Is Trudeau Ruining Canada For Its Religious Communities?

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It would be one thing if the Prime Minister of Canada approached the prickly issue of religious faith in Canada in an equitable manner.

Unfortunately, to make such a claim would be an erroneous statement. A synopsis of Liberal government behaviour during the eight-years Justin Trudeau has been PM reveals a complete imbalance.

Trudeau family prime ministers have a nasty habit of opening national doors to malevolent international influences. Pierre Trudeau did so with his embrace of communist China in the early 1970’s. A half-century later, the impact culminated with accusations that China’s government influenced MP victories in eleven federal ridings.

Justin Trudeau has taken a different tact. In a bid to win votes among Canada’s fast-growing community, the PM went all-out in a his bid to win the Muslim-Canadian vote. He did so with flying-rainbow colours.

Today, Canadians experience the by-product of blatant, and often embarrassing, pandering to Muslim community leaders, Imam’s, and the community in general.

In 2016, PM Trudeau approved half-Pakistani citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid’s M103, the so-called “Islamophobia” motion. Adopted by Parliament, the bill exists as a religious exclusive.

When Christian and Jewish community leaders attempted to add their faiths to the “anti-racism” measure, they received a resounding “no” to their query. In effect, the Liberals had placed one religious community in a special category above others. The result being another addition to fragmentation of religious community coherence.

That was then, and this is now. That “now” includes previously unheard-of prejudice against specific religious communities has recently come to the surface via current conflict in the Middle East.

The first community to receive the wrath of Trudeau’s Liberals was our Christian communities. Leveraging the historical plight of Aboriginals, government and media painted a portrait which positioned historical Christianity as racist, bigoted, and genocidal.

Under the auspices of the Liberals, “anti-colonialism” began to permeate our identity. Souring society’s view of Christian faith, Trudeau pushed the anti-colonial narrative. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, a practicing Sikh, joined in on the action, branding our nation “genocidal.”

China’s Covid dissemination delivered a knock-out punch to the three-ring circus that is Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. More than a few Christian pastors were thrown in jail for violating government’s pandemic mandates. That Sikh and Muslim religious leaders failed to experience a similar fate was purposefully omitted by media.

As it is in China–the source of Covid– Christianity became persona non grata in post-modern Canada.

In light of the flare-up in Gaza, Canada now contained a significant enough quantity of Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants to form an anti-Zionist political movement on Canadian soil.

Both sides of the equation have been represented. Jews protesting Hamas, Muslims protesting against Israel. Members of both communities have expressed fear, inclusive of concern over physical confrontations.

Frankly, the situation was inevitable from day one of the Trudeau dynasty. Sooner or later, violence in the Middle East would result in community fragmentation here at home. If Justin Trudeau didn’t know this, then he’s more of a sheltered, naive rich rid than common sense Canadian ever imagined.

Joe Oliver: “For The Good Of Canada, Justin Trudeau Should Go”

“Trudeau’s incompetent, divisive and ethically challenged leadership has been egregious,” says a former Conservative Cabinet member.

Cultural Action Party take one step beyond: because he is a divider of peoples, Trudeau is a dangerous political figure. Community division is, or should be, his nom de plume. Though CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail are being paid not to admit it, Mr. Trudeau stands at the pinnacle of communal partitioning.

“Queen’s University Students Allegedly Dressed In Hamas Attire And Threatened Jews At Party”

“Kingston police are investigating allegations of Queen’s University students dressing in Hamas attire and making “potential threats” against Jewish individuals at a weekend house party.”

Let us be clear in our messaging. The point here is not to support one religion or another. Our point is purely political. That Canada can, and has, transitioned to a society in which religious faith can exist as motive for physical assault.

This, fellow patriots, is Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada. Government created it, and must take responsibility for it. Not that the Liberals will ever do such a thing. We can cast aside the thought that media will do anything other than aggravating the problem.

