Is Justin Trudeau Transitioning Canada To An Anti-Anglophone Society?

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The silent majority is an unspecified large group of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly. The term was popularized by U.S. President Richard Nixon in a televised address on November 3, 1969, in which he said:

“And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.”

In terms of Canadian society, the United States in 1969 cannot hold a handle to the silent majority experience found in Canada in 2023.

The experience is two-fold. First, we recognize the fact that, apart from a right-to-vote for a federal government once every four years, Canada’s silent majority has zero influence on federal government policy.

Of course, it helps to define which element of our citizenship comprise our silent majority. To be certain, it consists of what CAP refer to as “Old Stock” Canadians.

The term refers to multi-generational citizens of Anglo-European heritage, including tens of millions derived from a secular or religious Christian background. As a result of Liberal government policy– in particular the Charter of Rights and Freedoms— the influence of the majority on government policy could fit on the head of a pin.

As for the nearly 1% of Canadians who are transgendered, they and their supporters hold major influence over our society. The same applies for the 4% of Canadians who derive from the Muslim faith. Non-profit organizations like National Council of Canadian Muslims are influencing government policy– in particular the Fed’s internet censorship legislation — in a profound manner.

Left out of the loop are Canada’s Anglophone communities. In addition to having no influence on government decision-making, our communities suffer from a pre-meditated policy of never being recognized– or even mentioned— by mainstream media publications.

Ever heard PM Justin Trudeau or  back-up globalist quarterback NDP leader Jagmeet Singh reference Canada’s Anglophone communities? Never, and you never will. In Trudeau’s post-modern society, the move is not permissible.

What remains is an ominous social condition that should be understood by millions of Canadians of European heritage, but isn’t. Justin Trudeau has with full intention transitioned Canada to an anti-Anglophone society.

Many will scoff and jeer at the suggestion. Leftists will laugh, branding the concept a fallacy while claiming that true prejudice is that advanced by whites toward “racialized” communities.

Ironically, it was Justin Trudeau who branded Canada “systemically” racist. An analysis of the situation reveals that in terms of institutionalized race prejudice, racialized Canadians are treated with kid-gloves while Anglos bear the brunt for societies woes.

Government maintain quotas for diversity hiring. In each case, the inverse result is that light-skinned citizens are prevented from employment based on skin colour.

According to a corporate edict from the CBC:

Among the leftist woke brigade, this is referred to as “social equity.” Among those living in the real world, it’s called “racism”— an impediment on hiring based on skin colour. Today, diversity quotas permeate all areas of employment– government, media, corporations, academia.

Not once has Canadian media focused on the inverse effect— a dampening of employment availability for Old Stock Canadians. One can apply the principle to all aspects of life in Canada. Anglophones, held responsible by government for society’s shortcomings, are being systemically pushed by government toward second-class citizen status.

Media say nothing. They are being paid by the Liberal government not to. Funnelled into the fall-guy position by Canada’s controlling institutions, the future looks bleak for Canadians of European origin.

Our population is rapidly shrinking. Parents cannot afford to have more children. Immigration intake quotas, in additional to new arrival birth-rates, all but guarantee future minority status for Anglo-European Canadians.

Government say nothing. Silence permeates every aspect of the plight of the Euro-Canadian. We stand witness as our communities are silently held responsible for colonialism, the left’s silver bullet in the war for the heart and soul of our nation.

At the top of hill in the battle against our people stands PM Justin Trudeau. The man is the pied-piper of 3rd World and special interest community empowerment. If it isn’t Islam, Sikhism or China, it’s the LGBT movement and empowerment of French Canada.

Everyone but the Anglophone. We come face-to-face with an ominous truth. Justin Trudeau is gunning to disempower our people. To move his project forward, government has media in their back pocket. Our academic institutions have been frothing at the mouth for the downfall of “traditional” Canada for decades.

In every case of social revolution of the variety Justin Trudeau is pushing on Canada, a  “villain” community was designated by government to be responsible for the country’s problems. Nazi-Occupied Europe, Soviet Union, Communist China, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

Has Justin Trudeau selected Anglophone-Canadians to function as a nemesis community to advance what CAP call his “Woke Revolution?”

If not for mainstream media, millions of Canadians would come to understand the methodology the Liberal government is using to transition our silent majority to the doghouse of “post-modern” society.

3 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau Transitioning Canada To An Anti-Anglophone Society?”

  1. That dude with the yellow bandage wrapped around his cracked noggin–isn’t that the rapturous face of a saint? One can almost see a halo. Saint Justin; Patron ATM for the Third World. WEF Bag man and liar; extraordinaire.

  2. PM=Pissantis Moronous. Trudoo is the hypocrit that bent his knee to the Muslim god for votes. Now the Muslim community protests in the streets for their children not to be chemically or surgically castrated by the liberal enabled trans facists. But no mention of their ‘hate’ against the rainbow mafia by the liberal peons in the media as that would be Islamophobic. Oh the irony. This woke tyranny has reached the pinnacal of insanity as Canada is being destroyed as planned by liberals and their globalist handlers. We are the world’s experiment in gutless cowardice by MP’s like never before in history.


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