Is Trudeau Creating A 3rd World-Quebecois Dominant Society?

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Who suffers, and who benefits from multiculturalism in Canada? What a wonderful question to be able to pose to Canadian media.

The difficulty arrives not in positing the question, but in receiving any form of response. CBC wouldn’t, nor corporate media. Add to them “experts” from our academic communities.

Due to the taboo nature of a politically incorrect question, CAP will have to answer for ourselves. Let us consider this from a community-by-community perspective:

Within Canada’s “multicultural” society, the big winners are our 3rd World communities. From day one in office, PM Justin Trudeau has elevated Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Chinese-Canadians above our Anglo-European “Old Stock” communities.

Anecdotal evidence will not be supplied. As regular readers are aware, CAP has analyzed these issues in microscopic detail. Trudeau’s Liberals have from the very start pandered to Canada’s “new arrival” contingent. For example, their battle against “Islamophobia” with an exclusive-to-Islam M103 motion, in addition to a plethora of so-called “Anti-Hate” campaigns.

On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Anglophone-Canadians, who today serve as a battering ram for government, media and academia. Blaming these communities for our historical shortcomings, Canada’s social tables have now been turned.

Steadily, incrementally, Mr. Trudeau is in the process of inverting Canada’s social order. Old Stock communities are not having children. They can’t afford them. To remedy the situation, government will import 1.4 million immigrants–90% from 3rd World nations– to our shores over the next three years.

While Canada’s demographic transformation via immigration from China, India, Pakistan, Iran and Nigeria is reasonably well understood, a secondary element has received far too little focus.

Justin Trudeau is Quebecois. While la belle province share a degree of demographic transformation experienced by English Canada, the circumstances are very different.

Governmental autonomy in Quebec is a luxury that English Canada has been denied. From French language advancement to provincial autonomy regarding immigration policy, cultural retention in Quebec remains high priority.

“It must be recognized that the two founding peoples of Canada are fundamentally equal and that Québec, by virtue of its language, culture and institutions, forms a distinct society within the Canadian federal system and has all the attributes of a distinct national community.”

–Quebec’s Constitutional Status: An Overview

Fundamentally equal? No such luck for English Canada. To a reasonable extent, one can fairly claim that the federal Liberal Party are Quebec, and Quebec is the Liberal Party. Stretching beyond our borders, political cynics could claim the same regarding China. Ever since Quebecois Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau forced Canada’s conversion to Multiculturalism, the Liberals and Chinese government have been joined at the hip. Media say nothing of the sort.

Multiculturalism. Diversity. Quebec. China. Abortion Policy. Assisted Dying. Middle Eastern oil, Sikh separatism. Each one a Trudeau-Liberal political staple; each  detrimental to that which falls outside the woke Liberal spectrum:

English Canada, and it’s Anglo-European citizens. We solidify our sentiments to draw a conclusion. In 2022, Quebec is top priority. So too are Trudeau’s dictatorship-advancing 3rd World voter base. Islam is way up there, as is Sikhism. LGBT is another preferred community.

A single identifiable community exists as the outlier: Canadians of European heritage. These folks fall outside the spectrum of concern from government. In fact, it’s even worse. In terms of community vilification,Anglophones are number one on Trudeau’s charts. For seven years, our PM and his “cosmopolitan” cabinet of half-citizens and neo-communists have been running down our people.

CAP tally up the scores:

Winners: French Canada, Quebec, “racialized” Canadians, non-Christians.

Losers: English Canada, Anglophones, Alberta, Old Stocks, Christians.

Kindly name one benefit Anglophones have received via institutionalized “diversity” in the past half-century. Throughout this time period, no tangible benefit has resulted for our communities. In fact, our position in society has been driven nowhere but downhill.

We turn to media– John Ivison, Chris Selley, Andrew Coyne, Terry Glavin, John Ibbitson as examples of leading journalists. Not one has alluded to our fate. Publishers and Editors at CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, National Post.  Not once has an Op-ed piece appeared that has questioned this historical trajectory, and its impact on Anglophone Canada.

