Is Justin Trudeau Using Canadian Tax Dollars To EMPOWER World Wide Geo-Political Islam?

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It certainly appears this way. Over the past two weeks, CAP has published a number of articles which add credence to the idea that the billions of tax dollars the Trudeau government are sending to African and Middle Eastern nations in “foreign aid” is not being  utilized for its intended purpose.

Rather than reiterate the various examples, here are links to two of these articles:


Trudeau Gave $254 Million Dollars to Afghanistan– The Second LEAST INDEBTED Nation On Earth

If this isn’t evidence enough, CAP will include yet another critical piece of news overlooked by CBC and the rest of Canada’s establishment media:

“Phantom Aid is aid that never reaches the intended recipient countries. It is aid that gets LOOTED in many ways such as tied aid and domestic refugee spending in donor countries.”

One of the countries affected by phantom aid is AfghanistanHow much did our ruling government hand to Afghanistan in so-called “phantom aid?” Try $254 Million Dollars--in the year 2018 alone.

All this not sketchy enough for you? It darn well is for CAP. Let us all attempt to be logical here. If in fact “phantom aid”is a reality– and copious evidence suggests this to be the case– then what are these billions being utilized for? Into whose hands are these billions placed into?

Enter Canadian establishment media. Well, not exactly. In fact, the degree to which the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CTV and Global News Canada has exposed or analyzed these incredible findings is–you guessed it–zero percent.

Lacking media opinion on any aspect of this nefarious economic reality, CAP can only speculate on the true purpose of the trans-fer of billions from the wallets of Canadian workers into the hands of various despotic Middle Eastern and African governments.

CAP Guess: The real purpose is to finance and empower Third World governments, Middle Eastern nations and movements such as Sikh Nationalism. But why? What is the end-game here?

On a certain level, this dubious and dangerous agenda can be broken down to simple terms. We are speaking here of “economics”– dollars and cents– and not some form of abstraction or ambiguous non-reality.

Fact: The more money the Trudeau government ship to Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and dozens more, the less money our government are spending on Canada.

Now, applying more logic– who benefits? Think about the societal impact of a $10 Billion Dollar domestic investment. Within Canada, these funds could, for example:

–End child poverty. Rectify the First Nations poison-water debacle. Improve urban infrastructure in our major cities. Be used for resource development. Help reduce Alberta’s unemployment rate. Frankly, CAP could go on all day in this manner.

So what has Justin Trudeau chose to do with the funds instead? Like other PM’s before him, mail the billions off to the Third World--without any accountability for where the funds end up.

It’s not like these funds a some kind of “drop in the bucket.” And not only has the Liberal government dished out these billions–our ruling government have INCREASED the amounts handed over with each passing year they have been in office–like this:

Increases in year-over- year international assistance levels by the Trudeau government were to: Syria +76%, Iraq +67%, Jordan +64%, Afghanistan +47%, and Lebanon +45%.

Afghanistan is  number one in Canadian aid at$233 million(CAD), followed by Ethiopia $193 million.

Nice for them, but how does this benefit  Canadian citizens? Quick answer–it doesn’t. The beneficiaries are Islamic governments.  Governments– as opposed to people.

THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD: “Minority” Status Coming For Anglophone-Canadians As Population To DOUBLE By 2068

Here we will make an assumption: the government of Canada are not completely clued-out  in regard to the “foreign aid” recipient controversy. It is reasonable to state that Liberal Finance Minister Bill Morneau must have at least an inkling of what is transpiring in this regard.

So why increase the funds in such a dramatic fashion. Besides, even if previous federal governments(Stephen Harper’s Conservatives) also sent billions overseas, there is something wholly unique about the Trudeau government’s approach to the affair.

The difference, plainly stated, is that no previous government supported Middle Eastern nations on an ideological basis. This is a fundamental differentiator in the matter, and one Canadian media overlook in a bid to deceive the people of Canada.

The government of Justin Trudeau supports theocratic Middle Eastern nations financially– as well as ideologically. Every move Trudeau has made since gaining the throne of Canada speaks to this concept.

In fact, Justin Trudeau is wholly unique–the first PM in history to defy the will of the Canadian majority by way of entrenching Middle Eastern practice and ideology not only within society–but within the Canadian federal government itself.

One quick example–appointing half-Somalian citizen MP Ahmed Hussen as immigration minister of Canada. What a giant boost in the arm for 3rd World Canada. For every day Mr. Hussen held the title, a dedication to a “full court press” of 3rd World migrant and refugee intake–legal or illegal–it makes no difference to Hussen.

And why would it? Mr. Hussen is himself an African Refugee- so naturally he would be biased toward the 3rd World while holding the immigration portfolio.

In a very different world, CBC and print media would be informing 37.5 million Canadians as to what is really going on within the sketchy, little-understood world of “foreign aid” to Middle Eastern and Islamic nations.

Canadians do not understand, because our Liberal government inform our Liberal media not to breathe a word about this nefarious political agenda.

And heresome Canadians still believe they are living in a true “democracy.”





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  1. I cant believe this shit for brains traitor is still in office. How blind are the liberals who voted this self entitled spoiled brat.

  2. He label’s much of the Foreign Aid as directed for woman’s Re-productive Rights, which is a convoluted lie! If a Muslim woman was ever caught aborting her life would likely end quickly! They are deemed baby making machines to raise the Population of the Islamic nation, especially in countries where they aspire to become the dominant majority, like Canada! Canadians don’t even replace themselves with a birthrate per couple of 1.2, when it is common for muslim families to average 6 to 8 children! They are also allowed up to 4 multiple wives!


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