Is There A Liberal-NDP Plot To Destroy Conservatism In Alberta?

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For years now, politics in the province of Alberta have remained emblematic of a curious contradiction. On the one hand, conservatism as advanced by the United Conservative Party (UPC) has resulted in election victories for current Premier Danielle Smith, as well as  predecessor Jason Kenney.

Meanwhile, on a municipal level, candidates for mayoral positions have gained office in surprising fashion. The election of current Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi in late 2021 stands as one of the most peculiar achievements in the history of Alberta politics.

“Amarjeet Sohi, mayor of Edmonton 2021–present was born 8 March 1964 in Banbhaura, Punjab, India. After being accused of terrorism and imprisoned in India for 21 months, Amarjeet Sohi became involved in municipal politics in Edmonton.”

In this we find symbiosis with another leading political figure, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh.

“Very few knew that Jagmeet was denied a visa in 2013 to visit India, apparently for his anti-India activities and his links to extremists.

It’s a long way from Tommy Douglas, former premier of Saskatchewan, founder of the New Democratic Party, Baptist minister and politician.

Upon initial victory, PM Justin Trudeau appointed Sohi to serve in his Cabinet as Liberal Minister of Infrastructure and Communities.

“In a July 2018 cabinet shuffle, Sohi was appointed Minister of Natural Resources. At the time, the government was being criticized by Western premiers and those in the oil and gas sector for promoting climate change policies that could negatively impact that sector.”

Sound like a set-up for a resounding victory for Sohi as Mayor of Edmonton?  Since when did a desire to an impede Oil and Energy production transition to a ticket for political success in Alberta? Isn’t it more likely that voters would run for the hills as an ex-Liberal Cabinet Member makes a shift to municipal politics?

He won anyway– thus establishing a former federal Liberal politician as mayor in Canada’s most conservative province. In turn, Sohi has done such a great job that Premier Danielle Smith’s government is now considering a move to “stabilize and audit ” the City of Edmonton.

“It comes as crisis after crisis has plagued city hall of late.”

“Edmonton has gone from a $52 million city budget debt in 2023 to a controversial 6.6 per cent tax increase for property owners in 2024, from uproar over crime, homelessness, drug use and the police removal of encampments to bitter labour negotiations.”

A result of incompetence on the part of a politician who was covertly planted into office?

Amarjeet Sohi’s victory occurred on the same day that Jyoti Gondek, another Punjabi Canadian, was elected as mayor of Calgary.  Turns out the mayor of Alberta’s largest city is also in hot-water:

‘Bell: Jyoti Gondek Not Sure She’ll Run For Mayor Of Calgary Again’

Apart from a recall petition signed by 42,000 Albertans, the general mood surrounding the tenure of Ms. Gondek has been anything but pretty. 

“There is a sizeable group of Calgarians who say they don’t want to see tax hikes and especially yearly tax increases of almost 8%.”

Blimey– there’s also a sizable group of Canadians(nearly all of them) who don’t want a Liberal government-imposed Carbon Tax increase headed our way on April 1st, 2024. 

“Calgary city council voted Tuesday to approve a new climate strategy, replacing a 2018 strategy and following council’s decision last fall to declare a climate emergency.” The plan outlines that numerous actions will need to be taken between now and 2050 to help Calgary reach its climate target of net-zero emissions.”

Spoken like a true clone of the federal Liberals. Since when does local mayor of an average-size city begin hyper-ventilating over a climate emergency? It’s literally impossible for such a condition to exist in Calgary, and here’s why:

China currently emits 26% of world-wide carbon emissions. Canada is pegged at 1.6%. Currently, the population of Canada just reached a figure of 41 million, while Calgary’s population is 1.6 million.

Do the math to discover that on an international basis, Calgary would emit approximately 0.000064% of worldwide emissions. Sound like an “emergency” to you? But it might, if a person was a Liberal Party puppet in disguise.

Another Mayor of Calgary may fit the bill as the original political puppet injected into the arena of Alberta politics.

Naheed Kurban Nenshi (born February 2, 1972) was born in TorontoOntario, and raised in Calgary. His parents, Kurbanali Hussein and Noorjah were Ismaili Muslims of Indian origin who immigrated to Canada from Tanzania.

“His election is seen as major signal of the shift in Albertan politics and the demography of Calgary.”

You can say that again. Once again, we witness the contrast. Does it really seem logical that the gang down at the Calgary Stampede hustled en masse to vote for this fellow?

“Speaking about people who rally against social distancing and mask wearing, Nenshi said those people at those anti-mask protests are marching in thinly veiled white nationalist supremacist anti-government protests.”

Love you to, Mr. Nenshi— considering the possibility that the former mayor spent so much time down at the local curry buffet that the food matter began to permeate his brain-cells.

Now, Nenshi is running for leader of the NDP Party of Alberta. Judging by the manner in which media is approaching his candidacy, political pundits would think he is a member of the federal Liberals.

The man has receiving more press than all other candidates combined. Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] say Nenshi is certain to become party leader. It’s a fait d’compli if there ever was one.

Upon which we point to specific trends within Canada’s political arena. The degree to which Sikh-Canadians are over-represented in politics should be understood by general society. It isn’t, because media refuse to articulate its reality.

Based on UPC victories under Danielle Smith and Jason Kenney before her, Liberal-NDP woke eco-machinations have been unable to rule the political roost on a provincial basis.

What to do? How about planting Liberal-NDP puppets into office on a municipal level? This way, the globalist brigade can chew away at the core of conservatism in Alberta in locust-like fashion.

Hence, Amarjeet Sohi, Jyoti Gondek, Naheed Nenshi, in addition to political dinosaur, Rachel Notley.

Incongruity between Conservatism in Alberta and Liberal-NDP oriented mayors makes little sense– a condition legacy media refuse to entertain.

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  1. “Calgary city council voted Tuesday to approve a new [reduce the temperature of the sun] strategy, replacing a 2018 [plan to reverse the moon’s orbit] and following council’s decision last fall to declare a [sky is falling] emergency.” The plan outlines that numerous [schemes] will need to be [hatched] between now and 2050 to help [Trudeau] reach [the WEF] climate target of net-zero [weather.]”

  2. ” Sohi, Jyoti Gondek, Naheed Nenshi, in addition to political dinosaur, Rachel Notley.”

    What are the chances that a century ago in AB, all of the above would have been, at mildest…just “tar-and-feathered” by a justifiably-enraged mob of Albertan ranchers?


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