Is Justin Trudeau Working To DIVIDE Canada Into Separate Eastern And Western Nations?

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Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning issued a dire warning for politicians at a luncheon in Calgary Wednesday afternoon.

Manning states “The problems with the energy sector and the inability to get resources to tidewater and world markets are all fuelling Western alienation.”

What CAP find quite amazing is the blatancy by which Justin Trudeau exacerbates the divide between eastern and western Canada. Judging by his decision-making, PM Trudeau prefers western Canada be alienated from his “Magical Liberal Kingdom Of The East.”

That pervasive alienation could leave the country even more divided after the federal election, according to Manning, if politicians don’t recognize the validity of people’s concerns.

Then Canada is in big trouble. Justin Trudeau limits the validity of people’s concerns to non-Canadians, ISIS terrorists, transexuals and refugees. As for actual Canadian citizens of the Old Stock variety, we can all go jump in Lake Ontario.

As stated since day one, we believe Justin Trudeau to be a divider. Oh, and let us not forget a hypocrite as related to his vacuous “Diversity Is Our Strength” mantra. Please do tell– if Mr. Manning is correct in his social assessment regarding western Canadian alienation, the result is the exact opposite of Justin’s proclamation.

“Don’t dismiss them,” Manning said. Don’t tell people you have no right to be angry or mad.

Justin Trudeau and his anti-Canadian Liberals are not telling Canadians not to be mad–they are telling them they are racists and bigots for getting mad. This is how Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts and Somalian Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, keep Old Stock Canada under their thumb. Truly, it’s a silver bullet of the decimation of freedom of speech in Canada.

Manning added that he believes the possibility of a revival of the separatist movement in Quebec should not be ignored either. He said that could lead to further regional alienation and division in Canada.

CAP has always maintained that by the time King Justin looses his Canadian crown, a fundamental element of Canadian society will be destroyed. Here are a few contenders:

True democracy. Freedom of the press. National unity. Cohesion of east/west. Split up of eastern/western Canada. The end of Christianity as Canada’s prominent religion. An Anglophone majority. Rule of Law. Equality among all religions(M103). We could go on like this for quite a while, actually.

An Angus Reid Institute poll found that, had another prospective “Western Canada Party” ran in the federal election, it would have had a stronger chance at drawing votes in every western province save for Manitoba — although the margin wasn’t very wide in one place.

The poll asked respondents, “Based on what you have seen, heard or read, do you feel that the number of western Canadians who are angry about Ottawa’s treatment of the West is increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same?”

The pollster asked this question in 1991, and again in 2018. The feeling increased in every western province save for Manitoba..

And it was most pronounced in Alberta — in 1991, 63 per cent of respondents there said it was increasing. In 2018, it was 86 per cent. Those from Saskatchewan felt similarly — the share of people who felt this way grew from 66 per cent in 1991 to 81 per cent in 2018.

To what degree are these findings are based on Justin Trudeau’s time in office? CAP will answer: a hell of a lot. Frankly, Trudeau couldn’t have done more to alienate Alberta if he magically trans-formed himself into the Sheik of Arabia. As an aside, Justin Trudeau has increased oil imports from Saudi Arabia by 66% since taking office.

READ MORE– Justin Trudeau Increases Oil Imports From Saudi Arabia 66% Since Taking Office

For CAP, it is fascinating to note how establishment media fail to connect the ideological visions of father and son Trudeau.The National Energy Program (NEP) was an energy policy of the Government of Canada from 1980 to 1985. It was created under the Liberal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau by Minister of Energy Marc Lalonde in 1980, and administered by the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.

National Postjournalist Jen Gerson would state that “the NEP was considered by Albertans to be among the most unfair federal policies ever implemented. Scholars calculated the program cost Alberta between $50 and $100 billion.” While Alberta still initially enjoyed an economic surplus due to high oil prices, this surplus was heavily reduced by the NEP.

This in turn stymied many of [Alberta Premier Peter] Lougheed’s policies for economic diversification to reduce dependence on the cyclical energy industry, such as the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, and it also left the province with an infrastructure deficit.

Ah, yes–deficit. Trudeau prime minister love this kind of thing. CAP Question: Since taking office, has son Justin worked to deplete the anger and alienation related to Papa Pierre’s decision-making? Or rather, has spawn Justin made the situation infinitely worse?

The answer is obvious as a cold winter morning in Nunavut. Number of mainstream media articles alluding to the father-son connection? Zero!

Advantage: Liberal-Globalist Culture Killers.

Losers: Old Stock Canada, Albertans, Canadian workers, Canadian energy industry, Western Canada, Canadian-born taxpayers.

Isn’t it always the Trudeau way? This “winner-loser” dynamic never stops rolling under the iron-clad rule of King Trudeau. When will it end? Possibly, after this Trudeau trouble-maker is removed from office.

Canada so desperately needs a shot of national revitalization. A Trudeau as PM means a self-hating ethos exists at the core of society. Pierre began this, and Justin is here to drive the final nail in the coffin of a socially cohesive, democratic Canada.









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  1. If Treaudu gets re-elected I will definatley vote for Separation. I am so happy to see some American real News broadcasters reporting on this CLOWN


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