Is Trudeau Locked Into A Destructive Agenda He Cannot Escape From?

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Justin Trudeau brings new meaning to the phrase “to tow the line.” In terms of ideological commitment, our prime minister has set entirely new standards. Trudeau returned from a Covid holiday to deliver a message to the strangers in the house:

“Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy and our fellow citizens’ daily lives. It has to stop.”

No Canadian has blockaded our economy and undermined our democracy and citizens daily lives like PM Trudeau. For what reason is our PM’s approach to governance hard-wired regardless of the circumstances? No matter what occurs, Trudeau never augments his gameplan. So cast-in-stone he is, our national leader appears as nothing less than a political automaton.

Our country can be falling down all around him. Rising inflation, lower standard of living. Social conflict exists as never before. Canadians are in the streets protesting government policy. And there stands Trudeau– an immutable solid rock of Woke Liberalism. And here media have the nerve to refer to the Liberals as a “progressive” political party.

None of it makes sense. Either there is something wrong with our prime minister, something wrong with our country– or both. How did Canada end up with a national leader who behaves in such robotic fashion? In grasping for an explanation, CAP turn to the idea of a “political covenant.”

In religion, a covenant is “a formal alliance or agreement made by God with a religious community or with humanity in general.”

There has always been “religious zeal” underpinning Trudeau’s actions as prime minister. When it comes to the wokism, the man is a zealot. No greater evangelist than he exists  regarding the fundamentals of World Economic Forum ethos.

Can this situation be one of pay-back manifest in a political covenant? It is far from the first time Cultural Action Party has alluded to the idea. First, we speculated that the government of China assisted Trudeau in the capture of his Canadian crown. When the  Covid pandemic began to manifest, we referenced the World Health Organization. After a reference by CEO Klaus Schwab to Liberal WEF members within the Liberal Cabinet, we added this organization.

All of it conjuring up a light-bulb moment: could it be that Justin Trudeau is wholly indebted to these forces? Is his behavior unconditional payback for favours bestowed upon him by power-playing globalist institutions?

Or more succinctly stated– are foreign entities responsible for Trudeau becoming prime minister? Did it follow that he was placed in a position where he must under all circumstances fulfill  promises established in a globalist covenant? Speculation on our part it is. Still, we challenge anyone to come up with a better theory on why Trudeau functions as a globalist rock in a weary land.

“You place me into office, and I work for you without wavering from the tenets of our covenant.”

Apart from this concept, no explanation exists. That is, apart from the idea that Justin Trudeau has mental issues no one is willing to speak of.

16 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Locked Into A Destructive Agenda He Cannot Escape From?”

  1. This so called PM, is mentally ill and should have a none confident vote against him and removed from Parliament. Anything good comes up or is suggested he is automatically against, Canada is ruined under this braindead dictator.

  2. Trudeau was placed by Klaus schwab and the WEF. He is fully indoctrinated and owned.
    Other world leaders died for not towing the line.
    I think he fears for his life.

  3. He’s obviously mentally ill. No one would sell their country be hated by the world and keep it up. I’m guessing he’ll be extremely rich from selling a country. I’m guessing his controllers have a plan to take it all back once they get him on their private island. I’m sure they will rid the world of this embarrassment.

  4. Klaus loves Trudeau, says half of Trudeau’s liberal cabinet is Davos trained. The only way I can see to get rid of him is a non confidence vote, include your mailing address in an email requesting that to our Attorney General David Lametti,
    Phoning his office is a long wait.
    It was so majestic watching the convoys make their way across Canada like superheroes and their freezing supporters, I cried. Then, such a downer to hear Trudeau’s bought mainstream media and he just call us all names. Seems that is all he’s got in his woke basket. Now he says,”Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions”. That is either pure insanity or a veiled threat of “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” that he has in store for us.

  5. Trudeau is dangerous, because he is too dumb to realize just how stupid he is. He is like a fish in water, wondering what the term “wet” means; because to him, it’s a natural state.

    Only thing worse is this. Even the people who voted for Justin Trudeau knew how dumb he was…but they voted for him anyway.

  6. Well, there’s no reasoning with a psychopath, so the only way is to overthrow, but we need more people to wake up to do that I think. Canadians are so brainwashed into compliancy from a young age; be polite and don’t contradict, don’t cause trouble, be agreeable and listen to everyone else. If this movement doesn’t wake up the majority of Canadians, what will?

  7. Justin Trudeau has promided his way into a corner .. he’s been proven time and again to be corrupt .. Im wondering who will finish him off first : The Judicial system .. (or what’s left of it) .. or his Masters , who he has failed ?
    So similar to other recent stories of blackmail of Princes, Politicians , where in order to get the goodies, the ‘partners’ offer entertainment , but they need a little ‘security’ , so the entertainment is recorded .. #justincase .


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