Is Trudeau Pushing For Public Rebellion To Prevent A Conservative Victory?

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Based on pending salary increases for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Members of Parliament, federal politicians in Canada are about to transition to the second-highest paid in the world. 

 “The CTF estimates this year’s pay raise will be an extra $8,100 for backbench MPs, $11,900 for ministers and $16,200 for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

At the same time– on the same day– the cost of the carbon tax will increase by $15, to $80 per tonne.

What to make of this move? Putting aside rebates promised by the Liberals, these developments constitute a serious slap-in-the-face to citizens of Canada.

Could such a situation exist by design? There may be more merit to the idea than one might imagine.

In advance of April 1st, 2024 timing comes a rash of unprecedented mainstream media articles. An underlying message fuels their thought: there is a chance, according to RCMP reports, that Canadian society may be on the verge of major public rebellion.

“A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation,” reads a report published this week in the National Post.

“The coming period of recession will accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations,” reads the report, entitled Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada.

We stand aghast, for more than one reason. Theoretical predictions regarding public rebellion is a curious social development. For those prone to the dark-side, one could conclude a purpose may exist for a sudden rash of warnings about a citizenship historically considered one of the most meek-and-mild among nations of the world.

“A major theme of the report is that Canadians are set to become increasingly disillusioned with their government, which authors mostly chalk up to misinformation, conspiracy theories and paranoia.”

Every bit of it exacerbated by our ruling government; made all the more extreme by New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh’s agreement to lock-in the Liberals until their end of term in late 2025.

“Law enforcement should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by misinformation campaigns and an increasing mistrust for all democratic institutions.”

And why would this be? Leave it to legacy media to omit the reasons.Canadians didn’t fall into despair just because the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t won a Stanley Cup in decades.

Real and tangible reasons exist for public opinion. Economy, Housing, Taxation, Immigration, Inflation. We stand witness as the press omit these elements of the equation.

Instead, the press push the panic button. Could this be a coordinated government-media agenda with a specific purpose in mind?

Coordination of carbon tax increases and an up-lift in MP salaries does nothing to cultivate good-will within society. For certain, it’s the bleedin’ opposite. Could it be that in the back of the minds of political decision-makers lies a schematic of nefarious intention?

Our long-term readers will know that Cultural Action Party[est 2016] believe it may be the case. For what purpose? It doesn’t take a team of political science majors from U of T to deduce the reason.

One look at federal political polls tells the story. Or perhaps more succinctly, seven consecutive months of polls predicting as absolute wipe-out for Trudeau’s Liberals.

The question then becomes: what can be done to thwart the success of Pierre Poilievre’s Conservative Party? A fair election won’t provide a solution, therefore it’s down to “alternative” methods to successfully stifel a CPC victory.

Can it be that Trudeau, Singh and their backroom schemers are desirous of public rebellion? Could it be that government has instructed media to plant seeds in this regard?

Is the “carbon tax versus salary increases” dynamic a piece of the schematic pie? It’s a down-and-dirty trick, but as just about all Canadians know by know, eight years of Trudeau and his gang of neo-socialists has covered the Liberals in political dirt.

While media’s warning may be unprecedented, invocation of the War Measures Act in Canada is not.

The October Crisis was a chain of events that started in October 1970 when members of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped the provincial Labour Minister Pierre Laporte and British diplomat James Cross.

“These events saw Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau invoking the War Measures Act for the first time in Canadian history during peacetime.”

Is so-called “Sonny Jim” lining up Canada for a repeat performance? Beyond this, could it be that Trudeau Jr.’s invocation of the Emergencies Act put an end to the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa served as a “warm-up act” for what will follow?

“Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Proclaims Martial Law, Raids Quebec Separatists”

October 17, 1970- “Invoking the War Emergency Act- an authorization of martial law– the Canadian government sought to cripple the increasingly militant activities of the FLQ.

By what other method could a Conservative victory be circumvented? CAP is hard-pressed to think of one.

“Martial law involves the temporary substitution of military authority for civilian rule, and is usually invoked in time of war, rebellion, or natural disaster.”

At least six articles have recently appeared in media suggesting public rebellion may be imminent. A coincidence, is it?

“When martial law is in effect, the military commander of an area or country has unlimited authority to make and enforce laws.”

Including an ability to create a law to postpone a federal election? Could well be.

It may be in the best interest of Canadians to comprehend the degree to which our rogue Liberal government and their NDP partners will go to ensure continuation of a hi-jacking of Canadian society.

Behind the scenes are giant plans for the future of our country. That none of these plans include continuation of democratic governance in the long-term is worth pondering. Conversion to an authoritarian state, a railroading of Anglophones into second-class status is not out of the question. Establishment of the west’s first 3rd World dominant society may be another element of the globalist initiative.

On this basis, there’s a heck of a lot for the Liberals to lose, should they fall to defeat in late 2025. CAP wager to say that everything that Justin Trudeau has ever hoped for and worked toward could go down-in-the-flood of federal political defeat.

Is this enough to push Canada’s neo-dictator toward an invocation of Martial Law?

10 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Pushing For Public Rebellion To Prevent A Conservative Victory?”

