Is The Popularity of Justin Trudeau A Media Myth?

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Over the six year period that Justin Trudeau has been prime minister, Cultural Action Party has maintained a laser-like focus on the behaviour of our ruling Liberal government.

During this time period, Trudeau has transitioned from a popular prime minister to the most reviled politician in modern Canadian history.

Time was when social media commentary was relatively positive toward our ruling PM. Over time, it has transitioned to nearly uniform condemnation.

Since calling for a federal election earlier this month,  PM Trudeau’s public campaign events have been a calling card for voters to express their personal feelings on the man. Shot-through with visceral anger, the extremity of the protests resulted in the cancellation of a recently scheduled campaign stop in Ontario.

Fascinating it is to note related media response. Perusing the articles, one gets the impression that media’s goal is to demonize these people as representatives of Canada’s “radical right.”

Nowhere to be witnessed is a simple yet profound observation: the mood of the crowd is a reflection of the feelings of Canadians toward our prime minister. It is, in reality, a case of protectionism– a method of media spin which has permeated all-things-Trudeau since day one.

From the CAP perspective, the idea of Trudeau’s popularity among voters is either deception, or media embellishment. His true path to success has come in the form of Liberal MP marketers out-hustling the competition on a riding-by riding basis.

Underplayed by media, this has always been a factor in the success rates of candidates for prime minister. It so happens that Liberal campaign marketers of the past decade have done it better than anyone else. Hence, a potential three-term succession of victories for party figurehead Justin Trudeau.

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The problem inherent in such a structure is found in longevity. Due to its schematic, contrived nature it is not sustainable.

Build a house on solid rock, and it remains indefinitely. Build a house on sand, and over time it will sink. This being the reality of the political trajectory of Canada’s 23rd prime minister.

It’s a process of awaking, far too long delayed by a most significant factor– the support of mainstream media. CAP often speak of the power of the unspoken word. Canada features a monolithic media entity that epitomizes this very thing.

As exemplified by the following: when the Liberal Party is elected into office, Canada is controlled by a combination of the Liberals and establishment media. When the Conservative Party have been elected to office, our country is controlled by a Conservative government.

Thus it is that an unqualified, under-educated member of a famous family can remain prime minister for six years running– based on nothing beyond the superficial.

This image being projected on to Canadians by our mainstream media. It is an image which includes the so-called popularity of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s post-modern manufactured prime minister.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “Is The Popularity of Justin Trudeau A Media Myth?”

  1. I suggest we contact the companies that pay for advertising in the various Liberal influenced media and express our displeasure that they use the profits from our purchases to support favouritism.

    Look at Heinz ketchup for a good example. I only buy French’s ketchup and even tend to shy away from other Heinz products. They made their decision, I made mine.

    Check out who Kellogg’s supports. Disturbing. They pay Islam for the halal approved symbol shown on almost every package or box.

  2. The bottom line is that the media is a propaganda machine but I am hoping that Canadians see past the biased narrative. The other thing is that we need to make sure that the elections accurately represent the Canadian voter. We cannot allow Dominion voting machines or any other controversial methods/systems to be used. We have a chance to get over the mess created by the present government.

  3. ‘The Superficial Crime Minister’ — sounds like a movie title to me. But let’s not suggest it out loud. We’re all hoping in a few short weeks to never hear the name Trudeau again!


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