These writers are themselves Anglophones. Why do they perpetually refrain from focusing on our country’s axiomatic social transformation? Can the marginalization of Anglophone Canada be written into the long-term script for our country?

CAP believe that it is. We believe that the smugness from which PM Trudeau declared Canada a post-modern nation will deliver this this destiny for Anglo-Canadians.

This, fellow patriots, has been in the cards since a communist named Pierre Trudeau unilaterally transformed the destiny of our society. Who can believe this erudite man-of-the-world didn’t understand the long-term impact of these policies?

Of course he did. What happened some 50-years later? Justin Trudeau became national leader. Each day in office this man works to reinforce the socialist state dream conceptualised by his so-called “father.”

Can it be that Justin Trudeau and his Quebec-centric Liberals are, in fact, still fighting the battle of the “Plains of Abraham?” Is their goal the decimation of English Canada? Is this a covert, silent war against our people?

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

“In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy’s country whole and intact.”

Have the Liberals lifted their agenda from ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu? As a foundation, did they then purchase Canadian media to obscure our national transformation? Is Justin Trudeau’s “Quiet Revolution” a weapon of covert warfare?

So many questions, so much media silence. Whatever the breakdown, one point can be taken to the Canadian bank– if the account has not been frozen by our quasi-communist federal government.

While woke liberals and their multicult supporters claim that “white privilege” dominates society, the opposite is the truth. Justin Trudeau’s neo-communist war continues.

3 thoughts on “Is Trudeau Creating A 3rd World-Quebecois Dominant Society?”

  1. I believe what you say to be true. The unfortunate thing in my mind is that young people will never know what true freedom is. I’m almost Beyond caring because we as Canadians are letting this happen. It is not in our nature to be the resistance. The liberal mind control over Canadians is beyond belief. Many truly believe carbon taxes are going to change carbon emissions in this country. Fat chance.

  2. “Can’t afford to have [White/racist :)]children.” That’s been the case for quite a long time, and it’s now much; much worse. Exorbitant; punishingly high taxes. Unaffordable housing. Loss of jobs that pay enough to raise even a small family. (They’re going to the “racialized” community.) Male emasculation. The mountains of money wasted by previous governments, and now the worst of the worse–Big time spender; Third World sugar daddy Trudope. That long nosed putz never met a murderous dictator he didn’t like; or emulate. It’s more than enough to make one to weep. During the “good years;” Quebec used to be the tail wagging the dog; now it’s a competition: Between Quebec, and the Third World interlopers.

    One must consider: Most of our own Euro-Canadian kin cannot afford to bring children into the world. Meanwhile; the (mostly) economic migrants that Trudeau brings here by the sh*tload–Are busy little rabbits. One kid after another; five–six–seven. How can they afford them? Hmmm. Let me guess….Trudeau’s perpetual money machine supports them. That would be us, and the next fifteen generations. But wait! Descendants of the founders/settlers of this country are on the endangered people list. (Exalted Quebecois excluded.) We’re disappearing! I guess the Third World baby factories will be on the hook for the debt. Assuming there is a Canada. Nukes are in the air. Barring that; Chinada is a very real possibility. Chinese military invasion anyone? Like taking candy from a baby. Trudeau will be there to cheer them on. Before they liquidate him.

    Postscript: Infrequently; I see a young (White) mothers pushing a baby carriage; With lovely little blonde kids in tow. I marvel, and feel very sad. She’s like a foreigner in her own country, and her poor kids have an uphill battle. What chance do these kids have? Brainwashing in “school.” LGBT++ shoved down their throat–as early as kindergarten. Minorities in their own schools. No future job prospects. No home purchases. White “racist” drilled into their impressionable minds. False histories of their ancestors/country. It is to weep. Anyone with a young family is awfully brave. That’s the worsening state of Bananada; in the year of Beelzebub Trudeau.


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