  1. this piece was pointless, brad

    go deeper, liberalism, progressivism is just another branch of socialism. the red team, the red flag, the red banner are anti clergy, has been this way since french revolution.

    from a political perspective, and from a societal perspective, its all about removing the religious institutions from power… doesn’t matter if protestant, orthodox or catholic.

    when this happens, the tribe you never name, takes a massive role in leadership, because this tribe has a feud with the same clergy the socialists are in feud with

    the tribe, pretends to be hated in countries that become red, but the finance is owned by them… like soviet union and china. this is to give the illusion to the public that the tribe has no power, no stronghold and completely foreign to domestic affairs. the puppet, the political class, simply takes the henchmen role and inverts the used-to-be society of morality into a depraved, inverted dystopia. (thats what hedonists = socialists = liberals want)

    this is why you have the rainbow and “metaverse”

    the liberal just wants individual social freedom, the freedom to do as they please without harming others, this has been the jacobin (french revolution) motto since inception.

    this is why they advocate for complete technocracy, because the liberal = socialist = hedonists wants robotics to take care of labor, while they are busy smoking herb, going to clubs and playing video games and watching tv.

    its simply yin vs yang, passive vs aggressive, reactive vs active

    the moon vs the sun

    it can’t be any clearer, and that’s why you and your audience is upset.

    “so what should we do if we oppose this inversion?” move……. to a BRICS country, since that is now where the conservative faction is. otherwise… you’re screwed man

  2. This would not surprise me in the least. Trudeau does not have the brains for this, but his Evil Cohorts, such as GEEBOW and Butts, and Freeland all play a part here. Relax Canadians, just let the votes decide. After Trudeau is gone, we can start getting back to being the Canada we were prior to Sunny ways. All I see is storm clouds with the Liberals in Power.

  3. “Law enforcement [thugs] should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by [Trudeau’s lying] campaigns and an increasing mistrust for all [corrupted] democratic institutions.” We live in interesting–but dangerous–times.

  4. It was that idiot Candice Bergen (MP for Portage – Lisgar MB) who told the truckers they’d made their point after PM Turdrop imposed the Emergencies Act.

    The Ottawa Police Service plus numerous other agencies including the RCMP, OPP
    and the un-badged “Green Goons” (most probably Ukrainians in the service of the P.erverted M.aniac Turdeau) ‘went to it’ and proceeded to employ horse trampling and baton batting to scare off a legitimate and organic demonstration against gov’t repression.

    My wife and I left the morning of the clampdown as I had broken some ribs; not in the protest, but by slipping in a bathtub shower at a mismanaged motel. I attempted to make my case at the owner’s office, but without much luck as they were too busy attending to other matters, probably things to do with the addition of a bed mattress on the floor just by the counter.

    Back Saskatchewan way, in the small city of Prince Albert, we were to encounter several new workers from Ukraine at the Canadian Tire store.
    All seemed fair enough but for the time I met a truck salesman fresh from Ukraine who told me how happy he was with Zelensky when I asked him. How so, I further inquired with such corruption over there. Then, I mentioned how awful our prime minister was, and to that statement he couldn’t quite comprehend. He wanted to continue this line of inquiry at my dissatisfaction with the mis-leader of Canada. Obviously me explaining the purpose of Freedom Convoy 2022 had no merit to him. Suddenly, he was paged and back in the sales room.
    Peculiarly, as a newcomer to Canada, he had no conception of the freedom movement and seemed more akin to the ideology of the hardheaded Azov Brigade.

    Curiously, others have I encountered of perhaps similar outlook. Just going into a Superstore there, I had a couple of 30-ish males speaking I guess a Russian-like tongue, who most likely were Ukrainians. One was right behind me and the other already in the produce section. They then proceeded to turnaround and leave the store through the entrance using it as the exit. I wanted to ask where they were from, but they left in a hurry. The one guy you wouldn’t want to meet out in the street as his face seemed to have some rearrangement to it.

    North Bay had those UN planes land and maybe that’s how the Ukrainians probably got to Canada to do some dirty work as possibly those “Green Goons” that the truckers had to face down in Ottawa at the time of the Emergencies Act imposition.
    Where else have these Ukrainians gone? Looks like some in the above-mentioned city in Saskatchewan. Must be other locales.
    Are these Ukrainians gonna be the bully-boys with the Mounties? Does the RCMP hope that Canadians across the land will finally have enough of the Communist subversion ala PM Turdhinger and his Muslim and East Indian preferred ones in their avid disavowal of this country’s most everything traditional?
    Pushing the limit before the Canadian Great Awakening and people’s realization that we’ve been had, makes for certain eventualities.
    Never too late…
    Just askin’ and just sayin’…
    Happy Easter to all and everyone !! (While it is still in the realm of free speech)

  5. I have said it many times over, Trudeau should be charged with Treason” period!! He is and continues to undermine this country, and the people know it?? Hopefully he gets defeated, and we can get this country back on track, where it should be!!

  6. I never felt so deeply about any serving Canadian government in my time as I do the hate I have for our current Liberal/NDP government.. We need to get rid of those good for nothings but our country’s depletion of wealth and poor governings of this and our great Promise Land. I’m discussted by them and can’t wait to wither that party down to a meaningless minority.. they deserve it..

  7. I never felt so deeply about any serving Canadian government in my time as I do the hate I have for our current Liberal/NDP government.. We need to get rid of those good for nothings but our country’s depletion of wealth and poor governings of this and our great Promise Land. I’m discussted by them and can’t wait to wither that party down to a meaningless minority.. they deserve it..


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