Is Trudeau About To Use Canada’s Covid Misery To Win An Election?

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to call a federal election this month, taking advantage of a ramped-up vaccine roll-out to regain the parliamentary majority he lost in 2019.

Bringing about a most salient question: how has it come to be that the greatest catastrophe in modern history is serving as a political “shot in the arm” for Justin Trudeau?

It is arguable that by calling an election at this time, Mr. Trudeau is taking advantage of society’s pandemic misery for personal gain. Instead of considering such a point of view, establishment media  speak of the Liberal’s “strategic window of time” to ensure a return to a majority government.

“How crafty it would be if the Liberals can sneak in an election before the 4th wave arrives. Now is the time for Trudeau to take advantage of an increase in the polls based upon his pandemic performance” and so on and so forth.

Cultural Action Party has a better idea. Why don’t the Liberals and our leftist media get together to create a press release entitled “Three Cheers For Our Side?”

Isn’t it comforting to know that government and legacy media are working together to leverage social misery by locking in Trudeau’s Liberals for additional four years.

In case any readers failed math, this will make for a full decade of Justin Trudeau. Now that’s true misery. As our PM transforms social disaster into political success, serious students of politics may want to recognize what media refuse to confess:

Nothing will stop Justin Trudeau. Plague, disease, missing children’s charity funds– you name it, and the politician in teflon survives it to lead in the polls.

The situation is binary in structure: either Justin’s popularity is real, or it is a lie. At least one observation speaks for the latter. Consider the punching bag of the American left, Donald Trump. Even as he was despised, countless photo and video media images revealed scores of rabid Trump supporters waving placards in the faces of CNN cameramen.

Not so for Justin Trudeau. Do tell–where are the hoards of frothing-at-the-mouth fans waving Transgender flags in the air?  We have seen Trudeau himself waving this banner with glee–but never do we see flesh-and blood supporters of Trudeau himself. Does this man actually have supporters, or what?

Now, contrast this with his humungous popularity according to media, as well as leadership in every public opinion poll of the last four years. Can anyone remember when the Conservative Party last led in a federal poll? When was this– at the conclusion of the Battle of 1812?

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There is something very wrong within this political dynamic. If CAP didn’t know better, we would believe Justin Trudeau has been “prime minister designate’ for the past six years, and is about to receive license to continue for an additional four years.

According to a recent article from the Globe & Mail, opposition parties say “Justin Trudeau would be irresponsible to trigger an election amid heightened concern over a fourth wave of the pandemic”

Degree to which this will impede a Liberal victory? Try nothing. Pourquoi? Because the past six years has shown the that Trudeau is made of political steel. Immutable, omniscient, omnipotent remains the former drama teacher.

Who would vote for this person knowing that he may intentionally utilize the greatest social disaster of the past century to gain his precious majority government? Indeed, some will. For CAP, the very concept is detestable

Then again, who really knows–perhaps some pseudo-dictators cannot lose under any circumstances. As in, regardless if  Canadians place a single vote, or choose to watch Hockey Night in Canada instead.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Is Trudeau About To Use Canada’s Covid Misery To Win An Election?”

  1. Trudope is no more then A Pawn in the Chess Game… In the reality I live in and the people who I observed are not a Trudope Fan or a Liberal… The Majority I know of are well aware of the corruption and shenanigans of the last 5 years but yet they don’t realize the rest of the Parties are tarred with the same brush. Plus once in, they will also have to play the same game because there is a Hidden that tell them what to do!!! My Opinion, Governments are Parasites that feed off the Working Class!!!

  2. For anyone on the fence about who to vote for this election remember these words and remember this photo.

    Remember the smoke taste at the back of your throat.

    Remember that Trudeau called an election while the West coast of this country is literally on fire, in the middle of evacuations.

    Remember that Trudeau called an election during the worst drought the prairies have seen in years, while farmers are opening their combines to find nothing but grasshoppers.

    Remember that he has no clue what is actually going on in his own country. Then, remember that you don’t have to vote Liberal to be a Liberal… you have choices.

    Remember how he treated Jody Wilson-Raybould and remember the multiple times he was convicted of ethics violations. He has earned the right to lose this election even if the polls don’t seem to show it.

    Remember that he had no NEED to put us through this, he just wants more power. He does not deserve it.

    *I see this is being shared, feel free to add your own “Remember That…” in the comments


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