Is Justin Trudeau’s Brand Of Multiculturalism An Attack On Anglophone-Canadians?

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Without a doubt, yes. Also without a doubt, is the cover-up of this punitive agenda by way of establishment media in Canada.

CAP Salient Question Of The Moment: Is it not factual that the singular identifiable community excluded from Justin Trudeau’s multicultural banquet feast is the Anglophone Canadian community.

Another question: In terms of Trudeau’s historical apologies to  Sikhs, Muslims, Jews and  Aboriginal Canadians, which community is held responsible for their social hardships?

The answer is Anglophone Canadians. While  Justin refrained from verbalizing as much, the tacit message is that Anglophones–white Canadians– are racists, bigots and xenophobes. Is this not in itself a subtle manner in which to demonize these descendants of the founders of our nation?

In the year 1971, multicultural ideology was forced upon our nation by Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau. No public input or approval–it was a purely non-democratic gesture pushed upon society by the founder of Canadian globalism. The ideology became legislated in 1988, and called for an immediate transfer of giant funds to be taken from taxpayers and handed to a plethora of nascent multicultural non-profit organizations.

Pierre Trudeau justified multiculturalism by implying that it would create an equal playing field for all identifiable communities in Canada. Did this, in fact, occur? Has mainstream media even once taken a look at this issue, and provided commentary on whether or not this ideal has been achieved?

Of course not. Conversely, our major media outlets– all presumably controlled by Anglophone and Francophone editors and journalists– have never indulged in an analysis of this aspect of the “diversity” agenda.

How odd. These people are Old Stock, Anglophone/Francophone Canadians. Yet, incredibly, not once have they written on the impact of forty years of official multiculturalism from the perspective of Old Stock Canada.

Why would they refrain? Is multiculturalism not one of the most impactful social policies in the history of our nation? Why has this policy remained sacrosanct during the entire time period?

Many questions, and zero answers from government, media, or Canada’s socialist academic world. CAP have an answer: Because in reality, multiculturalism results in punitive damages for just one community-Anglophone Canada.

How can this possibly be denied? Are Anglophone Canadians not on a direct path toward minority status? What is this– some kind of incidental, secondary issue? Don’t think so.

Has Mr. Trudeau not treated Anglophones and Christians like second class citizens throughout his tenure as prime minister? Punitive damages toward anti-abortion Christian organizations while funding Islamic non-profits by the tens of millions?

Trudeau has done a nation-wide tour of Canadian mosques, including dressing up in Islamic garb and reciting prayers which commit an individual to the Islamic faith. Justin Trudeau, a self-professed Catholic, has yet to step foot in a church chapel.

Branding white Canada racist. Celebrating and promoting the Nation of Islam. Branding white Canada racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal.

Throughout our multicultural era, Anglophones have been on a downward trajectory. At the same time, Third World Canada–Sikh, Chinese and Muslim in the main–have been empowered, advanced in politics, as well as being funded with billions of dollars.

Conclusion: Anglo-Christian Canada is the singular ostracized community among the various ethnic and religious communities within our nation.

Pride in Sikhism, Islam and LGBT? Go for it, folks. You are socially sanctioned to move forward as such. Anglo-Canada– just attempt to develop pride in your community, and watch what trans-pires.

“You are racists,” bellows King Justin. “A gang of bigots,” says Canada’s Somalian-Islamic immigration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. “Homophobes, Xenophobes,” utters Queen of M103, Pakistani national MP Iqra Khalid.

What hypocrisy! Pakistan is one of the most oppressive nations on earth. Did you know? If you are a Christian in Pakistan, you must pay an additional tax to the government. Haven’t heard Ms. Iqra complaining about this one, now have we?

Over in Ahmed Hussen’s Somalia, there is no multiculturalism, or Christianity. Yet, this ingrate drop-in citizen has the nerve to demand multiculturalism must be entrenched within Canadian society.

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In order to place their religion on a higher pedestal than all others, MP Iqra Khalid pushed her M103 “Islamophobia” motion upon society. This effectively elevates the Nation of Islam to a preferred status in Canada. What a shock to know that the only religious community mentioned by name within M103 is– you guessed it–Khalid’s Islamic community.

Save it for later, eh Iqra? We shall se what this motion means in decades to come. Will it trans-sition to law once Islamic Canada reaches a point of absolute power in Canada. Who is the number one promoter of this theoretical? Justin Trudeau,of course.

Justin Trudeau  pushes anti-Christian abortion policy more than any prime minister in history. Who developed this policy? His father, Pierre. Which PM established the unprecedented Minister of LGBT position? Justin Trudeau.

Who advances transgenderism for Canadians of all ages? Again, it is King Justin. LGBT, abortion, transgenderism–all anti- Christian in ideology and practice. What impact does abortion and transgenderism have on society? Less babies. Which community most indulges? Take a wild guess.

And yet, throughout the entire sordid affair, establishment media keep their mouths shut. Are we to believe media dignitaries such as CBC’s Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert lack the cognitive ability to comprehend this ignoble situation? Let’s get real here.

Multiculturalism and its bastard brother “diversity” are policies which erode, undermine and disempower Anglophone and Christian Canadians. This is the unspoken downside of this globalist agenda of destruction.

Two more generations of multiculturalism, and English Canada will be eradicated. Two generations of mass immigration Liberal-style, and our demographic will be reduced to a minority status.

Once this occurs, will our people magically transition to an official minority status community? Will we then be privy to the myriad privileges currently enjoyed by our Sikh and Muslim communities?

CAP say never–not in a million years. Why? Because we are a community of racists and bigots. See what our people are being set-up for? Marginalized, disempowered and vilified as Canada’s malevolent peoples. No minority rights for you savages.

This, fellow patriots, is globalism. It is Justin Trudeau. It is MP Ahmed Hussen, who Canada’s King of Kings put in charge of the demographic destiny of our nation.

Why was Hussen selected? In CAP’s opinion, because he hates English Canada just as much as our prime minister does.

Shucked, hyped, screwed–that’s you, Anglophone Canada. It began with a Trudeau–Pierre. The final nail is being driven in by another Trudeau, son Justin.

Want out of this pending disaster? Cancel multicultural policy in Canada, or our people will transition to second class citizens within a generation or two.

The entire affair will be justified with the theory that Anglophones stole the land from Aboriginals in the first place, so the Liberal-Globalists have the right to steal it back.

Case closed?






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