Is Justin Trudeau’s “Post-Modern” Canada In Reality An “Anti-White” Canada?

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The circumstances certainly suggest it is true–under the iron-clad grip of Justin Trudeau’s faux- sunny ways Canada, white people are the singular identifiable group where by it is socially acceptable to run down, condemn, and brand their communities racist.

What a strange state-of-affairs. Media eschew the entire affair. Government portray our people as bigots and xenophobes. Anglophones are consistently attacked for maintaining “white supremacy.” Our universities offer myriad courses condemning and vilifying Anglophone Canada. Their “gender studies” curricula slam  white males in no uncertain terms.

All of this is perfectly normal within contemporary Canadian society. Try this little experiment. Stand in front of a neighbourhood church and scream out that you hate Christianity, the Church, the Vatican, as well as Jesus Christ himself.  Watch how nothing happens at all–no repercussions, no cries of bigotry, no hate crime, no racism–no nothing.

Now, repeat the performance standing in front of a mosque while condemning Islam in a similar fashion. Racism. Bigotry. Hatred of Muslims. Islamophobia. Hate Crime charges. Fired from your job. Condemned by media, branded evil and racist.

Talk about a double-standard! And guess what– all of this is sanctioned by the Canadian government, the Canadian media, and Canadian academia. How odd this is. After all, our nation was founded and developed by European settlers. It was Christians who established our nation. Our governance and legal systems come from Western European sources.

So why are Anglophones the designated “fall guy” within our society? Why are these folks the singular community where by it is “fine and dandy” to trash our people in perpetuity?

These must be a reason, no? Of course there is. This social development is 100% unnatural. Think about it– how does  the largest identifiable community in Canada become the most hated community?

By osmosis? Not quite. This can only occur when a pre-meditated alignment of political objectives are in place. There is nothing random in this at all. Here is how it’s done:

Government control media. The output is sanctioned by government. This is, in truth, a communist-oriented propaganda campaign of the highest order.

Next, Canadian academia falls into line. Their role is to brain-wash Canadian children into hating their personal, family and national heritage. What results? Canadians with law and journalism degrees  go out in to the world, and repeat what they learned at U of T, UBC, and McGill.

Thus, both media and our legal system become anti-Canadian, anti-Anglophone and anti-Christian. This is why CAP do not refer to these learning institutions as “Canadian” universities. They are nothing of the sort. Rather, they are globalist propaganda outlets which happen to stand upon Canadian soil– not the same thing at all. These schools preach a hatred of Canada while informing our children that they must admire every form of nationhood and governance other than the Canadian variety.

Government. Media. Education. Universities. Grade Schools. High Schools. All delivering the same message of hate: Canadians are racists who damage all non-white communities.

Do tell–is this not the tacit message delivered by anti-Anglophone Justin Trudeau upon issuing his series of apologies to Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Gays, First Nations and the rest?

Of course it is. What to conclude? CAP shall inform: Canada is today controlled by a triumvirate of Anglophone-hating institutions–and its getting more extreme with every day that passes.

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This phenomenon began in the year 1968. This is the year that Pierre Trudeau became prime minister. During his tenure, this intellectual globalist-type established several policies which set-up Anglophone Canada for a giant fall. 

First, multicultural ideology. Then, Pierre’s Third World-elevating Charter of Rights And Freedoms-– entrenched within the Canadian constitution. Then multicultural legislation in the form of the Multicultural Act of 1988(Mulroney Government). This move set-up Third World Canada to receive billions of dollars  each year to promote foreign culture and religion.

What trans-pired? Canada shifted on its political axis. MP’s were disempowered, while Pierre’s leftist legal buddies(the under-exposed Bora Laskin for one) gained major power. In fact, Canada’s legal industry received a giant shot-in-the-arm by way of the Charter.

Ever notice how few so-called “right-leaning” lawyers there are in Canada? Very, very few. 99% of this industry think like Pierre and Justin Trudeau, and so do Canadian judges.

The result was a  leftist lock on the legal and judicial systems in Canada. As for media, another leftist lock— how many major populist or right-wing media outlets are there in Canada? Simple– there are zero--another monopoly. Then, of course, we have the Trudeau government– the most fascist-like federal government in history.

This is how it’s done, fellow patriots. This is how a nation is seduced by power, money and politics. Here’s an inside secret– Justin Trudeau is not the Prime Minister of English Canada. In fact, Trudeau is not a prime minister who in any sense resembles or behaves in the manner of the twenty-two  prime ministers who came before him.

These PM’s– MacKenzie King, John Diefenbaker, Sir Wilfred Laurier— actually worked on behalf of Canadians. Mr. Trudeau only works on behalf of Third World Canada. While these men worked for a benefit for average citizens, Justin Trudeau works an ideological agenda of national trans-formation.

Our current PM is an ideologue. This is a man on a mission– one whispered into his ear by a variety of international and domestic players– Third World lobby groups, multicultural non-profit organizations, Islamic Canada, Sikh Canada, and more. Basically those who plant myopic ideological goals within his specious brain.

Thus, 2019 Canada-– a nation steeped in self-hatred, while patriotism is wiped off the map by liberal-globalist forces. And if an Old Stock Canadian dares to complain? Two minutes(or a lifetime) in the penalty box for you, Mr. White Racist.

What a trap! The great hood-winking of Old Stock Canada is in the house– one which is bound and determined to steal Canada away from the descendants of the founders of our nation.

Media say nothing, and the ball keeps on rolling. This ball began with Pierre Trudeau, and if the status quo continues indefinitely, the Liberal-Globalist steam roller of Justin Trudeau will finish us off in due time.




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