Canadian academia, shot through with anti-colonial and anti-Anglophone bigotry, will continue to advance a collective animus toward our history, identity and heritage.

Don’t get CAP wrong, Muslim-Canadians are expressing fear as well. Put the whole thing into a woke mixing-bowl, add multiculturalism, diversity and social equity, then garnish with academia’s critical race theory and “systemic racism.”

Result? A fragmented, divided society. To think that it is pure coincidence lives next-door to a pathetic joke. It isn’t. The entire structure exists for the purpose of re-defining Canada as a nation.

Justin Trudeau’s in on it, along with Anglophone-basher Jagmeet Singh. China, Middle East, Punjab— all invited to Canada by way of a succession of federal Liberal governments, with a touch of the Conservatives thrown in for good measure.

To epitomize the social dynamic, we offer a snippet from a recent article from the National Post:

“Ben Shapiro On Why Every Jew He Knows Is Getting A Gun”

Shapiro is a hard-core American-Conservative and religious Jew. The United States is 2nd ammendment-land, so it’s not necessary to take him at face-value.

Recorded Oct. 26, 2023:

“Host Brian Lilley is joined this week by American podcaster, journalist and author Ben Shapiro to discuss  pro-Hamas marches in Canada and the United States.”

“Shapiro tells [Canadian Host Brian] Lilley it’s because we’ve permitted hate to fester in certain communities while surrendering our western values — falling for the sadistic decolonization ideology.”

There it is. The undoing of Canadian society in full effect. That our prime minister is the prime mover in this category should be understood throughout our society.

Eight years of advancing, financing and fueling social division.  How long can systemic national self-hatred exist before a society collapses?

That Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have exacerbated every element of which we speak should be understood by Canadians of all backgrounds.

15 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Ruining Canada For Its Religious Communities?”

  1. brad’s 9to5 work consists of neglecting that the natives were here first and should own the land, after the french which he despises simply due to speaking an alternative language, and boasting about how christianity is losing appeal with the liberal voters (who were never christian to begin with, that’s what of what liberalism is all about in case you’re new to life)

    but alas, every day is new post about his “english christian” heritage and how the rest of humanity is inferior to him, then he wonders why everyone non english christian hates him and his kind.

    what a weird… guy this is. completely void of the understanding that he is merely a mortal and that none of this political and religious theatre matters in the grand scheme of things, which is why most of society is docile, because most realize the world after this temporary fixation might last an eternity.

    time is short, and you choose to pick feuds with all those who don’t identify with the same labels.

    truly a masterpiece of complete ignorance.

    • The “Aboriginal-first” argument is just so tired. yes, they were mistreated, would never deny it. But, as a community, they have had over a century to adapt to western society. I have nothing against them, but comes a time where a community must take control.

      What should have been done ages ago, that Pierre Trudeau never did, is to establish schools on all major reservations to educate their youth.

      Education is the key, and if anyone failed them in this regard, it is the Lie-beral Party of Canada.

      • “they should adapt” ok buddy, why don’t you adapt? see the problem here?

        when humans think they are gods, thats when there is a problem. the english aren’t gods, neither are the americans and your *looks around in case of paranoia* so called fake tribes of israel

        it isn’t about hating “whites”, white does not mean english, american and “jewish”, there is over 40 countries in europe, the fact that i have to remind you of this, is scary. indeed.

  2. Brad’s entire modus operandi is if = different = then > i hate you

    then he blames his hate on the other party, calling trudeau as the divider, completely neglecting that his entire blog is whining about anything non “anglophone christian”

    then when you point this out, he will surrender by saying “we built this country” to which people on the sidelines wonder why brad includes himself with those who have, because brad hasn’t done much for canada, aside from being hateful.

    then his bootlicking fanbase will tell me to enter the maid service and end myself, because this community is such an inclusive society.

    keep feeding the fear. fear anyone who does not identify as one of you.

    fear fear fear, why did father give these humans free will? now they’re all confused

    give them thumbs, they forge a blade and beat a brother down.

    we’re all shaking our heads.

