Is There Anything Canadians Can Trust About Justin Trudeau?

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According to a Sept. 27, 2022 poll from Angus Reid, 49% of respondents believe the word “arrogant” best describes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 45% said they believed that Trudeau was “dishonest,” while 39% said he was “corrupt.”

By any standards, these numbers indicate a virulent lack of trust among Canadians regarding ruling PM Justin Trudeau.

He’s still in power, of course. Cultural Action Party can’t help but pose a salient question: who is it that actually wants Trudeau to be the leader of our country? It’s with no small degree of irony that we respond with the following: non-Canadians with vested interest in controlling the fate of a dying democracy.

Has Justin Trudeau transitioned Canada to a play-thing for international power-players like World Economic Forum? Add to this the World Health Organization, who came to control Canadian society with the advent of the Covid pandemic.

Providing a smooth segue into another major player for an erasure of freedom and democracy in Canada– the communist government of China.

It was with trepidation that establishment media exposed a breaking story this week:

According to a leading Canadian media outlet, the communist government of China is in the process of entrenching its draconian police state within our society. Canada’s Globe & Mail claim it is being done “with no worry about being confronted by our own national security agencies.”

“The Fuzhou Public Security Bureau has established more than 50 overseas police service centres in cities around the world – including three in Toronto.

Upon which CAP take a moment to contemplate these surreal circumstances. Media are reporting that the establishment of China’s police stations in Canada is entirely focused on Chinese nationals and immigrants who violate the standards of the communist government(China–not Canada).

In no manner has there been speculation on whether Canadian-born citizens will fall under the same umbrella. What would occur if, for example, Randy White of Orilla, Ontario publicly condemns China’s leadership? Will a Canadian with no connection to the motherland become targeted by China’s government?

And what are the long-term implications? Are replicas of the police stations to appear in all Canadian cities? Is it simply stage one of a tactical Chinese police infiltration of our society?

You won’t be hearing PM Trudeau rail against the post-modern development. Justin Trudeau is China’s “man in Canada.” The history of Liberal Party connections to the Chinese government go back a half-century. Throughout this 50-year time period, media has yet to expose the relationship to Canadians.

“Earlier this month it was reported in the Canadian media that dozens of Chinese-Canadian organizations had come together to condemn an upcoming parliamentary trade mission to Taiwan.”

“What was missed at the time was that the organizations in question were actually members of China’s ‘United Front’ network, which is tasked with influencing foreign societies to Beijing’s benefit.”

‘Poll: 1 in 3 Canadians Believe Trudeau Should Stay In Power As Tories Edge Ahead’

So says an article delivered this week by Global News. Being a division of our Liberal government, mainstream media take the edge off the development.

A proper headline would read like this:

‘2 out of 3 Canadians Want Justin Trudeau Gone’

“When it comes to vote intention, the Conservatives are currently on top with 37% of the vote among decided or leaning voters. The Liberals have fallen down to 30%, while the NDP sit at 20%.

Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party may sit at 20%, but in many ways, they hold the key to Trudeau’s quasi- dictatorship. Witness as our press get all worked-up about the CPC surge.

It’s little more than a game. Because of NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, the Liberals can continue to control Canada until late 2025. A lot a can change in this time period. Trudeau could be replaced, and any new leader is certain to be female.

Picture it now. CBC and corporate media begin to plug the “first female Liberal prime minister” ticket. The woke of Canada swell with pride at a monumental “progressive” social development.

Riding the politically correct wave into the sunset, the Liberals and their media partners successfully thwart the Conservative ticket. Not that it’s a given. Still, keen observers would be wise not to rule out the possibility.

In short, the Liberals will do anything and everything to stay in power. Inclusive of indulging in one of Justin Trudeau’s favourite pastimes. CAP call this the Liberal “Gender Wars.”

“Disapproval for Trudeau is much higher among men than women, with half of men over the age of 34 – and more than two-in-five younger than that – saying they strongly disapprove of the Liberal leader. Women over the age of 54 are the most likely demographic to positively appraise Trudeau,” wrote analysts.

Is a payoff now in place? For seven years, Trudeau has played light-footed woke warrior for gender advancement, including his penultimate pastime: the advancement of Transgenderism for Canadians of all ages.

Will his people-kind persona win him a fourth term? It remains to be seen. No common sense Canadian should count it out.

As published by True North News, “a large portion of Canadians believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is arrogant, dishonest and corrupt.”

By all accounts, Justin Trudeau is the most disliked politician in Canadian history. Does it mean he is headed for a prime ministerial dust-bin? Not necessarily. After globalizing Canada in the style of presumed parent Pierre Trudeau, Canadians should wonder who  holds the balance of power in Canada.

Media want Trudeau. So too WEF, WHO, China, Islamic governments, LGBT leaders and transgender-promoters. If a despised Justin Trudeau wins a fourth term as prime minister, these forces will be the reason for it.

7 thoughts on “Is There Anything Canadians Can Trust About Justin Trudeau?”

  1. I do believe what I just read…our GD Media is bought and paid for by our TAX$$$$, he has got to go! From an 81 year old Progressive conservative ,

    CHINESE POLICE IN OUR COUNTRY IS THE WORST! When asked many years ago Justin has said it’s the country HE MOST ADMIRES! The trucker convoy is a true example of our new dictator!

  2. (1) “Women over the age of 54 are the most likely demographic to positively appraise Trudeau,[“] wrote analysts.” Once he’s finshed wrecking Canada; Trudeau can find work as a Lothario. We’re being done in by women swooning over Turdo? In that case; we’d be well served if the looks challenged “Transport Minister” Omar Abracadabra (former donut salesman) replaced his master.

    (2) “The Fuzhou Public Security Bureau has established more than 50 overseas police service centres in cities around the world….” Don’t they mean primarily Western cities? The Chinese have their Red Dragon eyes upon the Prize.

  3. The very sad reality is that we have ignored Sting’s words: “There is no political solution”. At 74, I have seen enough to conclude that whenever there is a regime change, the beat goes on. Where are the true statesmen( or women)? Politicians enter public life for there own gain and aggrandizement. Statesmen do so out of concern for the welfare of the nation.

    Justin, Pierre, Jagmeet, or even Maxime, the only real difference is the colour of their election signs. Anyone who has watched an hour of our parliament in action would reel at the childish antics, the name calling, the bluster and the bullshit.. and ask, “Where is the leadership? Where is the intent to find common ground and consensus the will benefit the majority of Canadians?”

    The very structure of our governments, one of opposition, demands an adversarial win/lose outcome of any decision. Imagine shareholders of a corporation filling the boardroom with members bound to conflict? Not a company I’d invest in! So why do we allow ourselves and our nation to be guided by this model? The party system is a joke that is doomed to bomb. Does anyone fail to see the folly of system wherein the country gets led by someone who only got 30+ % of voter approval? What if there were 10 political parties instead of 5?

    Would some clown who won 14% of the vote ascend to the throne? Until we address the elephant in the livingroom, we will never fix our problems with yet another election

  4. I think you have the age 54+ women all wrong. I am 61 and any of the women I have spoken with cannot stand the arrogant, self cantered, self righteous, lying, smug, cockey, SOB. Oh and he doesn’t have nice hair nor is he anything to look at with honking big nose. If he actually sincerely cared about women, and Canadians and Canada he would maybe stand a chance with our 54+ age group, but as it is he doesn’t and we don’t.

  5. I had a dream about Justin. I was in a mall with him. food courts were involved, it was weird, and somewhat friendly especially when so many prayers to the Cobra God that his plane crashes and burns on a mountain top and well, you know the scene.


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