Is Justin Trudeau’s So-Called Popularity Canada’s Most Fake News Of All?

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Call Cultural Action Party crazy—you wouldn’t be the first. And yet, in our opinion, there is something within Canadian society far more insane. This would be the so-called “popularity” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Frankly, CAP just don’t get it. A recent poll from Angus Reid Institute has Mr. Trudeau currently leading in the polls by six points. A list of refutations of the reality of this would take a light year to articulate, so we will keep things to a minimum.

Here’s one salient observation—the commentary on the social media pages of mainstream media outlets. Take for example, the Facebook pages for CBC News and the Globe & Mail. If a person has any long-term experience with these groups, an obvious clue will be found here.

Indeed, the times they are a changin’. Up until six months ago, the majority of reader comments regarding Trudeau were on the positive side. This is no longer the case. It is fair to say well over half are today of the negative variety.

Consider this thought—CBC  is “liberal la-la land” — ground zero for globalist affectations and socialist sentiments. If these readers are not pro-Justin Trudeau, then who is?

It obviously is not Western Canada. PM Trudeau didn’t win a single seat in Alberta, or Saskatchewan. Other than urban Vancouver, his popularity is restricted to Eastern Canada. 

For some reason difficult to fathom, Quebec goes Liberal on a federal basis, while shunning the Liberals at a provincial level. Trudeau has Atlantic Canada, but the volume of seats is lacking due to low populations.

The Liberals have Ontario. Within this province lies the heartland of Trudeau-mania, the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Now this, Justin Trudeau owns in no-uncertain terms— mainly due to a consolidation of Third World immigrants voting in Third World MP’s.

So how does he do it? How is it that Trudeau has won two 4-year terms in a row, and according to pollsters, would win a third term if an election were held today?

Here is CAP’s response: we have no idea. Talk about “building a mystery.” Ostensibly, Mr. Trudeau does not appear in public at this time due to the Covid pandemic. CAP call this hogwash. The real reason is because it would be dangerous for him to walk down the street of any major urban area—save Mississauga or Brampton, Ontario.

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Let CAP state this outright: Justin Trudeau is one hated individual. So much so, after following politics in Canada for nearly 40 years, we will state boldly that Mr. Trudeau is the most disliked politician in Canadian history.

Moving away from history, and toward the future, we will make another brazen proclamation. The winner of the next federal election in Canada will be Justin Trudeau. Not a shred of doubt exists in our mind.

CAP do not claim to know the precise reason why. Like all regular Canadians, we can only guess. But one concept seems fair to postulate:

If Mr. Trudeau wins a third term as prime minister, there is obviously something deeply wrong with post-modern Canada. How CBC and corporate media will spin their way toward rationalizing this one is any Canadian’s guess.

— Brad Salzberg, Founder of Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)

6 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau’s So-Called Popularity Canada’s Most Fake News Of All?”

  1. he won 2 election as he cheated like democrats in USA, remmber how Trueass sent 50 million to Clinton foundation, that was pay off for using her software in the Domini voting machines, riged that how he got in, i believe both time! he is a puppet, he has no clue what he is doing and it shows

  2. Salzburg, if he wins the next election I promise the “good”people of Canada I will personally take care of business myself. And you can take over cbc

  3. I’ll comment here because I’m currently banned from FB for explaining how the Liberals program of weaponized immigration works against Canada. Stuffing ridings with welfare dependant migrants wins seats. It’s seats not votes that count. If Trudeau is sending desert dweller migrants into lightly populated rural ridings it’s to overwhelm local votes, not because Muslims love farming. If Trudeau builds the largest mosque in North America in jobless Ft Mac it is not to unemployable pipefitters from Ethiopian ghettos, it’s to overwhelm seasonal workers and steal another seat. Your democracy is being stolen…wake the hell up


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