Is Justin Trudeau The “Canadian Agent” For A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

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“Oh my, CAP has really gone off the deep-end now,” would be the Liberal Snowflake come-back to messaging delivered in explanation of the truth behind Justin Trudeau.

 CAP do believe that current PM Justin Trudeau is unique, unprecedented, and a major threat to freedom and democracy in Canada.

Do we have the evidence to verify a claim that behind-the-scenes PM Trudeau was been working daily on an unspoken, covert agenda of national transformation? No, we do not.

What CAP will state is our opinion on these matters:  Justin Trudeau has a singular goal—  to transition Canada into  an anti-democratic socialist nation-state.

Media say nothing–they are 100% on board– state-funded CBC in particular. How ominous, eh? What we have here is a remaking of society. Fact is, any living Canadian citizen can see the pattern if they so chose.

See King Trudeau “prorogate” Parliament. This is Orwellian “wordspeak” for the fact that at this moment, democracy in Canada in NON-EXISTENT. If it were not for CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star’s cover-up of the agenda, millions of Canadian would be understanding this in 2020.

A transition from democracy to dictatorship is no easy task. Trudeau is “up to his eyeballs” in consternation related directly to his efforts to decimate 153 years of Canadian society.

Yet, there he remains– socialist/Islamic-styled beard and all. A  facsimile of a 3rd World despots such as Fidel Castro and Chairman Mao, PM Trudeau aspires to the very same “heights.”

Of course, these heights equate with absolute LOWS for the communities he has rendered obsolete: Anglophone Canadians in particular, along with European and Christian Canadians.

In some respects, all of this nefarious globalist activity may boil down to one specific theory: Justin Trudeau is not a true prime minister–he is more of a globalist “agent.”

Trudeau’s  task is formidable– a permanent inversion of Canada’s historical social order. As in, 3rd World Canada to the pinnacle of society, and Anglophone Canada into the “doghouse” of society. This Mr. Trudeau has accomplished with aplomb over the past five years.

CAP Conclusion: Justin Trudeau must really, REALLY HATE Canada. This both Justin and brother Alexandre Trudeau  inherited from Papa Pierre Trudeau.

This is no laughing matter. After observing King Justin in action for five years straight, CAP offer some strong opinions:

The Trudeau family hate English Canada, and the colonial element of our country’s founding in particular. If not pathological, our current PM’s disdain for Anglophone Canada is obsessive, and never-ending.

And now, a quote from Trudeau’s “good family friend,” globalist charity-pusher, Bono of the rock band U2:

“I believe in kingdom come, when all the colours will bleed into one.”

To be certain, this is what PM Trudeau believes as well– a “One World Order” is a most excellent thing. It is here that the essence of Liberal-Globalism is to be found.

Justin Trudeau believes in a progressive assimilation of all cultures on earth. Labelled “cultural relativism” by critics of globalism, this is the singular agenda in the back of PM Trudeau’s mind  every waking moment he exists as “national leader”— a misguided label if there ever was one.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)


8 thoughts on “Is Justin Trudeau The “Canadian Agent” For A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?”

    • Simply because people allow it. I lived 30 years under communism, I can clearly see the writing on the wall. However, majority of Canadians had never chance to live under such oppressive regime, do not recognize the clear signs of communism being embedded in their daily lives. So I do not blame them for not seeing the clear signs. But I blame them for being so stupid that despite the fact other people like me who lived through such nightmare already are telling them what is going on, despite this fact they still do not believe it and many are so brainwashed that even ridicule such person stating that”…. this cannot happen in Canada, our government would never allow this, we have democracy here, ya know?”. How great the level of brainwash must be to state nonsense like this?

      • Thank you– interesting how immigrants from, for example, Poland can see the communism coming to Canada via Trudeau, but locals CANNOT–for the reasons you state–no previous experience with it– BRAD

      • My friend Zork Hun also grew up under communism and has been saying the same thing about Canada’s slide into communism for 30 years. I only wish that voters would listen to Libertarian political candidates like me. We want to shrink the size, scope, cost and authority of all levels of government so that governments and globalists will have much less power to carry out their insane ambitions.

      • He’s Castros offspring..!!! That’s why .. he’s not Canadian.. he doesn’t care.. how the hell does it come to this communist action.. if he was Canadian, he’d care about Canadians!!! 🇨🇦😢

    • He’s not Canadian!!!! he’s castros offspring!!! Margaret was 25 I believe Pierre was 53… he’s was impetent.. or not able to get her pregnant.. on their honeymoon they were with Castro!!!! There’s even a comparison picture with this “fact” He even looks like him too!!!!! We’re screwed 🇨🇦😢

  1. Ok if he’s not a real PM then how does he stay? His Liberal party should stand up to him and get him out or are they aware of this situation. Get him out now along with George Soros who is orchestrating this.


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