Is Justin Trudeau Working To Destroy The Canadian Way Of Life?

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Commenting on the state of  society, former Conservative PM Brian Mulroney offered a salient observation: “Canadians are a moderate people,” or something very close to this.

For a majority of our citizenship, this is largely the case. The “middle ground” is an aesthetic which applied to our society for at least a century. Apart from a run of terror-like behaviour in Quebec during the late 1960’s, ours has been a relatively peaceful nation.

Once upon a time, political fanaticism had little room for public expression. Radicalism was a problem found in foreign nations. Fundamentalist religion of any variety played a minor part in society.

Fast-forward to the present-day, and media consumers are privy to gems like this:

“Militant group Hamas has called on Muslims all around the world to stage a “Day of Jihad” on Friday, October 13th, 2023.”

Wunderbar. It would be one thing if ideological affiliation with global Jihad was a benign element in Canada. It isn’t– the main reason for it is found in federal government immigration policy.

“Import enough of them, and their problems transition to Canada’s problems.”

No purpose in mitigating truth. Mainstream media can deny it till the cows come home on an Alberta beef farm. Adding political fuel to the social fire has been, and likely will continue to be, a Liberal government speciality.

In Canada, it’s not merely a matter of numbers. Beyond demographic representation exist myriad instances of foreign political empowerment. CAP offer a microcosm:

As reported this week in the National Post, “for years, UNRWA has been manipulated by Gaza’s corrupt Hamas government in flagrant contradiction of the UN stated policy of neutrality, stated former Conservative cabinet minister Peter Kent.”

“Stephen Harper’s government cut off the UNRWA entirely in 2010, citing it as an unchecked avenue for terror indoctrination.”

How did Justin Trudeau and his recently elected Liberal government respond?

By re-instating the funding, post-haste:

“The Liberals reinstated the $25 million-a-year funding anyway. That funding would continue even after a leaked UN report in 2019 framed the organization as being racked by corruption and abuse.”

“UNRWA head Pierre Krahenbuhl and a small coterie of senior management were accused of sexual misconduct, nepotism, retaliation, discrimination and other abuses of authority.”

An excellent use of Canadian tax-payer funds, eh? To be followed by eight years of  steady support for Islamic charities and non-profits. National Council of Muslim Canadians is among the most powerful not-for-profit organizations in Canada. Government money helped them gain their position, as advocated by half-citizen Liberal MP’s who had previously migrated to Canada.

Financial, ideological, religious, militant. You name it, and Justin Trudeau has been there with woke bells on. The PM was there in spades to vocalize support for Islam’s penultimate religious holiday, the month-long Ramadan celebration. Hustling his woke self down to an Ottawa mosque, Trudeau participated in a religious service that includes the “Shahada” prayer, a core component of conversion to the Islamic faith.

Such were the circumstances which set up society for “Jihad Day” in Canada, held on Friday the 13th, October 2023.

“The call for a Day of Jihad gives rise to concerns regarding armed conflict and chaos.”

Conflict and chaos that, based on Liberal government support, is now taking place in the streets of a formerly moderate Canadian society.

Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Trudeau? Not quite, fellow patriots. Turns out Mr. Justin has done a bad turn for Canada. Not that it’s the first. Scaling down the damage, we come to recognize a tangible piece of truth:

Justin Trudeau has made life worse for Canada’s traditional religious communities. Christianity, for starters, which the Liberal government has demonized with accusations of genocide toward Aboriginal communities. Branding our nation “systemically racist,” Mr. Trudeau has never had the guts to call out the perpetrators by name.

Any natural-born citizen worth their salt understands the sub-text. Uniform, systemic racism means institutionalized racism. There has to be a culprit, no?

The Christian component of society is fundamental to the accusations, whether verbalized, or otherwise. Then came Covid from China. Their government thinks very little of the Christian faith. In a bizarre series of events never articulated by media, police crack downs on Canadian churches became the order of the day. Citizens stood witness as Christian preachers and pastors were jailed in the name of the almighty pandemic.

Not once has CAP read of a similar circumstance for Sikh temples and Muslim mosques. What are we to believe, that out of hundreds and hundreds of these institutions across our country, not one breached the Liberal mandate of crowd-gathering based on pandemic restrictions? Media said nothing– not a single sentence regarding the discrepancy.

Such sensitive issues call for a caveat. It’s critical that society recognize the role of the individual in regard to these topical issues. Entire communities are not “bad people.” Such generalizations are damaging to what is ostensibly a “free and democratic” society.

It’s the political element which concern Cultural Action Party.  For example, we might trash the LGBT movement in terms of its role as a political movement, but that doesn’t mean we hate homosexuals.

Back on the socio-political trail, we consider the Muslim-Jewish dichotomy in Canadian society. Based on militancy in the Middle East, elements from both communities are today living in fear.

‘Jewish And Muslim Groups In Canada Both Describe Unprecedented Fear Following Hamas Attacks’

“Canadian Jewish leaders are warning community members to be vigilant about their personal safety, while a group representing Canadian Muslims says it has seen a huge increase in reports of Islamophobia and racism.”

There you have it. Not exactly the “sunny ways” that a wet-behind-the-years political infant named Justin Trudeau claimed to usher in upon becoming national leader.

Not that thinking Canadians should be surprised. In 2023, segments of society are literally living in fear. Attending religious schools, frequenting religious institutions. Such activities now come with  feelings of apprehension and angst formerly reserved for populations controlled by authoritarian governments.

Those days are gone, and for CAP’s money, the individual most responsible is Justin Trudeau. While degree of culpability can be debated, we remain rock-solid in our convictions.

And why not? Is the Liberal government not rock solid regarding every element of their woke globalist assault on society? Of course they are. Cast-in-stone, their approach eerily reminiscent of religious fundamentalism in secular form.

Clearly, the Liberals and whomever backs them on a global basis are working an agenda of socio-political transformation. Come hell-or-high-water, they cling to it with all their might.

Even as far as to destroy everything Canada once stood for? CAP go all-in on the thought. After all, it’s the communist revolutionary way, and the $5000.00 suit that is Justin Trudeau is cut directly from this cloth.

5 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau Working To Destroy The Canadian Way Of Life?”

  1. the world is shit, and the solution is to put VR goggles where you can escape.

    – “whirled” economic forum

  2. our politicians are NPCs and i don’t mean the meme, i’m saying this literally.

    the entirety of the human population cannot locate nor define what a soul/spirit is, and it’s common knowledge that our brains work with electricity.

    is it so far fetched to believe that our politicians are literal goblems/frankensteins? how can you tell, because they can walk with colored socks and wear glasses… that makes them “human” whatever that even means in the first place

    i just… don’t relate with the moderm world, completely rendered apathetic and couldn’t care less if the entire world burned anymore, i lost my appetite, i just… want a refund and leave. this experience was a waste of time, the ride called life is a scam.

  3. Canada has become a stupid pariah state under this idiot PM. I am truly gobsmacked at how this a$$hole gets away with a new scandal every week. The sellout of Canada to every whim and ideological brain fart of every 3rd world minority group is beyond comprehension. This gutless wonder and his liberal progressive ingrates should all be purged from our society for all time. They are the virus that needs eradication. Traitorous cultural marxists that should be hung in the public square.


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