon out the wealth from grass roots Canadians, only to flip it to governments of China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the rest of his preferred nations?

“Non-Canadian citizens or non-permanent residents of Canada, as well as corporations that are not controlled by Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada, cannot generally acquire farmland with a total area of more than 40 acres.”

Either augment the law, or sell it off in tiny packages. The former being far more efficient. Will Trudeau’s backroom schemers augment legislation without it being known by the people of Canada? Heck, they do it all the time, by way of filibuster bills passed at 2am in Parliament.

Whatever transpires, one fact remains clear: under the guise of net-zero environmentalism, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have begun to mess with Canadian farmland, and in turn, the livelihoods of Westerners, Albertans, and working class Canadians.

As with PM Trudeau’s impediment of Western Energy and Oil production, the loser in all of this are those who fall into category of Canadians most loathed by Justin Trudeau:

CAP call this community “Old Stock” Canada.

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    • China’s arable land is receding at a rapid pace. Media never speak of this, while China buys up the world’s resources. On this basis, one might think China OWNS Canadian media.


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