Are Justin Trudeau’s “Media Bail-Outs” An Incremental Step Toward Communism?

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Earlier this week there was an update after the Journalism and Written Media Independent Panel of Experts the group tasked with deciding who gets access to the Trudeau government’s media bailout published their final report.

According to Post Millennial News the group is comprised of unions, and press associations, including some which are clearly anti-Conservative and view themselves as the direct opponents to conservative ideology.

The gist of their recommendations? The panel wants the Trudeau government to provide FAR MORE AID while continuing to operate a system that largely takes place in SECRETIVE BACKROOMS.

In CAP’s opinion, Trudeau is more than willing to comply. Why? One reason is that the more money Justin hands to establishment media, the greater his degree of his CONTROL over media. As we know, this Trudeau boy is a CONTROL FREAK of the highest order.

However, beyond this is found the true reason for King Justin’s enthusiasm for funding media–it is an incremental STEP FORWARD in a process to transform our nation from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Recently, I had a chat with a couple from Venezuela.They proceeded to tell me about the leadership of Hugo Chavez. As I listened, I began to realize that in many ways Justin Trudeau is emulating the leadership style of Chavez.

What did Chavez do? For one thing, he started a war against the private sector. He nationalized thousands of private companies and industries, to the amazement of his followers and to the astonishment of business owners and consumers who DID NOT SEE IT COMING. 

Could Trudeau’s media bail-out be a part of an attempt to TAKE OVER Canadian media, or at least the biggest player within? Is this something that Canadians will in time state they DID NOT SEE COMING?

What was the goal of Hugo Chavez? On a simplistic level, it was one whereby a national leader gets elected based on the democratic principle of one vote per citizen. Yet, once in office, the country begins a steady path toward ridding the nation of democracy and replacing it with socialism.

In other words, a totalitarian-style LOCK DOWN on government–without the PUBLIC comprehending the covert agenda. In Canada, Trudeau attempts to emulate this scenario by IMPORTING hundreds of thousands of foreign voters from non-democratic nations each year.

These people are largely unable to recognize TRUE democracy. They can so easily be FOOLED into believing what Trudeau is offering is authentic democracy. This is  A LIE.

When government and media function as a SINGLE ENTITY, it is a tangible sign that a nascent communism has penetrated the walls of a western liberal democracy. This is Justin Trudeau’s political role as leader of the Canadian division for the globalization of western democracies.  King Justin has done an absolutely STELLAR job in this regard

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In four short years, Mr. Trudeau has integrated Islam into society, while  indemnifying this 7th century religion from all condemnation. Additionally, Justin has lowered age for anal sex from 18 to 16. He has ensured that any application of Sharia Law in Canada be covered up. He is silent on female genital mutilation.

Conversely, he is LOUD AS HELL about homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortion. Under PM Trudeau, Canada MUST HAVE an “open-door” policy on these issues. No restrictions. No minimum age. No media criticism. Abortion at FULL TERM, sex change at age 12. There is NO DOWNSIDE to any of these behaviours. They are to be applauded throughout society, within no questions asked, and full acceptance DEMANDED.

For King Trudeau, there in NO DOWN SIDE to any of this. Nor is there for establishment media in Canada. Fact is, government and media SHARE an identical attitude.

Was this the case 50 years ago in Canada? Somewhat, yes. A liberal bias has been in effect within media for at least this length of time. Many may not be aware that in the very early days of Canadian media, journalists would speak DIRECTLY AGAINST government policy.

Fast forward to 2019 post-modern Canada. Under Justin Trudeau, this concept is DEAD. Which other nations share an integration between government and media? China, for one.As it happens, both Pierre and Justin have displayed admiration for China. Others would be Cuba, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Historically, this dynamic was fundamental for the success of fascist governments of Europe.

Now, Justin Trudeau has brought this to Canada. Ostensibly for the purpose of “assisting” these media organizations, the tacit reason for the “bail-out” is for the purpose of UNITING government and media– communist style.

Indeed, this is ALWAYS the way with King Justin of Canada. Fool them. Tell voters one thing, and do another. Accuse detractors of the behaviours you YOURSELF indulge in. Issue virtue-signalling statements to obscure the covert agenda being worked by government within Canadian society.

In short, do ANYTHING to win the next election. Media manipulation, immigration quotas, illegal refugees, ISIS militants, homosexuals and transgendered. Then, after winning a second term, import 1.3 MILLION people from the Third World over a four-year period to ensure you win the following federal election.

Rinse and repeat until democracy is DEAD. This, folks, is Justin Trudeau. He has copied  the political stylings of Venezuelan Socialist Leader Hugo Chavez. Then, leading journalist Andrew Coyne informed the Canadian people of this fact. NOT.

Together with hired demographic assassin MP Ahmed Hussen, Justin Trudeau will continue on with an agenda to transform Canada into a socialist nation DEVOID of Anglophone presence. That is, if he wins the federal election in October, 2019,

All that has to be done is to get Trudeau elected just ONE MORE TIME. Subsequent to this, immigration quota and the Sikh/Muslim vote should place King Trudeau as an ersatz “dictator-for-life.”

This is the unspoken agenda for the demise of Canada, Trudeau-style.


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