Is Trudeau Planning To Destroy The Internet In Canada?

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A reference to the character of King Midas in Greek mythology says it best:

“Everything he touches turns to gold.”

How unfortunate that its antithesis is most accurately applied to the prime minister of Canada: “everything he touches turns to trash.”

Well, not quite everything. For new arrival immigrants, refugees and 3rd World religious communities, Justin Trudeau’s Canada is their oyster. For the rest, it’s a nightmare of gargantuan proportions.

There are many variables involved in transitioning Canada to a pseudo-communist state. If one searches for a template,  look no further than communist China:

“China’s Great Internet Firewall  is the combination of legislative actions and technologies enforced by the People’s Republic of China to regulate the internet domestically. Its role in internet censorship in China is to block access to selected foreign websites and to slow down cross-border internet traffic.”

PM Justin Trudeau, along with Argentinian communist Minister of Heritage Pablo Rodriguez, are presently working to replicate China’s firewall in Canada.

“Despite numerous witnesses, including creators, platforms, and experts raising concerns about the implications of the bill on their creativity and expression, the government literally cut off debate.”

No debate– no democracy. Just as Trudeau prefers.

“Canadians watching the hearing would be rightly appalled, wondering how a democratic country that sees itself as a model for the world would descend to the level of racing through over a hundred amendments without discussions, debate or even public disclosure,” commented Canadian internet authority Michael Geist.

Canadians don’t want it. Nor do the largest social media platforms in the world.

“Owner Meta Platforms Inc. has warned Canada it is prepared to block the sharing of Canadian news content—like it did in Australia last year—unless the Liberal government amends legislation that would compel big digital companies to compensate domestic media outlets.”

How will neo-communist Trudeau react to this affront from Facebook?

In a Google Canada blog post, the internet giant said that there are aspects of the government’s proposal that “could be vulnerable to abuse and lead to the removal of legitimate content.”

Removal of legitimate content? It’s the stuff of Justin Trudeau’s deepest dream. At the risk of being nihilistic, Cultural Action Party deliver a prognosis:

The changes are high that Trudeau and haircut-deprived commie Pablo Rodriguez are going to get everything they want. In the process, our country will transition one-step closer to what our PM has planned for the future of society: Canada’s transition to a neo-communist one party state.

“Facebook’s notice to Canada could trigger the type of high-stakes battle that unfolded last year in Australia over the same issue of compensation for media outlets. Facebook’s move in Australia to block news on its platform ended after a five-day period.”

Australia is not post-modern Canada. Upon our soil, five days could conceivably extend to a five-month period. For our Liberal government, this may well be an equivalent to manna sent from heaven.

Our Liberal government despise social media. Pourquoi? Because this is where a fair degree of freedom of speech takes place every day of the year. Communist hate this kind of thing– and so does PM Trudeau.

Are the Liberals about to make a giant mess of the internet in Canada? CAP refuse to deny the possibility. With our country on the course for eradication of free speech on the internet, Justin Trudeau works to eradicate another fundamental of democratic governance.

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