Is Trudeau Facilitating China’s Eventual Control Of Canada?

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Although China’s agricultural output is the largest in the world, only 10% of its total land area can be cultivated. China’s arable land, which represents 10% of the total arable land in the world, supports over 20% of the world’s population.

By the end of 2019, total arable land in China amounted to 1.28 million sq km (490,000 sq miles)  down 6% compared with a decade earlier. The amount of arable(farmable) land amounts to 13% of China’s total land mass.

Huge population, low percentage of farmable land. Not that this is the only factor in the government of China’s mission to gobble up the world’s natural resources.

Pollution is the leading contributor to erosion of farmland in China. A report published in 2014 states that one fifth of China’s farmland is polluted.

CAP wonder about the level of awareness in Canada regarding such statistics. No surprise, we have a theory on why mainstream media refuse to expose the recession of arable land back in the motherland.

Our Liberal government doesn’t want Canadians to know about it. The reason for the hold-back is an area of fascination. In terms of natural resources, Canada comes in at #4 on a worldwide basis.

We put together the pieces of the puzzle. China’s population relative to natural resources and arable land is unsustainable. To remedy the problem, their government is presently on a world-wide expedition to buy up the world’s most valuable natural resources.

Of course, it’s not simply a matter of importing as much as possible of every form of natural resource. The type of resource remains critical to the equation.

China is particularly interested in “new economy” resources. While the behemoth nation of the Far East remains the most polluted country on the planet, their government maintain a burning interest in “post-modern” natural resource acquisition.

‘Chinese Owner Of Manitoba Mine Wants To Drain Lake To Extract Cesium From One Of World’s Few Deposits’

“Cesium reacts explosively with water means that caesium is considered a hazardous material, and the radioisotopes present a significant health and ecological hazard in the environment.”

Holy Cow. Are we understanding this correctly? Not only did a Chinese company receive Canadian government approval to buy up Canada’s supply of this valuable commodity. Upon acquisition, they make a play to drain the lake containing Cesium, an environmental hazard if there ever has one.

“The push to mine Tanco’s cesium stems from the worldwide scarcity of the element, which is used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells, medical imaging and maintaining time in atomic clocks, among other uses.”

“In its pure form, cesium is liquid at room temperature, may burst into flames in air and will explode in contact with water.”

Sound like the makings of a environmental disaster to you? All around the world, China is silently scooping up “new economy” natural resources like Cesium.

CAP wonder why Canadian media refuse to place a spotlight on these developments. Upon which we formulate a basic theory:

Canada— Clean environment, major arable land, small population.

China— Polluted environment, disappearing arable land, giant population.

Fitting together like hand-in-glove? Could this be the reason why media refuse to delve into these issues?

Try this quick experiment for yourself: Go to Google Images and type in keywords “China Pollution.” If the results are like ours, you will see dozens of pictures of extreme pollution, particularly in urban areas. Skies in major cities are thick with polluted air. Rivers are so bad they take on a reddish hue from pollution dumped into them from Chinese factories.

Canada media have intentionally hidden this away for decades. They never write about it, nor do they include photographic evidence.

Why? Is there something about Canada’s relationship with China that media do not want Canadians to understand? Could a covert, reciprocal relationship exist intent on fusing these two countries together over time?

Is PM Justin Trudeau silently facilitating the integration of China into Canadian society? A look at their influence on Canadian politics could lead one toward this conclusion.

Evidence begins to mount as we consider what falls outside the spectrum of China’s worldwide hunt for the best of the best in natural resources.

China’s interference in all three levels of Canadian politics provides an impetus for concern. Then there’s PM Trudeau’s implementation of China-style internet censorship. The Liberals Covid crackdown, resulting in an erosion of democratic principles, is another China-sourced area of social control.

Is there something about Canada-China relations that has for decades been held back from the knowledge of the Canadian people?

Although at times critical of communist nation, legacy media in Canada spend an inordinate amount of time covering-up or obscuring the source of the calamity. This comes in the form of a 50-year agenda of Liberal Party-Chinese government interaction.

If it were up to Trudeau’s Liberals, Canadians would have never gained awareness of an alleged plot to transition 11 federal ridings away from the Conservative Party, and into the hands of Liberal MP’s.

A travesty it is. Incredibly(not really), the incident has not brought an end to Justin Trudeau’s neo-dictatorial control of society. There he remains, propped up by a media cooperative paid to preserve his neo-communist political agenda.

It all fits together so well– the very reason why CBC and the rest won’t be informing Canadians of such concepts.

Upon which we speculate on the end-game. All political roads are leading to a transition of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. On a world-wide basis, China is the king of dictatorships.

Our “conspiracy theory” makes sense– the reason why the entire phenomenon has been expunged by Canada’s controlling institutions. Government, media, as well as Canadian academia.

China wants Canada. Rather than dedicating himself to preservation of our national sovereignty, Justin Trudeau is first-in-line to sell out our country.

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