Is The G7 Summit Crackdown On China An Indirect Investigation Of Justin Trudeau?

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An interesting “coincidence” –which may not be a coincidence at all–has developed in and around the timing of the G7 summit currently taking place in the British town of Cornwall. 

The G7 group of nations have agreed on plans to set up an alternative to China’s Belt and Road initiative as part of a push back against China. Issues to be addressed include human rights, supply chains, support for Taiwan and demands to reveal more about the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A related development is found in the form of a U.S. Senate bill encouraging the Biden administration to lay out plans for working with allies on China-related issues.

As reported by CBC News, an expansive section of the bill is focused on Canada. The Canadian portion of the bill is contained within the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act. Included within is a clause that would force the administration to produce a report on Canada within 90 days.

“The White House will have 90 days to publish a strategy explaining where it agrees and disagrees with Canada on China issues.”

Why the intensity of focus on Canada?  Could it be that U.S.lawmakers have grown suspicious of relations between our country and China? It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if this is the case.

From Cultural Action Party’s perspective, Justin Trudeau could be shaking beneath his shaggy hair over this one. His government is at the centre of controversy regarding the source of the Covid pandemic as related to an investigation of the Winnipeg-based National Microbiology Lab.

The relationship of the Liberal Party and the government of China goes back decades. Liberal government bias toward China has taken on myriad forms since the day ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau instituted diplomatic relationships with China in the year 1970.

In the interest of brevity, let us point to just one example: the declaration of genocide regarding China’s Uyghur Muslim minority community. The United States has officially declared the persecution an act of genocide. Against the grain, so did the House of Commons in Canada.

PM Justin Trudeau abstained from the vote. He instructed all Liberal Cabinet members to follow suit. Who knows, perhaps he even told media to take a hands-off approach.

On what do we base such thoughts? The fact that establishment media in Canada failed to scrutinize these abstentions in a serious capacity. Both theories and rationalizations were eschewed in favour of relative silence.

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Should concerned Canadians be surprised? Absolutely not. How so? Because for the past five decades mainstream media has been instrumental in obfuscation of the Liberal-Trudeau-China dynamic.

Could it be that a tacit side-agenda of this nature at the G7 summit exists? Naturally, CAP cannot confirm such a development. Indeed, it could be wishful thinking on our part.

And yet, one piece of reality may hold the key to speculation: the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act directed at Canada and China relations includes a hard deadline of completion: 90 days from the passing of the bill.

This suggests urgency on the part of U.S. lawmakers. Considering the entrenchment of Liberal-China collusion in Canada, could it be that only an investigation from outside the Canadian bubble will deliver answers citizens deserve to hear?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “Is The G7 Summit Crackdown On China An Indirect Investigation Of Justin Trudeau?”

  1. Good for the US Senate seeing the existential threat that impends over the “longest undefended border in the world” when the Canadian government is doing everything including ‘sleeping with the enemy’! (Not that that country’s Democrats and others are strangers to in their own corrupted ways!).

    You know that this overt obeisance of the Liberal government with China is a slap in the face of all true patriots when such as the following shows the direction Truedope is heading us –

  2. Lets hope that they will investigate Trudope and Canada more. Maybe then he will be determined to be a national threat to all Canadians.

  3. Trujoke needs to be investigated and found guilty of China affairs. He needs to be exposed to the world for all his scandalous corruption.

  4. The Trudeaus have always been a slimy blight upon the Canadian conscience. JT has gone on the record as an admirer of Communist China, so was his dad. Hard to prove it but it is known that a crown jewel of Canada, cell phone maker BlackBerry, had a direct line to China planted in the middle of its board room.

    Many of its patents strangely resembled technology reflected in what is now “HwaWAY”. Of course that has nothing to do with HwaWay’s CFO being in Canadian “custody” in her Vancouver mansion. Apparently, the US wants her bad or did before Biden became president. All of Canada is holding its breath waiting for a presidential pardon to appear.


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