Is Justin Trudeau Working To DESTROY Canada’s Energy, Oil Industries?

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According to polls, most Canadians want mining and fossil fuel development to take place with proper environmental safeguards.  Numerous politicians have expressed their desire to stop resource development altogether. Their plan is for no more oilsands projects. No more pipelines. No more natural gas fracking.

Some politicians are even going so far as considering putting an end to mining. In other words, no more responsible resource development. No resource development at all.

The Senate will likely pass Bill C-48 against the recommendations of its own committee that studied the bill. The Trudeau government said it is only willing to accept a minority of the more than 180 amendments proposed by the Senate to C-69, euphemistically called the “No Pipelines” Bill by Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenney.

That is, it will accept only those changes proposed by senators aligned with the Liberal party, while rejecting any suggested amendments backed by the industry and provinces who rely on oil and gas.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has said it wants to “develop our resources responsibly.” Both these bills will almost certainly make resource development more difficult, if not impossible.

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Cultural Action Party are often accused of indulging in conspiracy theories. Fine, we can accept this. We offer factual information, along with subjective opinion. 99% of media employ a similar approach. As an alternate media source, it is our duty to report on aspects of news stories buried or unreported by establishment media.

The piece which is consistently OMITTED from media narrative is WHO BENEFITS from Trudeau government decision-making. CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star inform readers of who suffers, but then fall short of completing the picture.

In the case of the Alberta Oil Sands, the less oil and energy products developed, the more FOREIGN oil- producing nations benefit. These foreign sources are nearly all Islamic Nations. Justin Trudeau has a “thing” for Islamic nations and their governments. He likes to give them BILLIONS OF CANADIAN TAX DOLLARS. The evidence is irrefutable.

Next in line would be the American environmental organizations such as Tides Corporation. This non-profit group has funded the Trudeau government by the MULTI-MILLIONS. They want oil production in Canada reduced to ZERO. By land-locking Alberta Energy products, they get what they are after.

The Trudeau government are about to pass Bill C-48, a piece of legislation BANNING Oil Tankers in Northern Canadian costal waters. Bingo– Justin Trudeau delivers EXACTLY what the NON-CANADIAN forces are after.  Benefit: Saudi Arabia, Quatar and other oil-rich Islamic Nations, as well as American Environmentalists. Loser: the Alberta economy, the larger Canadian economy, Alberta Oil Workers, and related Canadian entities.

Justin Trudeau is Canada’s political  “king of covert operations.” After three years of coddling PM Trudeau, his behaviour became so outrageous that establishment media could no longer successfully cover for him. Yet, in typical fashion, they now REFUSE to reveal the big picture on King Justin.

Lacking training and knowledge of the fundamentals of being a prime minister– a firm understanding of Canadian Law, jurisprudence, economics, governance et al, Justin was forced to turn to something abstract and intangible as a foundation for his “leadership.”

Thus, he TRANS-formed himself into a political IDEOLOGUE. Borrowing “liberally” from totalitarian government of history, Mr. Trudeau proceeded to muzzle our media. He worked hard to ensure Islamic religious tradition is embedded within society. He marches in Pride Parades promoting transgenderism. He labelled our nation  as one without a core identity. Trudeau brands ANYONE who disagrees with his globalist game-plan racist and bigot label.

On the environment, Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain Pipeline for just under $5 Billion dollars. What mainstream media neglect to tell Canadians is that Justin used Canadian tax-payer dollars  for the express reason of NOT DEVELOPING a pipeline.

Land-locking and impeding Alberta Oil Sands damages Canada. It has also resulted in the largest movement advocating Alberta leave our federation in history.

This is the TRUE Justin Trudeau. The man is a divider of peoples, and potentially, divider of our ENTIRE NATION. Backhanded, working covertly, strong-arming media, deceiving, virtue-signalling, Trudeau does everything but PLAY IT STRAIGHT with the people of Canada.

The fact that he belives he is smart enough to deceive the citizens of nation proves how incredibly foolish he really is. A one-term globalist “wonderboy” he shall be.






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