Is Justin Trudeau Running a Third World “Neo-Colonialism” Agenda In Canada?

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Just under four years of Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada has proven one thing: there has never been a  Canadian politician who so hated the history of his country than PM Trudeau.

Additionally, Mr. Trudeau is unique in his animosity toward the founding of our nation, particularly the colonial element of the equation. Throughout his four-year tenure, our PM has attacked our history,  branded our nation and its peoples racist, labelled modern-day Canadians “Islamophobic,” and branded early European settlers and contemporary Canadians “genocidal.”

On the flip side, he has worked to advance Islam within society, imported ISIS terrorists back to Canada to grant them citizenship, recited Islamic prayers at mosques, and advanced M103. Further to this, Trudeau has REFUSED to criticize any element of Islamic practice, including female genital mutilation for teenage girls.

Then, Trudeau gets elected for a SECOND TERM. Even a possibility he could win should have been a ABSURDITY. Polls have Liberals and Conservatives neck and neck.

This speaks volumes. This would only occur if Canadians were unaware of the true Justin Trudeau. Media cover off this area for him, so he is good-to-go.

CAP theory states the following: This man is on a mission to re-imagine Canada as a post-modern nation. Justin informed Canadians we are a post-modern nation. But he has never articulated what this statement actually means.

Therefore, one can only speculate. CAP believe the main goal of the Trudeau government is to TRANS-form our nation from a democracy rooted in European governance to a socialist nation with the Nation Of Islam at its core.

For this purpose, Trudeau hired the best he could find–Somalian drop-by citizen Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Coming from a back-water nation with a century of conflict with Britain, Hussen is the obvious choice when requiring an Anglo-bashing, Anti-Christian demographic assassin to transform our nation

“Feminist” Trudeau SILENT As 3rd World Migrants Vandalize Female Canadian Mass Murder Tribute

Justin’s ubiquitous dedicated to Islam, his malevolence for Christianity, and indifference toward Jewish Canadians should speak VOLUMES. It doesn’t because Canada’s leading journalists– many of which come from a Christian or Jewish background, will NOT inform the public of the true Justin.

CAP maintain this man’s national vision is DEVOID of concern for these Canadians. The highest immigration quotas in history suggest this to be factual. Trudeau is concerned about “the people.” Throughout his tenure, he has spoken out countless times against “Islamophobia.”

Conversely, he has spoken ZERO times about persecution of prejudice against Christians and Jews. Why? Does it not make sense that a reason exists for this beheviour? After all, Trudeau is always rambling on about “commitment to social justice and equality for ALL Canadians.”

Yet, the evidence shows this to be a hollow claim. A number of churches have been set afire upon Canadian soil during Justin’s tenure. He says nothing. Anti-Jewish graffiti has appeared a number of synagogues throughout Canada. Trudeau says nothing.

Conclusion? Justin Trudeau is a hypocrite of the highest order. A recent poll informs us that only a fraction of Canadians want an increase in immigration quota numbers. Justin pumps the number up to the highest level in Canadian history–with even higher numbers coming  down the line.

Is this decision for the benefit of ALL Canadians? Or rather, is it component of a long-term, pre-meditated globalist agenda to steal Canada from its peoples, and re-invent it as a “Salvation Army Nation For The Third World.”

This is not merely a question of demography. Within communist nations, the people rely on government for everything related to their daily lives. In Canada, Third World refugees rely on government–at least for the first few years–for everything related to their daily lives. Bingo– Justin is moving Canada into a replica of these socialist nations.

People like myself–Canadian-born, raised and educated during a period from the 1960’s — 1980’s– generally understand the meaning of democracy. We know true democracy includes public input, the will of the majority, freedom of speech and that of the press.

Therefore, our type recognize when a LOSS of these fundamentals occur. This is one reason why Justin Trudeau cares nothing about us, and would prefer we go gentle into that good night of demographic decimation.

This form of Canadian is light years away from Trudeau’s Third World chosen. These folks generally have little understanding of democratic theory. They arrive from nations with despotic governments. They know little about the Christian faith. These new arrivals lack an ability to discern between true democracy, and the fraudulent brand of Trudeau democracy.

‘Perfect,” thinks King Justin. Right on, says Somalian refugee pit-bull, MP Ahmed Hussen. “I am down with this,” says Trudeau appointed Saudi Arabian half-citizen, MP Omar Alghabra.

So what is the end game here? TRANS-formation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. It is essential to keep in mind that current  immigration policies will result in the arrival of approximately 1.5 MILLION Third World voters from 2019-2022.  Is this enough to sway the election toward Trudeau in 2023? It sure is.

There you have it, folks. Justin Trudeau’s plan to lock himself in as dictator-for-life in the spirit of close “family friend,” Fidel Castro. Then, Andrew Coyne wrote an article for the Globe & Mail which posited this theory–NOT!

See how we are getting screwed? Media refuse to offer perspectives which fall outside the Liberal-Globalist-Trudeau propaganda campaigns. It seems nothing Justin Trudeau does can be taken for its surface value. Every move this guy makes has an ulterior motive hidden from the public for the benefit of the Liberal and their uber-rich Laurentian Mountain stronghold upon society.

As CAP has theorized on many occasions, the piece perpetually held back from public discussion is the long-term impact of all this upon Anglophone and Christians. Is it not a fact that lack of birthrate, abortion and Third World migration will eventually  transform these people into minority communities? This is what Statistics Canada INFORMS US.

Is Christianity not a dying religion in Canada, while in the meantime the Trudeau government has exclusively promoted the Islamic faith? What will the state-of-the-nation be for white Canadians in the year 2070?

Media say nothing. Coyne says nothing. CBC eschew the whole affair. Globe & Mail inform us Trudeau is a “populist!”

CAP Crystal Ball:  Once Anglophone Canadians are transformed into a minority community, they will be the ONLY identifiable group of Canadians LACKING minority rights. This is absolutely CRUCIAL to the fate of our people. Thank the Lord that CTV News covered this social dynamic on the news last night. Quite.

It will never happen. Media are walking hand-in-hand with Trudeau as Anglophone Canada is railroaded into a powerless, minority community. This will be in pay-back for the colonialists turning Aboriginals into a powerless minority.

This is Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen, Bill Morneau, Iqra Khalid and the rest of the globalist cultural assassins. Want this for your future? Sensible Canadians(get lost snowfakes) should be demanding the exposure of this globalist plan of destruction.

If not for ourselves, for our children, and their children after that–if there are any.



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  1. “…current immigration policies will result in the arrival of approximately 1.5 MILLION Third World voters from 2019-2022. Is this enough to sway the election toward Trudeau in 2023? It sure is.” – He has enough now. It was not the Canadian-born who re-elected him, it was the massive immigrant population in Toronto. They are apparently entitled to determine the fate of our whole country. Those of us who have been here for generations and have worked damn hard all our lives, have been stripped of our voices and our rights. Unfortunately, until the number of seats in Toronto is greatly reduced, he will not lose an election.


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