Is Trudeau Facilitating China’s Move To Control Northern Canada’s Economy?

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China has just released its 2021-25 strategic plan to engage in international co-operation to create its “Polar Silk Road,” a component of its overall Global Belt and Road Initiative.

According to Globe & Mail article dated March 11th, 2021, Canada’s North and Greenland hold the critical minerals that China needs for everything from building its renewable energy economy to its 5G infrastructure.”

“Whoever is prepared to exploit the shipping route will control the global supply chain of those minerals.”

So what has the ruling Liberal government of Canada done to impede this major economic initiative from communist China? The answer is simple enough: nothing.

In terms of the Trudeau’s vision for a project with massive economic implications for our country, government has a “vague framework with no clear implementation plan.”

Globe & Mail being a media outlet tasked with smoothing out the negative elements of Liberal policy, have eluded a significant possibility:

Is PM Trudeau intentionally holding back on this project for the benefit of the government of China? No one can deny that fact that Canada’s collective radar regarding the behemoth nation is presently on “high-alert.” Poll after poll reveal our general public’s lack of approval for this communist nation’s penetration of our society.

Against public will, this project would give China a giant “foot-hold” in our Northern region. Under this agenda, the Chinese government will own vast amounts of infrastructure and mineral resources in the Arctic region of Canada.

For CAP, it sounds like a giant piece of economic and strategic acquisition. Beyond this, it represents yet another integration of China’s interests within Canada.

How “Trudeau” this is. Naturally, establishment media take the edge off the ramifications of this project. They are also failing to ask vital questions, for example:

Is Justin Trudeau knowingly and with intent permitting China to quietly gain  control of the Canadian North? Is this a component of the “Great Reset” being sublimated for the benefit of the government of China?

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“Over the past decade, Northern industry and regional experts have called on Ottawa to deliver an Arctic strategy. To no avail, a group of Northern leaders have come together with the aim to collectively build a vision for Canada’s North for 2040.”

“So far, Canada has not shown up to the conversation.”

Is this yet another case of a Trudeau family prime minister opening the door for China’s geo-economic aspirations? It would be far from the first.

As CAP has alluded to ad nauseum, a strange relationship between the Liberal Party, the Trudeau Family, and communist China has been in existence for the past fifty years. It was ex-PM Pierre Trudeau who first opened the gate for China to “crash the Canadian party” in the year 1971.

Is current PM Justin Trudeau today in the process of facilitating a back-door move for China to “own” Northern Canada?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Facilitating China’s Move To Control Northern Canada’s Economy?”

  1. Surveillance is needed – for Trudeau. It is not clear which side he is on. Like Germany’s Merkel, he could be a puppet of China’s CP. Not proven, but theoretically possible.

  2. No surveillance needed, it is a fact he is a puppet for CCP China along with Freeland.

    With everything he does and says, it is a given he does not give a shit about Canadians. He cares more about hurting Chinas feelings. If he is not removed from office real fast we are all in big trouble.


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