Is The Greater Toronto Area(GTA) A Globalist “Silver Bullet” For A Trudeau Dictatorship?

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Within Canada’ urban/multicultural political powerhouse of the Greater Toronto area district(GTA), Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won in 45 out of 50 ridings.

Drilling down to specific regions and ridings, here are the the election results from Brampton, Ontario:

Brampton West: Liberal Kamal Khera

Brampton South: Liberal Sonia Sidhu

Brampton North: Liberal Ruby Sahota

Brampton Centre: Liberal  Ramesh Sangha

Brampton East: Liberal Maninder Sidhu

Notice anything unusual here? CAP sure do– every riding was captured by a Sikh-Canadian Liberal MP. How “multicultural” this is- not!

Now let’s consider the behaviour of PM Justin Trudeau within the context of this development. Did he, or did he not, just finish a four-year term of Sikh Canadian pandering, complete with fancy South Asian silks and Bollywood dance moves?

How many millions of photos are there on google images of King Justin prancing around India wrapped in various costumes of this variety–complete with those pointy gold shoes fashionable in the streets of Pakistan?

Immigration policy in Canada has resulted in the empowerment of Third World Canada in within the most densely populated geographical area in Canada. Coincidence? Not on your life.

There is nothing “random” about this political power grab. This we believe because CAP theory states there is no such thing as a social development of this nature which occurs randomly or spontaneously —every move is a calculated political ploy to establish Justin Trudeau as the “Fidel Castro Of Canada”-– every darn move.

Some other winners in the GTA: Liberal,  Majid Jowhari ; York-South Weston: Liberal Ahmed Hussen. Parkdale-High Park: Liberal Arif Virani ; Willowdale: Liberal Ali Ehassi ; Don Valley East: Liberal Yasmin Ratansi ; Scarborough Centre: Liberal Salma Zahid ;Mississauga-Erin Mills– Liberal Iqra Khalid ; Mississauga Centre: Liberal Omar Alghabra ; Richmond Hill: Liberal Majid Jowhari ; Liberal House Leader, Bardish Chagger.

Holy Crow–what a “multicultural” political powerhouse this is. Degree of media exposure of this scenario– ZERO, nothing at all. Some folks “can’t go on together with suspicious minds.” CAP are not one of these types.

From our perspective, several of these re-elected MP’s qualify as the most hated Canadian politicians of all-time. Yet, every one of them scored a victory in the recent federal election.

The reason why is painfully simple: the immigration policy of the Trudeau government, as well as a succession of previous Liberal/Conservative ruling governments.

How does the Charter of Rights and Freedoms impact the corralling of the Third World into the GTA to create a monolithic Liberal/Third World powerhouse?  CAP will tell: The Charter contains a provision whereby government cannot instruct a new arrival to settle in a specific geographic location within Canada.

Who created the Charter? Pierre Trudeau. Result: Third World Canada is free to pack themselves into the GTA en masse, and Justin Trudeau is very happy about this.

Result? Ethnic ghettos. Solidified Liberal riding voter-blocks. Monolithic voting patterns. Third World political control in Brampton, Markham and 42 other GTA ridings.

Winners: Third World Canadas, Sikh Canada, Muslim Canada, Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid, Bardish Chagger.

Losers: Old Stock Canadians, Anglophone Canada, Christian Canada, Conservative Canada.

This is how it is done, fellow patriots. Liberal-Globalist-Butts Scheming 101. How to seduce a nation by way of demographic control, as perpetuated by way of communist-style media control.

A quick comment on what CBC and Torstar Media never comment on–the FUTURE of Canada in terms of demographics and political influence. What will occur as Trudeau continuers to import 1.5 million Third World migrants every four-years?

Easy–a replication of the GTA in all major urban centres in Canada. Bingo–game over, Anglophone Canada. Political power and control trans-sitions from Old Stock Canada to Third World Canada.

Victory is accomplished. The globalist agenda has successfully seduced Old Stock Canada into complacency as our nation is stolen away from our people. This is what a Canadian citizen gets when they vote for Justin Trudeau.

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What a crazy situation– every Anglophone voter who selects Justin Trudeau as prime minister has voted for the decimation of Anglophone Canada. Now this is Trudeau-Butts globalism at its ultimate–and its working.

King Justin was voted back into office. It could have never occurred if  Anglophone Canadians did not vote for the cretin Trudeau.

CAP Conclusion: Globalist victory, Liberal-Third World style. The GTA functioning as both the epicentre, and prototype for the social and political disempowerment of one specific identifiable Canadian community–Anglophone Canadians.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Facilitator, Justin Trudeau.





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