  3. Brad often sides with those who despise him when there is a mutual agreement on a certain topic, but will return with a sword and shield when the topic is cast aside temporary.

    he despises muslims, but agrees with them that LGBT+ should be banished.
    he never mentions the jew or targets judaism in his blogs (perhaps due to fear) but he did just quote ben shapiro, which means he saw an opportunity of beneficial agreement.

    but brad knows, during battles (which is the entire point of this blog), these temporary agreements will vanish, and he’ll be forced to return to his specific identify, the so called “anglophone christian” so he can feel safe with his brothers and sisters in the hopes of being ready when conflict might arise.

    we speak about being mortals, placed inside a temporary world, but the entire focus is on the materialism (which is anti religious and anti spirituality), instead of seeking companionship with his neighbours.

    he claims to be christian, but like most so called internet christians, they all dabble in endless sin, always making up excuses, and hoping that god will forgive him.

    you’re just lazy brad. its really hard for you to accept that not everyone shares the same ideals, beliefs, concepts, philosophies… you are in eternal conflict, blaming others for your ignorance instead of being honest with yourself.

    settle down.

    the fact that you identify as “english” which is a language and specific country when we’re all humans, and “christian” as opposed to any other specific religion is a sign that you are tribalistic, you are not ready to spread your wings and accept the world, instead you want to divide it into pieces, you don’t see the forest full of trees, you’re only grasping at the branches.

    if everyone was like you, what would be the need of having others? wouldn’t you just clone yourself at this point? would you clone yourself and build a female version or yourself? tell her what to think and how to act?

    should we all wear the same arm band around you and salute you whenever you walk buy us?

    listen – in order to build a world, it takes all kinds of different people. the fact that there are others who aren’t like you, is a sign that you broaden your horizons instead of limiting yourself to a specific reality.

    think of all possibility, and focus on “anglophone christianity”, can you see how limiting that is?


    • You’re entitled to your opinion, but the number of people who support CAP dwarfs your attitude.

      I’m not seeing you slam Muslim religious leaders in Canada for standing up for Muslim rights, nor Sikh or Jewish community leaders who do the same.

      yet, when it comes to whites and Christians, you have a problem with a person who does like-wise.

      So the bias in your messaging is obvious, and come election time, you should vote for the Bast-tard, because he shares your exact attitude.

    • I read this article in ANOTHER public media site in Canada.

      ” If that wasn’t bad enough, thanks to a leaked concept paper from the Israeli intelligence agency, it is looking increasingly likely that Canada will accept large numbers of Palestinian refugees fleeing the Gaza Strip. Many of these refugees support Hamas and pose a major risk – so much so that their own Arab neighbours aren’t taking them in. ”

      WOW, do you think the writer is suggesting that all refugees may not want to be law abiding citizens in this Country.

      If you can’t accept the reports on this site then maybe broaden your knowledge by reading other websites or ” you don’t see the forest full of trees, you’re only grasping at the branches. ”

      Start by reading the history of ” The Mariel boatlift ” and learn how Castro knew very well that a percentage of those who travelled to another Country were criminals …. and he was happy to see them leave.

      The same is happening to my Canada and I don’t liker it. To put an end to it, I will join others to make sure Trudeau/Singh are out of Ottawa.

      Oops ….. did I upset you.

  4. Ask yerselfs…

    Which would you rather take a long walk out in the desert with and tell them you’re a non-believer:
    A rabbi? A born again Christian? A devout islamic, imam?
    Take yer time…

    Why is there no use of the words like Hindu-ophobic? Christian-phobic? Bhuddist-phobic? Mennonite-phobic?
    Take yer time…

    Where are the muslims demonstrating against the hamassholes and muslim violence like Christians and Jews would if they behaved in a similar manner?
    Take yer time…



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