Is Justin Trudeau Working Toward A Third World Reformation of Canada?

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It certainly appears Trudeau is engaged in this very thing. To assist, Justin placed a Somalian Refugee as Canadian immigration minister. Ahmed Hussen does not work for Canadian-born citizens. He purpose for being in Canada–as a dual Somali-Canadian citizen no less– is to fill our nation with as many Third World migrants as humanly possible.

One piece of the puzzle remains unpronounced by way of Canadian media. Together Hussen and boss-man Trudeau are BLURRING THE LINES between what is a legitimate migrant and what is an illegal migrant. It’s all so Orwellian in nature. Permitting illegals to border-jump adds momentum to the goal of having no distinction between illegal and legal migrants.

End game? Canada trans-forms into a borderless nation, no longer defined by tangible elements such as a person’s citizenship. Sneaky, eh? But this is EXACTLY what our government is up to. Ever heard of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation? Interestingly, they advance borderless societies around the globe.

Well, not quite. Islamic and communists nations are not targeted. The agenda is strictly limited to western liberal democracies. How often do Canadians read about billionaire media figure George Soros? The answer is , of course, NEVER.

Mr. Soros has a major influence upon Canadian establishment media. Mr. Soros’ son has met in-person with MP Ahmed Hussen. These two think alike. They are advocates of a globalist agenda for the purpose of destroying nationalist and patriot movements within western societies.

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Some have bought in– Canada, New Zealand, Sweden,France, Germany and the U.K. These are nations now under threat of cultural decimation. Others have slammed their doors shut- Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark and Austria among them. These are nations western establishment media REFUSE to write about. No surprise there.

Polls showed less than 10% want an increase in immigration. Trudeau responded with a 30% boost in migration numbers, with more increases in the future. What no one speaks or writes about is the effect on Canada’s original founding peoples.

For Trudeau, Goodale, and Hussen, it’s as if these people do not exist. All that exists is Third World Canada, their needs and demands. Media never write about the IMPACT of our national transformation upon the Canadian-born. How do these people feel about being pushed to the back-burner of society? Justin Trudeau has never once made reference to the Anglophone Canadian community.

Will our nation one day be a country devoid of Anglophone identity? If globalist-liberal emerges victorious in the long term, this is outcome is more than likely.




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