Is The Ruling Government Of Canada KNOWINGLY Funding International Terrorism?

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Canadian taxpayer money may be finding its way to Hamas, a listed terrorist group. The Criminal Code of Canada forbids funding terrorism, as well as forbidding the facilitation of those funding terrorism.

So says terrorism expert Tom Quiggan, a man who has diligently tracked the Trudeau government’s giant tax-payer hand-outs to Middle Eastern governments.

Ex-Minister of International Development, Marie-Claude Bibeau, announced in October, 2018 that Canada would send $50 million over  the next two years to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

This is in addition to the $110 million that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has committed to UNRWA since 2016. UNRWA has been repeatedly accused of supporting extremismpromoting violence and not checking beneficiaries against a list of known terrorists provided by the police.

Funding UNWRA is not illegal in Canada, although given the agency’s reputation, it is a questionable use of taxpayer money. For instance, in August President Donald Trump withdrew $300 million in UNRWA funding. The U.S. government would no longer “shoulder the very disproportionate share of the burden of UNRWA’s costs,” a U.S. State Department press release said, calling it an “irredeemably flawed operation.”

In addition to funding UNRWA, the Trudeau government gave millions of taxpayers’ dollars to Islamic Relief Canada. Some of this money is forwarded to Islamic Relief Worldwide (UK), which has been repeatedly linked to Hamas.

So says Mr. Quiggan. Here is what CAP has to say: any Old Stock Canadians remember when Canada had yet to be trans-formed into a post-modern nation by way of PM Trudeau?

Call CAP naive, but in the back of our minds we do recall that “ancient artifact” sometimes referred to as the “Great White North.” Within this backward, colloquial, non-globalist nation, government tended to work on behalf of the citizens of Canada.

Then Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Since this ominous moment, Canada has trans-sitioned from a nation dedicated to its citizenship, to a country dedicated to the advancement of world-wide geo-political agendas.

Canadian tax-dollars today exist as a monetary method of support for Middle Eastern governments, African dictatorships,and Islamic militancy. They also exist to fund 3rd World multicultural organizations dedicated to the diaspora communities now pouring into Canada from Somalia, Nigeria, Syria, Iran and dozens of other theocratic dictatorships.

1-2-3-Canadians–we love thee! Any other sentimentalists recall this little ditty? By way of Pierre Trudeau, who became prime minister round about the same time this jingle served as a theme song for Montreal’s Expo 1967.

For CAP, Canada is a nation which perpetually harbours an alternate agenda–certainly since the day Pierre Trudeau forced anti-Anglophone “multiculturalism” upon an unsuspecting society.

In retrospect, it is quite something that a 15-year old kid from Halifax, Nova Scotia recognized the inherent danger in this proto-type globalist malarky. That was me in High School. Today, some 45 years later, Canadians can witness the true results:

The disempowerment of Old Stock Canada, and the current taker-over by 3rd World governments and the power-players within the United Nations.

Montreal’s Expo 67 was the first step toward the globalization of Canada. Others followed:

Pierre Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. Rumoured to be based upon communist ideology out of China, the “Charter” effectively disempowered English Canada and its peoples, and trans-sitioned this power to 3rd World Canada and their cabal of globalist politicians(think GTA).

Additionally, Pierre’s Charter disempowered the general composite of Canadian members of parliament, and trans-fered this power to his leftist lawyer buddies, his preferred judges, and the Canadian legal/court system in general.

Pierre Trudeau-inspired Multicultural Act of Canada in 1988. This opened the doors for billions of Canadian tax-dollars to flow through to immigration, multicultural and refugee non-profit organizations. In specious terms, our ruling government took billions of dollars from the people of Canada against their will, and utilized it to build up a 3rd World political powerhouse.

READ MORE: Canada’s Massive Foreign Funding To Afghanistan “GONE MISSING” — Terrorism Expert

Back to Mr. Quiggan:

“The Canadian aid is funnelled through government programs,including International Humanitarian Aid Program (2017), M103 Islamophobia Funding (2018).”

“Also, the Canada Summer Jobs Program( 2018), Myanmar Crisis Relief Fund/Islamic Relief(May 2018), Canadian Humanitarian Assistance Fund CHAFCanada’s Humanitarian and Development Assistance to Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, and Prime Minister Trudeau’s volunteer work for Islamic Relief Canada.”

In June, 2018,  MP Iqra Khalid of Mississauga announced that $23 million Canadian dollars would help fund her M103 Parliamentary Motion on “Islamophobia.” The money, she said, would go to Islamic Relief Canada.

 “Other members of Parliament who appear to have played a role in directing money to Islamic Relief Canada include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Immigration and Refugees Minister Ahmed Hussen, Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, International Development Minister Marie Claude Bibeau and Parliamentary Secretary Omar Alghabra.”

Having fun yet, fellow Canadian patriots? Still, let us not turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation: your government is working not to improve the lives of Canadians, but rather to fulfill the desires of shadowy, malevolent globalist forces.

Their conduit for this purpose in Canada is the prime minister of our nation. Second-in-command is MP Ahmed Hussen, who Mr. Trudeau has tasked with importing the Middle East and Africa to the dying Great White North.

Did you know? The African country of Nigeria is currently the number #4 source nation for immigration to Canada. MP Hussen and boss-man Trudeau were recently in Nigeria and other African countries to “sell Canada” to a gang of despotic African presidents.

Subsequently– at the same time Canada was beleaguered with Pipeline Protests and Coronavirus outbreaks, King Justin was hosting an event in Ottawa for 200 dignitaries from various African nations.

Did you about all this? Anyone recall the recent CBC News piece exposing these nation-transforming developments? Blink–and you missed it. Trudeau instructed his media slaves not to breathe a word about this, and they naturally have complied.

Such is the state-of-affairs in the Trudeau’s government’s covert demographic and ideological assault upon the fading Great White North.

Hey–it was fun while it lasted–however,  by way of Pierre & Justin Trudeau, the party is over. Canada is hereby transitioning from democracy to dictatorship. Canadian media are covering up the entire affair for the benefit of United Nations and their international geo-political partners.

With files from Tom Quiggan.







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