Is Trudeau Intentionally Destroying Home Affordability In Canada?

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According to weekly tracking from Nanos Research, affordable housing has shifted to the second highest area of concern for Canadian citizens, followed closely by inflation.

“As of Oct. 13, 18.3 per cent of Canadians surveyed said inflation was their top area of concern, followed by 14 per cent who listed housing and 11 per cent who cited jobs and the economy.”

The issue of immigration intake versus housing supply is critical to the health, well-being and financial stability for Canadians. It is with curiosity that CAP point to a statistic referenced in a recent article from the Toronto Sun:

“As the Trudeau government has cranked up immigration to record levels, the nation’s housing supply has failed to keep up. Hundreds of thousands of new Canadians are entering the country each year, while the number of new housing units being built is not even as high as it was in the 1970s.”

Can it be that the incongruity is intentional on the part of the Liberal government of Canada? If so, why would it occur?

Government make a decision to establish the largest immigration quota in history. Understanding that the process calls for a supply of adequate housing, the Feds get busy in an attempt to provide living accommodations in reasonable proportion to the annual intake.

Or they don’t. If not, what are the ramifications? Some go without a roof over their head. Others are locked out from home affordability and its number one economic benefit, the build-up of home equity, a standard for wealth accumulation in Canada.

Is PM Justin Trudeau out to deny this privilege to the people of Canada? Some of them, perhaps for nefarious purposes.

According to Vancouver’s Fraser Institute, over the past half-decade, “Canada’s population has increased by an average of 553,568 people annually. Meanwhile, the average number of new housing units  has grown by 205,762 a year.”

“This is the largest housing gap in our history.”

In tandem with another piece of information: As established by the Liberals, Canada now maintains the highest immigration intake quotas in our history.

As Shakespeare once wrote, “there’s the rub.” Why on earth would the federal government of Canada allow this situation to fester?

‘Canada’s Housing Affordability Crisis Is Now Actually Changing People’s Lives’

“Terrible housing affordability is forcing adults aged 34 and younger to flee the cities in which they grew up. Younger Canadians also are putting off marriage and waiting longer to have children.” 

And who are the new urban dwellers taking the place of the Canadian-born? Why, that would be government’s coveted 3rd World migrants:

July 18th, 2023:

“Most newcomers to Canada settle in one of the country’s three largest cities: Toronto, Ontario. Montréal, Quebec. Vancouver, British Columbia.”

We draw a conclusion: lack of home affordability is contributing to a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “white flight.” Out of our largest urban centres go Canada’s natural-born, “Old Stock” citizens, replaced by new arrivals from leading migrant nations such as India, China, Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

Media say nothing. When it comes to parsing out the impact based on ethnic-identity, they never do. If it doesn’t relate to community oppression, media don’t bother with it.

The net result being an ominous condition most Canadians fail to grasp: in myriad ways, Anglo-European citizens are being pushed to the periphery of society.

Government say we are racists. Immigrants say we are bigots. Media brand our kind homophobes. Our volume is shrinking rapidly. White birth-rates are the lowest among all identifiable communities, inclusive of First Nations peoples.

One political figure we know of certainly hasn’t done the housing situation any good– Liberal MP and former Minister of Housing, Ahmed Hussen:

“NDP MP Jenny Kwan  joins Conservative MPs in finding it ‘strange’ that [Ahmed] Hussen refuses to admit Canada faces a housing crisis — at the same time he has recently bought a second apartment to rent out.”

‘Sabrina Maddeaux: Liberal Minister Ahmed Hussen Desperate To Keep Housing Prices High’

“Saying housing isn’t political implies the crisis just magically appeared out of thin air, but Hussen knows full well it’s the result of intentional policy choices that picked winners and losers.

CAP believe Maddeaux implicitly. In our opinion, Mr. Hussen is very much interested in winners and losers, with the latter being the millions of us who do not fall into the “new arrival” category.

“Hussen goes on to inexplicably blame [Pierre] Poilievre for not doing more to address housing affordability under former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, entirely ignoring that it was under eight years of Liberal rule that Canada’s home prices doubled and entire generations were effectively locked out of ownership.”

Conclusion? Hussen did a crappy job, possibly with intention, and promptly got called out for it by opposition parties. Meanwhile, over in Statistics-land, we uncover some additional gems:

Fertility rates have been steadily declining since 2009, In 2020, Canada experienced the lowest number of births since 2007 and the greatest year-over-year decrease in births (-3.6%) since 1997.

96% of population growth in Canada is attributed to immigration. A new study shows that the birth rate among immigrant women is nearly twice that of their Canadian-born counterparts.

Stop the press. Actually, there’s no need. The press have stopped themselves. How so? By omitting every idea and fact presented above.

Let the marginalization of the descendants of the founders of Canada continue unabated. Government don’t speak of it, media don’t print it, our Marxist-infused university professors don’t talk about it.

Silence is golden? CAP  hate to be catastrophic, but doesn’t all this sound like a recipe for disaster? Of course it does. That’s what the Liberals pay media the big bucks for– to obscure and bury the truth while a systemic agenda of community disempowerment is implemented in society.

Long-term readers of Cultural Action Party may recognize that we cannot get through an article of this nature without making reference to Marxism, and its application by way of communist ideology.

Rule # 1 within Communist societies: No Home Ownership.

“Private ownership of enterprises and property had essentially remained illegal throughout the Soviet era, with Soviet Communism emphasizing national control over all means of production but human labour.”

Soft communist time in Canada? Don’t count it out, fellow patriots. After which we inject a final clue into Justin Trudeau’s World Economic Forum-inspired assault on freedom and democracy:

Universal Basic Income:

“Liberal delegates to the party’s policy convention have overwhelmingly endorsed a resolution calling for the establishment of a universal basic income (UBI) in Canada. By a vote of 77 per cent, Liberal members on hand for the policy plenary today backed a call to permanently implement an income program.”

Bingo. Let the pieces of the puzzle come together to paint a portrait of Trudeau’s “post-modern” society:

Guaranteed income for all while maximizing a lack of home ownership for generational, Canadian-born citizens.

Just as it is in China. Witness as CAP hit one out of the park in the name of Canada’s most taboo topic: the future of our country, including the pending fate of Anglophones, and other “Old Stock” communities.

Media sit in silence. Well, not in an absolute sense. On the the topic of racism, they’re loud-mouthed. On so-called “Islamophobia,” they’re all over the media map. Homophobia is up there too, in addition to dreaded “Transphobia.”

But never– ever– is the plight of traditional communities addressed by CBC and corporate media. Heavens-to-Betsy, it’s as if these types don’t even exist.  Only within the province of Quebec, where Anglophones are under attack by government,  do we witness the use of the word “Anglophone” in media narrative.

Outside of the ethnocentric Quebecois bubble, focus on Anglophone Canadians in media amounts to zero. Which, if all goes well for the woke, will likely constitute the volume of “traditional” citizens in the long term.

Not to mention a deliberate attempt to transition Canada to a neo-communist society. To be followed one day by the real thing.

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